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Re: How about?

Dead on, Mark 85.

Ex–Apple CEO John Sculley: Ousting Steve Jobs 'was a mistake'

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Biggest Mistake?

Maybe, maybe not.

I think their biggest mistake was killing off the Power PC clones.

Number crunching suggests Yahoo! US is worth less than nothing

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Re: Marrissa has worked pretty hard

Wow Don. Your inside knowledge is often astounding. (compliment)

Having been near to a few power players myself and seen how they act, your posts have the ring of truth that no amount of PR bullcrap will ever change for me.

I would sincerely like to meet you one day.

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The reason is simple enough

The reason is actually quite simple: there is NO consistency in their design.

Yahoo has to be the largest badly designed website ever. Poor interface, no continuity and ever wackier code.

Yes, it really is that simple.

That will be $3 million, please. Oh, you actually want it fixed? Fire the lead developers/managers. That bit of advice is for free.

Record labels sue Pandora over vintage song royalties

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Ah good old New York

The state that constantly refuses to recognize the interstate commerce clause of the Constitution. Or any other parts of the Constitution.

"The Commerce Clause authorizes Congress to regulate commerce in order to ensure that the flow of interstate commerce is free from local restraints imposed by various states."


R.I.P. LADEE: Probe smashes into lunar surface at 3,600mph

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Liftoff! SpaceX Falcon 9 lifts Dragon on third resupply mission to ISS

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NASA finds first Earth-sized planet in a habitable zone around star

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Red Dwarf?

It's cold outside

There's no kind of atmosphere

I'm all alone, more or less

Let me fly far away from here

Fun, Fun, Fun, in the Sun, Sun, Sun

I want to lie shipwrecked and comatose

Drinking fresh mango juice

Goldfish shoals, nibbling on my toes

Fun, Fun, Fun in the Sun, Sun, Sun

Fun, Fun, Fun in the Sun, Sun, Sun

written by Howard Goodall and sang by Jenna Russell.

(I LOVE this song)

Arts and crafts store Michaels says 3 million credit cards exposed in breach

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How odd

How odd that it has become safer to shop on-line than at the brick and motor.

Well, somewhat, anyway.

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Re: Fiddling while Chrome burns!

One of his best and a very appropriate reference.


Leaked photos may indicate slimmer next-generation iPad

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Slimmer?! It's so damn slim now it's actually hard to hold.

Opportunity selfie: Martian winds have given the spunky ol' rover a spring cleaning

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Re: Son of Voyager

We hope they will be able to.

MIT boffins moot tsunami-proof floating nuke power plants

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We're Doomed

When an idea like this comes from MIT, you know the end is not far.

IRS boss on XP migration: 'Classic fix the airplane while you're flying it attempt'

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Somebody dropped the ball

Blame anyone you want, but ultimately the blame always lies with upper manglement for piss poor planning.

So in this case it's either the IRS CIO or Congress. I'm going with Congress and specifically the House because they've had a bone to pick over the right wing non-profit "committees" initial status filings that were heavily scrutinized which they thought was onerous.

US mobile firms cave on kill switch, agree to install anti-theft code

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Re: New Feature on Cars

With Onstar and its imitators, cars can already be shut down by remote and have been for years.

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What am I missing?

If they have an easy way for the customer to do this, wouldn't it mean they sell more phones?

That said:

- This should have a been available from day one.

- There are several apps that already do this.

- Just report your phone stolen to your phone company and they will brick it. I have bricked MANY phones at my previous jobs. Serial+IMEI+SIM# = BRICKED.

Don't let no-hire pact suit witnesses call Steve Jobs a bullyboy, plead Apple and Google

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Re: Sad

"...they've got no sense of propriety, manners or honor."

You just described about half the IT people I've ever worked with.

HP: Lenovo's buy of IBM x86 biz is bad, bad, bad...

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Re: Cisco servers?

Where am I getting that info?

I built and shipped the damn things. By the thousands at the factory.

Admittedly, that was a few, though not many, years ago. (WAY past the NDA, BTW) The only difference between them and the HPs was the faceplate and loaded software.

I know more about HP servers and who buys them than I ever wanted to.

Thanks for the update Graeme. I missed the contract change over. As for 10 years ago, they were still being made by HP just 4 years ago. I was there.

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Cisco servers?

Many Cisco server are made by... wait for it.. HP.

Russian deputy PM: 'We are coming to the Moon FOREVER'

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Re: Could not have timed it better

Marketing Hack, the last men on the moon landed in 1972. Apollo 17. Eugene Cernan being the last man.

You're correct. It was not 47 years. Typo on my part. It was 42 years ago.

And while the US "spends less of its GDP on defense than it did during the Apollo program era, and produces more college grads and scientists now than then," it still produces less scientists and engineers as a percentage of its population and outspends on defense the next top 10 countries combined.

My point being is that the US lost the momentum and most likely the long term gain.

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Re: New rockets?

Actually, Space X's rocket design is based on Russian designs.

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Re: Bon voyage and happy landings

The US is using the Russians as its ride to the ISS and their rocket to launch the latest Atlas 5.

What do you think?

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Could not have timed it better

The US has not landed a man on the moon in 47 years. This is a serious loss of momentum, will and advantage.

Given the US's current obsession with military might and pure financial greed and the disdain by its general populace for all things science, it will probably never regain those advantages.

They have timed this well.

NSA denies it knew about and USED Heartbleed encryption flaw for TWO YEARS

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Re: Protect?

By the rich I meant the corporations.

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The ONLY thing ANY gov agency protects these days is the rich.

