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Is Apple about unleash a cheaper 8GB iPhone 5C? O2 'leak' suggests: Yes


Re: It's official... and available to order on the Apple UK store

I will..... just not the one for the 5C.

MtGox allows users to see a picture of their money, but not have it


Reminds me of Jim Bowen on Bullseye

......and here's what you could have had... now f**k off!!!

Microsoft to push out penultimate XP patch on March Patch Tuesday


Re: Linux

As there wasn't a deluge of people running to Linux after Windows 95 support ended, or Windows 98 or Windows anything else I assume that this time there will also be a lack of a deluge. I realise that Linux users really want people to shift over but if for two decades you can't persuade many people to pay nothing to switch to something totally free with no strings attached other than learning how to use a new OS then it's not really looking good for a mass defection. I'm not against Linux here, I'm just saying the majority of people are perfectly happy to continue with the familiarity of Windows which they see as being free anyway because they bought this PC and it already has Windows. They don't care about the licensing deals and behind the scenes BS that adds a little extra to the cost of their PC.

US judge Koh won't ban old Samsung gear, tells Apple: Your patents aren't that amazing


Re: The problem with "thermonuclear war

The only winning move is.... not to play

Apple 'hid AUD$9 BILLION' from Australia alone: Report


Re: A rate of 40% on inactive corporate funds...

"Not wanting to be seen defending Apple here, but they do actually provide a lot of employment in Ireland - 4000 jobs at the last count..."

... and how many of that 4000 would be allowed to get away with paying practically nothing in comparison to their earnings to the tax man, my guess would be somewhere between none and zero, but while the loopholes exist and new ones are found, large companies like Apple, Google and the myriad of other companies using the same tactics will continue to pay as little tax as they can get away with.

Google picks five teams to share $6 MEEELLION funding in Lunar X Prize


Is it just me?

I swear that the Part Time Scientists one in the picture looks like the love child of Number "Johnny" Five and a wheeled car jack. I do however wish all the participants the best of luck.

Apple pushes back release date for 'dustbin chic' Mac Pro


I think as far as the Mac Pro is concerned I don't know if I'd call them fanbois. For the most most part they will be used in a professional environment and usually an environment (i.e publishing) where the Mac is generally the standard. That's not to say some fb's won't buy one, I'm sure they will... just so they can say they have one as if it's some sort of elite prize.

It's Satya! Microsoft VP Nadella named CEO as Bill Gates steps down


Re: Not Elop then.

"Has Microsoft said what patents Android violates? Have they been challenged in court?"

Maybe not, but the fact that not just one but quite a few very large companies that could easily afford to fight the patents have chosen to pay the fee rather than go to court suggests that MS probably have a rather strong patent claim that will stand up in court.

Cameron: UK public is fine with domestic spying


Oh f*** this

Can't we just do an Airplane and let the country get in a line to punch the smug twat in the head.

A BBC-by-subscription 'would be richer', MPs told


Not me

I would drop them like a stack of ***, which I also intend on doing with Sky when the contract is up in April. BBC F1 coverage is crap now and I'm f***** if I'd pay voluntarily just to see Top Gear and Dr Who for a year. I really only got Sky HD in to watch the F1 and quite frankly it wasn't worth the years lock in. Besides I think with their new HD plan, they will probably drop the legacy HD package. So all in all subscription TV in general sucks b****.

Snowden speaks: NSA spies create 'databases of ruin' on innocent folks


As pointed out in another article about The Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board report, they had this to say.

"Based on the information provided to the board, including classified briefings and documentation, we have not identified a single instance involving a threat to the United States in which the program made a concrete difference in the outcome of a counterterrorism investigation,"

To me, that's a pretty damning indictment on the usefulness of the mass surveillance. While the technology may be cheap (which I doubt when Govts are involved) I doubt the whole [illegal] program itself is cheap and the results according to this report show that there is not a single return on the investment. There is however a massive price and that is the privacy and civil liberties of citizens.

