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Military chip crypto cracked with power-analysis probe

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Differential Power Analysis.

this has been used by Cryptography Research, Inc. for years in encryption.


one would easily port this same idea to other chips and devices. I'm sure Paul from CRI could discuss the counter to this as he has perfected it for other applications..

Huawei to gift underground coverage to London

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Huawei owned by Chinese gov

you out of your mind, Chinese hardware back door monitoring your mobile calls...

Google: 'We did not follow Apple into phone market'

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Shoe on the other foot

sounds like Job's paranoia of Goog like Bills for Job’s in the 80's

Make no mistake: they want to kill the iPhone. We won’t let them."


Apple controls the hardware, OS, software, integrated to desktops, laptops, and Ipads Ibooks..iphones itunes

no one not one has the same integration, without jobs there is no apple

for starbucks no Howard Schultz no coffee.

Jobs should be worried? unlimited budget for Goog copied the Iphone,

but remember how the mac was created.... that’s right coped the Xerox Palo alto research project with programmers... Maybe that why he's (jobs) is paranoid

Verizon iPhone set for January touchdown?

donot needtono

cash flow will fund upgrade???

seems like everyone thinks adding 3 million users using 10GB each per month will just happen, ATT granted not my fav, but when first I-phone launched few believed that the network load would be as large as it was... pants down ATT.......Verizon will not use CDMA and will not repeat ATT mistakes( we hope)

Network Verizon for I-phone it will be LTE. Besides cell site equip upgrade, the backhaul will require fiber to each cell site to handle LTE's 30-50Mbit per device speed... no worries 40Billion will not be enough for the Verizon upgrade. ATT spent 30+B. still not enough. thats why the ATT data limit was imposed

23million users 55.00 average rev's add up to 1.265billion per month ..... cash flow will fund upgrade??? late 2011 or 2012. all the delays aren't the device . it's the network stupid


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