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NSW may fire 610 school tech support officers in March


I am a NSW TSO

Maybe I shouldn't be mentioning this, but I was paid over the last Christmas school holiday period, the same as the previous 3 Christmases in the job.

Of course, I was only away from the school for the manditory 2 week minimum, as there is always a lot to do that can't be done while the computers are in use for classes.

Latest news is that, IIRC, the Commonwealth has agreed to pay about half the remaining money in March.

Aussie court denies bail to accused hacker 'Evil' Cecil


"Turned his skills to good" - bet he tried and failed

With the current state of the economy and the IT industry it wouldn't surprise me if he had applied for multiple jobs and never even got a reply due to lack of experience.

George Lucas rattles lightsabre at Jedi laser firm


Prior Art?

This looks much more like the descriptions of a "flashlight laser" from Lary Niven's 1970 book "Ringworld", so that's about 7 years before 'Start Wars" came out.

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