Nearly 1 in 5 of UK's Xmas gifts were bought online... not that it helped


What do they expect. When retailers are constantly getting caught out shafting their customers with fake "sales", etc. I don't even mind paying a few quid extra for the convenience of getting things at a local retailers and having the item straight away. But when I'm getting charged £50 for a photographers bag at the local Jessops which is selling for £30 on Amazon then I know I'm being asked to bend over and take one for the team.

IT bods: Windows XP, we WON'T leave you. Migrate? Chuh! As if...


No time... Seriously?

"over half said they hadn't made the switch because of a lack of budget, 39 per cent said they didn't have the time and 31 per cent said they didn't have the resources"

Lack of budget or not having the resources fair enough, but didn't have the time is a bit of a lame excuse considering they've had years.

Two Brits face criminal trial for sending 'menacing' tweets


Re: Geoff Crammond

That would be fine, e.g. "That was a rather stupid thing to do, I think you may have a little idiot DNA in your blood" would probably be fine whereas "When I find you, I'm going to a**rape you, put a bullet in your head and bury you in a field" may not be looked on quite as favourably, and in all likelihood will have you in the dock shortly after them.

US mobile telcos: All right, ALL RIGHT, FCC! We'll redo phone unlock rules


Blame Vietnam

Because the Vietnam vets were treated so badly on their return and the US is now so ultra patriotic, they are overcompensating for today's military with them being thanked for their service by every random individual at the mere mention of them having served. Call it the Telco equivalent of thanking them for their service.

Apple: 'Court-appointed antitrust regulator is taking advantage of us'


To be fair to Apple

I do think Bromwich is taking the piss and a few liberties with them, actually in much the same way as Apple is taking the piss and a few liberties with the carriers...... in pretty much the same way as the carriers are taking the piss and a few liberties with us, their customers. Karma often has a funny way of catching up.

Apple patents facial recognition tech for mobile log-in


Is a pin more secure though, not really...

Thief mugs you, grabs your phone, forces you to give him your pin for him to unlock it and then quickly disables the pin. If you are willing to look at the phone for him to unlock it, then you are going to be equally willing to give him your phone.

NASA pic: DOOMED ice Comet ISON literally had snowball's chance in hell


Eadon... Is that you

Spotify reckons it's worth $4 BILLION - and Netflix investor agrees


A couple of historical viewpoints

Myspace - Bought for $580m sold for $35m

Bebo - Sold by founders for $850m bought back five years later by founders for $1m

I get the feeling there may be some emptier pockets in the next few years. I really don't get it, some of these investors seem to be blindly chasing the dream of the next big tech site payout much like a gambler is always chasing his losses.

Mystery traffic redirection attack pulls net traffic through Belarus, Iceland


....and shit like this is why we can't have nice things.

Forget ANGELINA JOLIE, Xbox One struts red carpet in London's Leicester Square


Re: Geoff Crammond

"I had to sign a NDA to not talk about it, but seeing as I don't work there now, and posting as AC, I guess it doesn't matter."

Given that one statement alone, you have proven to be a little untrustworthy, so I hope you don't mind if I choose to think you are just a little bit full of s***.

If your bosses tell you you're 'in it together', don't ever believe them


We're in this together...

Roughly translated as "We've got ourselves a patsy guys, we're good to go".

BIG, CURVY Apple models: Just right for SLAP AND TICKLE


Another report from the usual suspects

An unnamed source, someone familiar with the situation, a source close to apple.... at least deep throat actually DID know what the fuck was going on unlike most of these unnamed muppets.

Is it TRUE what they say about the 'Moto G'? We FIND OUT on the 13th


Re: Simple is ...

The iPhone C didn't do well because it didn't do what most people wanted and that was to provide a low to mid range iPhone at low to mid range market prices. Instead they delivered a low to mid range iPhone at premium range price, and if you are going to pay a premium price you might as well get the iPhone 5S.