We have the gov we deserve.

US taxman blows Win XP deadline, must now spend millions on custom support

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Re: The MS plan advances...

You just described Win 8.

Forget the beach 'n' boardwalk, check out the Santa Cruz STEVE JOBS FOUNTAIN

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I love satire!

...disguised as tribute art.

It is sublime.

Innovation creates instability, you say? BLASPHEMY, you SCUM

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Possibly relevant

Possibly old as well.


"Can we have 7 perpendicular red lines, with 3 drawn in green and 2 in invisible ink?"

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I continue to amazed

I continue to amazed at just how reliable and commoditized people think IT is.

Until it fails.

Then it becomes poetic justice.

"Ass is permanent" indeed! :rofl:

As for innovation, these days it usually means, as one poster here put it quite succinctly, "work on it and work in until it no longer works. There! See how busy and industrious and innovative I am!" And then yes, get all pissy when you call them on the bullcrap.

Apple has THREE TIMES as much cash as US govt, TWICE the UK

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Eff you!

We got ours!

FTC: OK Facebook, swallow WhatsApp – but NO selling people's data without permission

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Don't let us catch you.

Sony battery recall as VAIO goes out with a bang, not a whimper

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Re: Hmm. let's look at what Sony uses when they need a laptop

Nice find! I've used everything shown there except the laptop editor.

Have an upvote.

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Sony? What Baloney!

I could go on all day about how Sony lost its lead as the premier electronics company of the world, but many an article has already been written about their problems.

As for VAIOs, I learned my lesson the first time I tried to repair one years ago. The biggest problem is there is nothing industry standard about them. You need a part? ANY part? Sony ONLY.

Off sizes, specialized connectors, weird voltage specs, you name it. Market lock in is good... if you are the only game in town. And the performance was nothing special.

These days, Sony anything is overpriced for what you get. And that includes their professional gear as well.

Heartbleed vuln under ACTIVE ATTACK as hackers map soft spots

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Suprise surprise


What's even more galling is the fact that warnings of SSL's vulnerability came out years ago.

It may be ILLEGAL to run Heartbleed health checks – IT lawyer

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Re: Dodgy website admins

"What's the tarriff for flogging an analogy?"

Marathon reality TV.

Off you go.

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Re: Thats the problem

Any law that does not protect the people, is tyranny.

Top Secret US payload launched into space successfully

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Re: Amazing

As do I.

Unfortunately. my old age is making me cynical enough to realize it's also a reminder of what we AREN'T accomplishing.


Still, have an upvote.

Never mind the HORSE MEAT, trading standards cuts'll hurt IT crowd, too

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Re: Warm and cuddly


* giggle* *snerk* *titter* *snigger*

You said "Tesco".

(well played AC)

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Re: FA*

Speaking of lawyers and organizations against things, MADD was taken over several years ago BY lawyers who kicked out the original founding members.

These organizations "against" anything are almost always lawyer TROLLS. Some were even started with honest intent by regular people, but they are ALL eventually forcibly taken over by lawyers.

Lawyers, like large corporations seem to exist in an extra-legal world of their own.

Cheat Win XP death: Your handy guide to keeping snubbed operating system ticking over

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Actually, rather clever

First, let's put the license and lazy/cheap argument to rest.

There are so many specialized programs out there that may not ever be upgraded or will, eventually, but not for some time. Weird middleware kind of stuff. Things that would mean not just an upgrade in software, but very expensive hardware and entire enterprise systems. Yes, yes, the management are slacking gits. We know this. Doesn't change reality.

As for license. MS could give a flying fart about XP these days.

That said, this is a very clever solution and so are some of the other suggestions posted here. Well done.

And this from someone who despises XP these days.

Tip of the hat.

Scandal-hit Co-op Bank's CIO hits eject button after one year

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Re: Um, Co-op Bank now 70% owned by US Hedge Funds and VC investors.

"Um, Co-op Bank now 70% owned by US Hedge Funds and VC investors.

There's your answer.

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Re: going, going....

"Too many executives with dellusions of grandeur?

Is this a trick question?

That said, have an upvote.

Spy-happy Condoleezza Rice joins Dropbox board as privacy adviser

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What do I keep saying about the cloud?

So... how's that cloud thing working for ya?

Chrome makes new password grab in version 34

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Re: Fortunately, there is still Firefox

"No there isn't. Nobody should use a browser that is made by people who don't support freedom of expression."

The CEO responsible for that was fired the other day.

Do try and keep up.

Or was that sarcasm? If so, for future reference, please remember to use "/sarcasm" tag. Thank you.

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2 points.

1) I agree

2) Unfortunately in this day, ALL websites are bombarded 24/7 with hack attempts of every nature. Log ins have become mandatory thanks to that.

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Re: Goodbye auto-complete extension

HTML? How quaint. Don't you know the modern web master "developer" uses only PHP, CSS, Ruby on Rails, the not-yet-ratified-HTML5, Java and, well, anything but HTML?

Get with the times, old man!





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Yet another security problem

I tried Chrome. Then I saw it didn't have half the security customization that FF did and dropped it.

While the speed is great, the failure in security makes it a show stopper.

India's GPS alternative launches second satellite

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Re: Wrong!

"What's shameful is the decline in college enrollments and graduation rates in the USofA. There is no excuse for this!"

Cost. The avg* cost for a 4 year degree is now in the 100k plus range. That's $100,000 or nearly £200,000 pounds.

Only the wealthy can now afford this.

*note I said average. But the +/- is not far off.

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