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Sorry, Samsung. Seems nobody is immune to peak smartphone

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That's '"o" great guru"

FYI: Drone maker DJI's 'Get it on Google Play' website button definitely does not get the app from Google Play...

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Yes true Play reports to devs. However, the D/L stats from the sketchy DVI service is high value. 1. The users are, as cited, likely to have download security switched off even after install has completed. 2. DVI drones provide tons of intel: 3D Geolocation, video, various attachments that are available. Not that EVERY non-play install forever compromises a phone, but that list is a good place to start an attack.

Alaskan borough dusts off the typewriters after ransomware crims pwn entire network

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Re: 1st rule of an IT system...

Or their chainsaws on Win 7 PCs

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Re: Using windows in a business environment is negligent in of itself.

But...but. Isn't it Windows 7 PCs - or all 7 of them? I am confused.

Any social media accounts to declare? US wants travelers to tell

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Re: What if you just don’t tell them? WHAT?

That’s a crime and leverage to inflict endless, ludicrous grief.

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As long as the rivers flow etc.

I’m an American Indian (that’s what it says on card I must carry 24-7) and can live on both sides of the border - I will leave determining that up to you. Need no visa to be in US. And my hearing aids need the paired app om my iphone. And these inept, pedantic fools can peremptorily grab my phone? Is my password keeper a social app? My pwds are unknown to me without it. What a moronic policy. And there is NOWHERE NEAR the smart staffing in existance to handle this mess

One in three Android Wear owners also uses ... an iPhone

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Re: Will it play nicer with iOS?

Ralph B - good point. The more seamless iOS ecosystem is a huge drawing point in favor of the Apple watch. Not that I would consider one until battery systems have improved to something like a month, at least, something not likely any time soon.

I pair my iPhone with my hearing aids for full functionality - phone calls, music, and...hearing tuning control with the app, of course. If the sad state of the comparable app available on Android's platform [for same hearing aids] is an indication of functionality with Google's watch cobbled into iOS, I'll keep my 12 year old Casio, thank you.

Remember the 'budget' iPhone SE? Apple plans an update – reports

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Re: £300 refurbished...

Late September 128GB New $499 USD fantastic phone for the realistic very sturdy, great battery life, capabilities meet my PHONE needs. My third SE 1st 32GB needed more memory, 2nd 64GB stolen so remotely bricked. In a pinch decent video and photo apps but iPad mini is plan A for that, or huge desktop Mac.

First iPhone X fondlers struggle to admit that Face ID sort of sucks

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Re: Do you know what works better than Face ID and Touch ID?

No periods

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Re: Do you know what works better than Face ID and Touch ID?

The thumb print dimple is perfect for me when finding my [SE] in the dark or or in my pocket. Not that I unlock with the thumbprint, mind you. Pin only. In certain static situations (like perched above a desk, or for handicapped users, or at the beach in Cancun partying with the trend setters), Face ID will be useful but I have no problem with a Pin at all, in fact see it as more secure.

I AM anticipating applications that can leverage the tech for 3D modeling in DIY manufacturing and printing. Let the emoji obsessed fund the development say I. Real usage will develop as Apple scrambles to get it right.

GNOME Foundation backs 'freedom-oriented' smartphone

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As my iPhone morphs into less a phone/messaging device and more a marketing system, this becomes a hopeful development.

Samsung battery factory bursts into flame in touching Note 7 tribute

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It's all in the lucky numbers, ironically

Nineteen fire trucks? Samsung's "offshore" battery op has run smack into Chinese reality. 7-4-8 is legendary in China. That magic number = 19 and means Samsung overlooked best practices and suffered the inevitable consequences.

"748: "七四八" In Mandarin this number is pronounced "qī sì bā". If these numbers are stated in certain tones, it has a meaning which roughly translates into: "Why don't you go die?" "去死吧" This combination is more commonly used as an insult to others, or rather, an indirect death threat. Youngsters can jokingly tease each other by saying "你去死吧!". Depending on the mood, place and way of saying this sentence it can confer meanings ranging from joking to insulting or provoking. On the other hand, any 3 digit number that ends with 48 sounds like "wealthy for X lifetimes" (世發) (e.g. 748[七世發] is wealthy for 7 lifetimes"), thus is generally considered lucky, with 448 and 548 being the exceptions since they are also homophones of "死先發"(Wealthy on death) and "唔洗發"(no need/not going to be wealthy)."

Extra credit: "qi" most awesome word in scrabble.. Garçon, more coffee!

