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NY youth makes $130k selling real(-ish) white iPhone 4s


advertising LOL

aha, the White iPhone 4 is too fantastic, LOL

Anyway this news advertised for Apple to some degree, u know White is a traditional color for Apple products, and the white one is really cool and lovely. Whenever there are a little rumors about white iPhone 4, there are on fire.

PS: What you need to know about the Apple iPhone 4 http://www.ifunia.com/iphone-column/index.html


Bookie takes wagers on iPhone 4 recall


iPhone 4 recalled

I think the obvious solution here is if Apple gives iPhone 4 customers a complimentary rubber bumper. If this truly helps with signal reception, it will surely save the cost of having to recall an entire product line. IMHO.

While I love their products, I do hope Apple steps up on this one.

The iPhone 4 tempting features, HD Video Recording and reviews:




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