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Facebook Places checks in to UK


Total FAIL

Excellent, whilst all my stuff is being stolen from home, because I am in Starbucks on my iPhone, but hey, I am only there for so long because, using localised/targetted marketing, I got a free muffin!

FAIL, my house is being stripped clean because a) I have spent the last year documenting every new cool toy I bought with pics on facebook b) one of my 'friends' was smart enough to push me an advert offering me free cake with my coffee in Starbucks!


Data roaming megabill clampdown starts next week


Mobile roaming charges...

To be honest, I'm not too convinced on this.

I've just spent 30 minutes and listening to the o2 hold music (with vast amounts of white noise introduced to ensure you don't stay on hold too long). And what was my question? Why do they charge me 18p a minute to receive a call in the EU when the legislation says it should be a maximum of 16p?

The answer, after 30 minutes on hold, that until o2 are contacted to say they are in breach of legislation they will continue to charge what they deem to be a fiar price.

T-Mobile's response as to why they have translated the 43c in to 43p and 19c in to 19p, "They will continue to charge these prices until they are notified that they are in breach of any rules." Exactly the same as o2.

So, in effect, all this feel good stuff aboujt how the EU is working-it for us, it doesn't actually mean anything unless the body responsible actually chases up the Telcos to force them to do it.

Now when you consider that mobile broadband roaming is the new Telco cash cow, what do you think wilkl be the response on this?



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