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Twitter falls silent in the UK

Iain Campbell
IT Angle

@ Jared

People that don't jump on the latest bandwagon aren't luddites - they've just seen the hype before and don't subscribe to the latest fad.

I'm a fan of Facebook, because I can catch up with old friends. I hate MySpace because it's a visual abomination and I don't have the time to sift through the cr*p.

Flickr's great if you're into photography or just looking to document your life. Then there are a multitude of other sites that keep you up to date with everything you could ever wish for...


...I actually have a life that exists outside of the internet. To get constant updates on what my friends are doing is of absolutely no interest to me - if I want to know what they're doing at any point in time then I'll log on to Facebook. Or (shock horror!) I'll phone them and actually meet IRL.

I have my own life to lead. Twitter - to me - is just irritating, intrusive and downright pointless. If I'm windsurfing, do I really care if my mate is shopping for a donkey pouch in Ann Summers?

Micro-blogging my ar*e. Twitter has it's niche but if you want it then you should pay for it IMHO. Then see how the usage drops...

IT? because the OP is obviously 12.

Odeon kicks Rambo in the 'nads

Iain Campbell

Oh dear

It's a film.

It's probably cr*p, although it's a genre I like for the escapism factor.

Lots of films are cr*p.

I can't believe I'm even commenting on this :(

Apple TV gets 160GB HDD

Iain Campbell

On your TV?

I totally agree with the comments above. YouTube is designed for the PC and successful due to viral marketing. Watching YouTube content - or searching for it - on my TV is perhaps the biggest waste of my life I can imagine. The quality will be abysmal, the content equally so...

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