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Hot new battery technologies need a cooling off period

James Bayley

Video of robotic battery changer

This is a practical alternative to a pump.


How can UK.gov spend £35m on a website?

James Bayley

I worked on Businesslink so I can tell you

I worked on Businesslink so I can tell you.

Businesslink is a complex website which contains many applications. The costs are in partially in developing the applications but also in the quality control. For example, if the Government tells you in what circumstance you can fire someone the Government better get it right. In addition to teams of developers there are teams of writers, proof readers and quality controllers. Plain text explainations of laws and regulations must be approved by the lawyers. My own application had to go through rigourous security testing (with secret squirrels) and we did usability testing with 10s of small businesses.

Businesslink is one of the highest hit website in the UK and probably has the most complex content. I thought we did a good job. It cost a lot of money but I am proud that Blighty can produce something of that quality.


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