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NetApp's ZFS lawyer's letter and Nexenta


Return the FUD to sender

Here are a few additional points:

1) ZFS is open source. Oracle can no more pull back code from ZFS than Nexenta and our founders can pull back the iSCSI code we developed years ago and contributed to the Linux kernel.

2) The case is bi-directional. NetApp is being threatened legally by Oracle.

3) If you are one of the 78% percent of enterprises that support OpenSource (see my related blog on a recent Accenture survey), please understand that if you buy legacy storage you are helping fund unnecessary lawsuits

One interesting question is -- which community is more threatened: the broader ZFS community, which has OpenSource case law on its side and more than 1 million members, or the community of users of NetApp, who has chosen to escalate by threatening Coraid with a lawsuit?



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