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Microsoft slips out Silverlight 5


Endless updates

It seems like I've been prompted to upgrade to the latest version of Silverlight more often than I've actually gone to sites that use Silverlight.

Steve Jobs: The Movie in the works


Sony Pictures?

SURELY any movie of Steve Jobs should be made by Disney/Pixar!

Ten... fantasy gadgets you wish you owned


Hokey religions and ancient weapons

...are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid.

MYSTERY of huge Canadian chicken-shed EXPLOSION


Total non story

Total non-story, no chicken casualties are reported nor are any ever likely to occur, the fear-mongering mainstream press are greatly exaggerating the threat to poultry from exploding Canadian sheds, since for the amount of shed released into the Canadian prairies a chicken would have to stand on the same spot for over a year in order to raise its chance of being hit by flying splinters by 0.0002%. The truth is the Mounties are simply bowing to public pressure to declare the sky is falling in.

Blogger faces terror charges for 'naming MPs'


The list is a matter of public record

Press Association also reports (here: http://bit.ly/b7MpGP) that "The list of MPs who voted for the Iraq war was removed from the extremist website revolutionmuslim.com after the Home Office urged the US to act against it." And yet, this is a matter of public record, published by Parliament itself, and publicly available at places like TheyWorkForYou or PublicWhip. Here for instance is the list of MPs who voted in favour of the Iraq War as listed by PublicWhip: http://bit.ly/9sedrN

Revealed: Government blows thousands on iPhone apps



Government "blows thousands" developing apps? Not millions, then? Sounds more like the salary of a handful of developers, as you might expect. Overall, they've probably spent less than the MoD's total biscuit budget.

Who was it thought there might be outrage about this?

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