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Serpent imprisons rattled Yorkshire family

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not an adder

Brown and olive green? sounds like a grass snake to me, oh and grass snakes do have teeth as I can testify having been bitten by them on more than one occasion.

Also worth pointing out that these are both protected species and you cannot remove them without authority.

Also the chances of being bitten even if it is an adder are very small and most adder bites do not result in more than a little nausea and temporary swelling.

They are not designed to kill creatures of human size and the few deaths in the last fifty years have been on infants or people with prevailing medical conditions.

This is a non story apart from the human idiocy angle.


Yorks cops charge Segway rider under 1835 road law


cops and Segway

It is rather different in the US - I had my collar felt by a cop riding a Segway on the pavement a couple of weeks ago in Charlotte North Carolina.

He pulled up and demanded to know what I was doing but as soon as he heard my accent he said "Oh you are a Brit - that's OK"

He was actually pretty friendly but he wouldn't let me have a go on his Segway!

On another note they also have cops on mountain bikes there that also ride on the pavements

The ones on the bikes were noticeably leaner than the ones riding the segways...



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