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Hillier appeals to transgender community to save ID cards

'er oop norf

Um. no

It's a criminal offence to fail to update your driving licence with change of name (and address) details.

So I take it you are suggesting that trans people break the law?

'er oop norf

Can you fail harder?

Her amendemnt was fail in many ways. Keep an ID system that is only needed for a tiny minority of trans people --- those living dual role. So, that it is a guaranteed outing of them as they'd be the only ones with an ID card. For clarification I do know someone living dual role and has got an ID card. Yes, it meant paying twice, and she did have to get a medical report stating her dual role status.

Even with such dual ID cards only one can be used to permit travel to the EU and that is the one that matches her passport. Another major fail of the idea.

And as for the complaints about "evidence-based" policy, maybe that's only because the evidence doesn't support her blinkered view of the world?


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