RED planet, INDIAN mission: Space probe prepares for voyage to Mars orbit


Re: not about the science, just a pissing contest......

Piss away, if India can do a successful 18 month turnaround of a Mars mission from announcement to launch it a. gives rise to the question about why the fuck NASA with all their technological might takes so long to do a mission and b. Gives hope for the reality of the Mars One plan. To be fair though, at least NASA is a reality, as I still don't believe Mars One will happen because it's just a pipe dream but I hope I'm wrong.

Tim Cook stands firmly behind pro-LGBT, anti-discrimination law


"Quick! We need to find somet' else to ban discrimination against... gingers?"

Judging by the recent 'kick a ginger day event', I'd say some nut jobs might cause it to be an eventual sad reality.

Nokia emerges smothered in red ink, manages to flog cheapo Windows Phones


Re: For all those that slam Apple

....or license it for single user only.

Reboot the formula: F1 and FIFA tweaked for another year


Re: Geoff Crammond

The first one still to me was the best one, three of of spent more hours than I can remember playing multiplayer in which each player had to take it in turns to race. I still miss Phoenix and Mexico (yeah Mexico's back next year hopefully) and loved Mexicos esses section as you just got faster and faster.

Microsoft: We're nearly OUT OF STOCK of Surface 2 and Pro 2


Steve....Is that you?

Apple pulls VPN app, helps censors' job in China


Re: Do they ever respond?

Maybe El Reg should just create a site called I want to bear Apples fruit and use that to try and contact them. They might have a little more joy.

Twitter spills unprofitable guts in $1bn IPO filing


I doubt this will be much of a surprise to anyone

They've been sinking investors money into this company for years with nothing to show for it. I fail to see how they can value a company a company at $10 billion which consistently loses money year after year and only has earnings of $316 million which would be fine if they didn't spend $418 million making it. I know they have a lot of users, but user value is not worth $10 billion unless they are actually creating value and profit, which in this case they aren't. I get the feeling the IPO is more of an escape route for the current investors.

Don't wait up for BBM on iPhone, Android – BlackBerry



The Keystone Cops of the mobile world.

Great Fall of China: iPhone 5C sales lag as blinged-up 5S sells out


How can the gold iPhones sell like hotcakes

There was barely any out there to start with. Plenty of space grey and some silver but no gold.

How I hacked SIM cards with a single text - and the networks DON'T CARE


It always staggers me

How these guys even come up with this stuff. I suppose if I'd ever moved on from the obligatory two basic PRINT and GOTO lines of code that remained the extent of my (and probably many others) foray into coding, I might have a better comprehension. Still we all have our talents I suppose.. I can make a mean bowl of cornflakes with only three main ingredients.

One of last few iPhone 5Ss STOLEN from within MASSIVE POLICE CORDON at Apple Store


Some demand although

... how much I don't know. I went in today as my son wanted one. The O2 I went to didn't receive a single 5S and told me the 5C were selling like hotcake, and they had sold 70 of them but they still have some in stock.. no thank you. I popped over the aisle to the Three store. They received 10 5S phones and still had two of them left of which I took one. They had plenty of 5C's and couldn't get them budged out the door. I told her the O2 store had sold 70 which she didn't believe. She said their demand for either phone hadn't been that great, which I would tend to believe, considering they had only sold eight since yesterday's release and they had a large "2 iPhone 5S signs left" outside the shop, which is in one of Belfast most popular and busy shopping centres.

El Reg seeks new mobile, wireless tech writer - could it be YOU?


What about me

I've got a City & Guilds in Desktop Publishing, surely that's more than enough.... When do I start ;-)

Rotten Apple iOS 7 fury: Glitchy audio or is today's music really that bad?


What a world where the value of your day is down to whether or not you get a software update in a timely fashion. Stick that bimbo in the middle of a struggling African village and she might see what the worst day ever is really like.

Peak Apple: Has ANYONE at all ordered a new iPhone 5c?


