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Ruby daddy Matsumoto joins Heroku Rails crusade

Jesse Casman

Comment on Japanese open source

Great to see Matsumoto lend his credibility as the creator of Ruby to Heroku. I am a long-time fan of open source in general and think there are multiple, highly credible business models for open source. Open source programming languages in particular seem especially powerful. (Disclosure: I am a consultant for ActiveState, products and services for Perl, Python and Tcl.) Having creators and contributors rewarded is great. I think, however, that this shows again that Japanese open source can create hits but does not take full advantage of them. Ruby, created in Japan, has VC money and serious business activities connected to it in North America. How come Japanese companies aren't involved. How come Matsumoto wouldn't jump to an aggressive, well-funded Japan-based company?

'Be careful' warning accompanies latest Linux kernel

Jesse Casman

nice summary

Gavin, kudos to you and the Reg for putting out a summary of the current state of affairs in Linux kernel development. It's too arcane for this non-kernel developer to wade through the mailing lists or try to glean information from friends in the know. Great summary, hope you keep these coming.

Firefox joins Microsoft in uncool kids class

Jesse Casman

I'm wondering why

Great piece. I think the competition around browsers -- no one's calling it browser wars anymore? -- is really fascinating. I'm wondering, though, about the why. Chrome is being used by the cool kids, you say. Why not Opera (simple), Flock (social media) or, heck, even Japan's Lunascape (triple engine browser)? What's the thing on top of Google's big marketing budget that has gotten people interested and built momentum for Chrome?

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Android slurps market share from Apple, RIM, Microsoft

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No graphs?

What, you guys against graphs? Great piece, great data, but I need to see it visually.

Microsoft's past - the future to Android's iPhone victory

Jesse Casman

international markets really that important?


Great to see you at The Reg. Congrats. Quick comment on this piece. As you know, I work with Japanese companies coming into the US, plus a lot of open source and developer companies. American software companies are often criticized for not thinking of other markets -- unicode wasn't even that common until recently -- but Japanese companies can be very parochial, too. You assert that international markets are an important consideration for developers, but I don't see this often. Do you think this is different in the mobile development space?



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