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Windows 7 overruns NHS Scotland


Really? Your migration experience is impressive...

For example - sure, cross-training to a new system is no different from cross-training to a newer version of the same software.

But sure, it's all to do with 'the rich' and your own, seperate agenda.

Choosing a desktop OS


Wow, another once-every-give-years pointless article

Every few years, someone writes/ posts a 'well, what about the alternatives?', followed by lots of excuses from the mac/ linux crowd as to why the vast majority are still MS.

When the job market is asking for as many linux bods as Wintels, this will be worth reading. But not until then.

Microsoft+IE9: Holier than Apple open web convert?


MS didn't 'kill the browser competition'....

...Netscape did by deciding to charge $30/ £30 a pop for what was previously free.

In a similar vein to Apple having the option of crushing Windows back in 1990 - 1994, but decided to go for the $$$ instead (and still are, one could argue).

The two above facts seem to be forgotten on a regular basis, by journalists as much as anyone.

And MS introduced several options that, previous to IE6, simply weren't available - Outlook Web Access seemed quite advanced in 2003 because (for example) it could notify that mail had arrived without having to refresh the screen. No-one was bleating about standards back then.

MS have a history of trying to adopt standards to their purposes, or inventing new ones while the rest of the industry squabbles (like they still are about network speed auto-negotiation), so none of this article is really news....but then, there would be no article :-)

Moving to Windows 7: Is it worth it?

Thumb Down

Isn't this article about a year too late?

Next week - MS Office - is it any good?

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