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Hefty physicist: Global warming is 'pseudoscientific fraud'

Yamal Dodgy Data

Proof the Reg is staked out by eco-trolls on the jungle telegraph

A lot of regular readers of the Reg have probably noticed how rapidly hordes of trolls appear whenever an environment article is posted which doesn't agree with the "settled science".

Especially if its by Andrew Orlowski (which also brings in the wikifiddlers en masse, but thats another story)

The above post by DanHarper is the perfect example of one which follows the familiar formula.

He starts off proclaiming an incorrect fact -

(in truth, the professor is not retired and still on staff at UC-SB, google is your friend Dan)

and then follows up with a series of the usual logical fallacies we've all come to expect.

Logical Fallacy No.3 "Ad hominem" (i.e The man is an old senile fool )

Logical Fallacy No.9 "False Dichotomy" (i.e If you don't believe in global warming you must be a religious whackjob preaching intelligent design)

I would like to ask the trolls to please be original and use a variety of all 20 logical fallacies, otherwise your comments are very droll reading.


Explosive icon: ... well "no pressure"

Much of recent global warming actually caused by Sun

Yamal Dodgy Data

Surely... who to believe ?

The Grauniad has enthusiastically come to the opposite conclusion to the Reg ?

So which journalist/editorial team has the better judgement here ?

Since the graun journos are already in the mindset where they giggle at the splattergate kiddy snuff flick and don't even seem to notice the horrifying authoritarian message behind it.

It's obvious really.. Lewis and the Reg staff have the true story.

explosive icon: well thats obvious too, can we have an Andrew Orlowski article please

.. no pressure ;-)

Labor raids IT piggybank to grease election promises

Yamal Dodgy Data

Nice, geo-targeted story for soon to be redundant IT blokes

Well, that'll be mean "moving forward" by using more government contracted curry munchers on dodgy 457 visas.

Looks like the "other stuff" the Ranga will spend the money on is redundancy pay for Aussies who won't work $12.50/hr.

@Drewc: I noticed the Oz flag sitting up on the right of the Reg banner,

couldn't figure out what it was doing there until I read your comment.

Parliament misled over Climategate report, says MP

Yamal Dodgy Data

Never have the useful idiots been so idiotic

@Bruce MacDonald: So in a nutshell, your really saying "mummy make him stop talking about it". Now where's that Grauniad reader lynching Andrew Orlowski icon.


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