I think Apple missed the point

People wanted a cheap plastic phone, not an expensive plastic phone that looked cheap.

Apple to uncloak new iPads, iMacs at October 15 event?


Will this mean an end for the trusty Hackintosh.

Tell me why I don't like Moon days: Bob Geldof heads into SPAAACE


Oh joy the Messiah returneth..... again!!!

Just as he drifts back into obscurity, we now have to listen to him prattling on and preening his feathers again now for the next 15 years. Maybe they could make it a one way trip for him.... accidentally open the the airlock perhaps, we can only hope.

BBC releases MYSTERY RIDDLE poster for Doctor Who anniversary episode


I think I'll give the culture show a miss, apart from having to endure Brian Cox's endless droning monotone voice for god knows how long, it sounds decidedly like some artsy fartsy nonsense they stick on the graveyard slot on BBC2 as time filler.

Google Nexus 7 2013: Fondledroids, THE 7-inch slab has arrived


No thanks

After my daughters experience with Google Play I will be giving them no more money. By the way, for anyone purchasing from Google Play, please be aware that should you need to return it under warranty, they will charge you for another tablet before they will even accept it back again, no exceptions. Fine if you can afford it, if you can't then don't try Asus either, Asus say it's not their problem it needs to be returned to Google Play. So you will be stuck with a faulty device until you can come up with the money first. So for me, I would've looked at the device before, now it's once bitten twice shy, and not something I would even consider no matter how good it is.

Assange fails in bid for election to Australian Senate


It must be true then

There really is a God :-)

MPs blocked from ogling 'web smut' 300,000 times – while in Parliament


Re: So let me understand this

Except that they don't work because as a staffer said.... "The problem with the Porn Story Parliament Computers thing is that sometimes PICTs filter blocks news stories as pornographic"... In other words their own filters are blocking completely legitimate content which is exactly what campaigners against nationwide filters have been saying so it was nice of parliament to prove and uphold their case for them. It's a shame that they will completely ignore that fact and carry on implementing their Chinese internet wall anyway.

Amazon: OK, OK. We'll let traders flog tat more cheaply elsewhere


Re: It's called...

No it's not, it's called a most favoured nation clause.

Fandroids blow $200,000 on secret PANIC BUTTON for their smartmobes


It looks relatively easy to insert into the headphone socket, however it doesn't look quite as easy to remove. I'm a nail biter and sometimes have trouble opening a tin of coke without a penny so I'd hate to see how I get on with this unless they use some kind of lip or pull ring on it.

Shareholders hoping to squeeze cash from Kodak are deluded, says court


Oh dear, how sad, never mind

Welcome to the world of the gift voucher purchaser, suck it up. How many gamblers do you see walk back into the bookies demanding their money back after their horse loses.

Apple big-screen TV rumor zombie RISES FROM THE DEAD


And in 2018 when Apple make one

All the prediction nuts can say we told you so!

Apple erects measures to stop app-happy kids splurging parents' dosh


Re: Strange

They don't have to necessarily own one. Within ten minutes of arriving my five year old granddaughter usually asks "Can I play games on your phone Granddad." She knows there are three rules 1. She isn't allowed to walk about with it, 2. She is only allowed to play the games I have in her folder and 3. No drinks allowed while she is playing it. I have in app purchases permanently disabled and use it only when I require it to be (which so far is never).

If you are going to let children use your phone/tablet, then YOU need to take responsibility for what happens on or to it. I've tried to cover the bases but, ultimately I let her use the phone, so if anything bad happens, there is no one else to blame other than myself.

Samsung Mega 6.3: Enter the PHONDLESLAB


Hardly, I have more android gear, the only Apple product I have is an iPhone 4S. I also have a San Francisco, a Galaxy S4, an Asus Transformer TF101 and a Nexus 7 so sorry, but fail on the iProduct fan. Anyway like I said, fragmentation is the biggest problem, which I personally experienced because I have several android devices. Phone apps end up looking like shit on tablets, and some apps work with one device and not another.


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