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The Linux Chronicles, Part 1


Linux Mint is the One

Definitely not a nerd, but really got fed up with Microsoft and Office. Started to use OpenOffice (mainly Base - the database program, but also the spreadsheet and word processor), which then led me to look at other similar opensource programs/operating systems. I was intrigued by Linux and decided to give it a whirl. Did the backup of my XP stuff in preparation for the anticipated disaster, downloaded Linux Mint, burned it to cd and used it as a live operating system. Everything appeared fine. Eventually installed it permanently alongside Windows on my laptop.

Since then, 4 months ago, I have been into Windows once just to check it was still there. Masses of updates needed. I have long since moved all of my original documents to the Linux system. PDF's open fine. Everything just works. My wireless card was quite slow and eventually I ended up using the original Windows driver using an ndiswrapper, but this is made simple from the control centre in Linux, called Windows Wireless Drivers. The two programs that really need Windows, which I am loathe to give up are PDFEdit which I use to add a stationery letterhead to my documents prior to emailing and TurboCAD which I use for Kitchen and Bathroom designs, (not problems for most home users at least) and I use VirtualBox to install these inside Linux Mint. It is much faster; I am not plagued by popups and updates; and my Wobbly Windows option for the desktop makes me smile! Sad, I know! I would definitely consider this to be a replacement for Windows.

Would hazard a guess that the vast majority of home users, have never opened PowerPoint and wouldn't ever want to. Would agree that presentations always appear like packaging fluff. A lot of effort, containing very little substance.

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