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Kaspersky claims to have found NSA's 'space station malware'



It's the new version of Uplink. Arunmor and ARC are getting up to their old tricks.

NASA 'nauts complete another EPIC SPACEWALK to route cables around ISS


NASA's International Space Station?

Is that like America's World Super Bowl?

Elite:Dangerous goes TITSUP


'arrogant tit'...hey Mr Pot, this is Mr Kettle, you're looking a little dirty.


More than just squeaky-wheelers? Hardly. I take it you've only read the 'Woe-is-me', 'game-is-gonna-fail', 'everything-is-broken' threads on the forums, conveniently ignoring all the 'Wow, awesome', 'best-game-ever', 'no-problems-here' threads. Let alone the fact that the people who aren't having problems are probably playing rather than posting.

I'm not saying there aren't any problems or things that need looking at, but the game is the most stable release I've seen for a very long time. <Cough> Sim City <Cough> Assassins Creed <Cough>...and they're from AAA companies with mountains of cash behind them, not a crowd-funded independent.

Get some perspective Simon.


Yeah, forum surfed journalism from the community's squeaky-wheels.

I (and plenty of others) have had no problems at all...doesn't make very sensationalist copy that though.

The game is OBVIOUSLY broken beyond repair. NOT!

Facebook swallows Oculus VR goggle-geeks. Did that really happen?



More like Asshat.

Ministry of Sound sues Spotify over user playlists


Re: Legalese

Or maybe techno-notice

Royston cops' ANPR 'ring of steel' BREAKS LAW, snarls watchdog


You'll never leave.

(We didn't burn him)

You thought only Google dodges UK taxes? So do all the Brit firms

Big Brother

Is it just me...

...or did the person who came up with the name 'Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act' get told to cut it off two words shorter, just in case the plebs noticed they were having the piss taken out of them. Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act Territorial Services maybe...or something.

Coke? Windows 8 is Microsoft's 'Vista moment'. Again


Re: I'm still curious to know

...and how many of those asked for a Windows 7 machine first only to be told that Windows 7 isn't available any more...here have Windows 8.

Dutch MP must cough €750 for hacking into medical lab


Re: What lax security?

2nd paragraph...

The patient had apparently overheard the login information from a member of staff.

'Bah, this Apple Shop is full of APPLES'


Re: ahhh .. .

One of these shops sells a product that makes you insensible, lose all dignity and even your grip on reality...

...whilst the other sells cider.

It's official: Mac users are morally superior to Windows users


Re: Linux users.....

If you've ever frequented the Humble Bundles you'd know that out of Windows, Mac and Linux, the Linux users are the biggest payers by far.

There be a bridge over there. Get under it!

Ubisoft: 'Vast majority of PC gamers are PIRATES'


Re: Hmm

With you all the way on Minecraft and indie games.

For me, The Humble Bundle has always delivered quality games (with the emphasis heavy on the gameplay), on lots of platforms, without DRM, for a set-your-own-price fee...and you get more if you pay over the average (£6.50 / $10 always covers it for me). What's not to like?

<-- For Ubisoft, obviously.

Apple disappoints at first Black Hat briefing


Re: So they cut some corners? There is patent for that!

Shirley that should be 'rounded' some corners?

The Pirate Bay torrents printable 3D objects

Thumb Up

1:1 Airfix model...

Didn't James May have a (sorta successful) go at that?

iPhone plunges 13,500 ft from skydiver's pocket - and lives


Did anyone else read that as...

...my wife's ol'n'ugly Norkias. Bit unfair I thought.

Sorry...no, its not the one with all the iPhones on it.

Woman dies of heart attack at own funeral


@Capt TickTock

Pray it never happens to Lester.

There...fixed that for you.

Council fined for randomly emailing personal data


What's the point...

...of fining the council...the fine will only get paid with our money. Fine the fucking idiot that sent the stuff out...and then sack them.

RAF Eurofighter Typhoons 'beaten by Pakistani F-16s'


William the Conquerer?

I think Sun Tzu was recommending that approach way earlier.

Pope says gravity proves technology can't supplant God


Something unproven is a theory until proved...

A hypothesis is a proposition that attempts to explain a set of facts in a unified way. It generally forms the basis of experiments designed to establish its plausibility.

A scientific law is a hypothesis that is assumed to be universally true. A law has good predictive power, allowing a scientist (or engineer) to model a physical system and predict what will happen under various conditions.

A theory is a set of statements, including laws and hypotheses, that explains a group of observations or phenomena in terms of those laws and hypotheses. A theory thus accounts for a wider variety of events than a law does. Broad acceptance of a theory comes when it has been tested repeatedly on new data and been used to make accurate predictions.

Theories aren't facts. Theories don't get proved right...a good one just doesn't get proved wrong for a long time.


UK's Reaper flying hunter-killer fleet 'to double'


I was thinking more along the lines of...

'There's a Mr Grim here....he's come about the reaping'.

Disabled dude demands EA improves gaming access

Thumb Down


From the video it looked like he was using a standard mouse to control Fallout...so why should he have to pay through the nose to get a 'special controller' when he can obviously use a standard one.

EA are terrible at writing control customisation code. Case in point...when I bought BF2142 and found that it didn't save my mouse button customisations I complained...only to be told that 'its been that way since the first Battlefield game'...WTF?! EA really need to get themselves some programmers that actually know how to program.

Big stink over Malawi farting ban


He who smelt it...

...dealt it.

2011 Games Preview


2/3 the way down page 2

Nuff sed.


I guess that makes me lame then...

BTW...can the PS3 run user-made mods for games like The Elder Scrolls and The Witcher? No? Awww, that's even lamer than not owning a PS3!

Skyrim and Assassins of Kings pre-order FTW! (pre-ordering is fine when I know the game will be worth the wait and financial loss...Egosoft, Bethesda, Firaxis, CDProjekt please form an orderly queue...EA, sorry, your name's not on the list you're not coming in)

Mature mechanoid meanders into museum


Does anyone else think...

...that robo-nurse looks more believably realistic than some of the botoxed and nip-tucked meatbags you see?

PARIS unveils impressive box



I think you rather mean Playmobil, sir!

Why we love to hate Microsoft


Windows netbooks will likely outsell Apple iPads in 2010

No big surprise there...although...

I bought a Windows 7 netbook the other day...the first thing I did with it was to dual-boot it with Linux (with Linux as the default OS, obviously). If I had been able to order a Linux netboot as easily as the Windows one I would have done...though hopefully it would also come with either a price reduction or spec upgrade to reflect the lack of Windows Tax.

I wonder how many other Windows 7 netbooks this happens to.


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