FYI: Ticking time-bomb fault will brick Cisco gear after 18 months

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New Supermicro blades going to brick yard big-time?

Just mentioning, the Supermicro rack gear checked out here in Reg seems to feature blades with the Atom chips. https://www.theregister.co.uk/2017/02/07/supermicro_gets_super_server_win/

Global spy system ECHELON confirmed at last – by leaked Snowden files

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this is for history books

I think this is indeed historical - and fated to be forgotten and overlooked by many.


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worth every penny - that was pretty cool!

Twitter tool's tweet tweaks leaked to twits

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using echofon pro has lots of this stuff

Apple throws free Snow Leopard bone at MobileMe punters

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Snow Leopard

Have a first gen Macbook intel and run snow leopard (which can't use most of iCloud but CAN use its email) and an iphone with iOs 5.1 with iCloud activated...but only for email.

My Mobile me synch was going history June 30 so activated iCloud. I sync the phone wifi to macbook (calendar, some photos, and all-important contacts)

But I have gone to Google contacts which now syncs with macbook...and basic contacts list will be there until...?

Rumor has it a version of snow leopard might be released after Mobile me is dead and buried and Apple has squeezed every possible buck out for Lion...

Cisco accused of tailoring tech to aid Chinese abuses

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While we debate the rational arguments around the marketing tactics used by the Cisco reps in China, the point remains the 5 or 20 Falun Gong folks who get hauled in and sent into the archipelago and black hole of Chinese detention by Cisco's efficiencies configured by a colonel in the People's Army, do they care if on a fine legal point Cisco is lawfully engaging in business ethically while maybe facilitating the arrests? It's wrong any way you look at it. You are waffling if in any way you can call this right.

Adobe automates website design for arty Luddites

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Page Mill 1.5, is it? FINALLY after 20+ years and the millennium, I can upgrade!

HTML5: An antidote for Apple App Store-itis

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"The Point" as metaphor

Walk into my (note I said "my", not "a" just so you know where I stand on this) friend's house. There you will find about 6 books. Coffee table editions, probably from big box Costco. They don't read much there, but DO get the daily local newspaper.

Then, go to my OTHER friend's house. There are actually TWO library rooms there. Rare books. Map books. History books. Brand new books - at leat several every few weeks. Old, old books. Original or first editions. Books on his and his wife's family history. Large books - mainly art special issues. You need a bloody ladder! Probably 10,000 volumes? What? Dunno know if they have been counted.

Nuance. Both of these persons I consider my close friends. "Friend" is NOT a button or click-on. The APP store model cannot and yet can (all depending upon the beholder's values) be representative of someone's online experience. "APP" markets are limited. For the curious, both WEB and the APP model need be up and running.http://www.theregister.co.uk/Design/graphics/icons/comment/boffin_32.png

Head App Store plod punts farts 'n' wiz

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Wait! Blue flame - I've got it!

The Blue Flame SO fits here - The Register editors obviously have withered in an overprotective environment, one deprived of my cousin Keith. On those fun family weekends long ago when the girls all stayed in cousin Linda's room, and all the boys crashed in Keith's room while the parents partied and got polluted in the living room...

Keith would dim the lights, drop his pj's and sit on the floor and light a match. Then he would lift his legs and roll back, holding the match by his arse and rip a fart. Now THAT'S a blue flame. A few of those brought out a richness in the air that was something.

Adobe to buy Day Software

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Jobs Horns

claws of CMS

Work with DAY CQ5 CMS and its integrated Omniture integration (Omniture, ANOTHER product Adobe bought up) that powers Adobe's business model of accumulating web hit statistics and in integration with FLASH player's hidden server-side stored cookies. I believe that THIS is a real reason Jobs/Apple is rejecting FLASH content on iOS platforms - Apple is cutting off the info stream of invaluable user stats of its solid gold user demographic [from Adobe] and capturing it as their iAd initiative moves forward. Battle to the death here for targeted content tools.

Day's CMS tools for web development/management include Omniture and are in use throughout the net.

China renews Google's internet licence

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Black Helicopters

Google's Faustian Deal With China

In the "Washington Monthly" July/August 2010 Issue, read "The Agnostic Cartographer" by John Gravois (disclosure - married to wife's cousin) that details how Google serves up China-pleasing info on Google Earth from its China-Based servers but India-pleasing info when accessed in Indian (or most places other than China). Gravois builds his article around a discussion of Arunachal Pradesh, a mountainous region claimed by both countries and disputed for decades. So is Google "doing good?", "doing not good?". "doing us?", or what?

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