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Nokia wins hearts, minds with breakthrough mobile

John Ehite

Nokia 6210i

This IS the best phone - ever for all the reasons outlined in the article. I had a 6210 bet damaged the display (line of broken pixels) and then bought the 6310i - superb for ease of use, reception etc.

My convergence? A Psion 5MX running Phoneman to integrate contacts, adding appt to the phone memory and as a modem for the 5MX. For laptop covergence - swap for Psion netBook running the same. Now there's two long (battery) lived packages esp with a netBook Pro battery (16hrs) and a spare Pro battery as well..

Palm reveals 'secret' smartphone buddy

John Ehite

It's a Psion netBook!

Jasmine hit this on the head. This IS a netBook with the new fangled USB/Bluetooth stuff. Unfortunately they've forgotten that the full office suite on the netBook was a major part of it's really strong points e.g. Data/Sheet/Jotter - embeddable sheets in data/jotter etc. Still if I could link to my Nokia 9500 then it would help my tryping accuracy and rest my eyes. I've done the whole laptop thing including the ultra portables and I'm back on the netBook & Nokia 6310i combo - it just works esp with a GPRS card and WiFi for the netBook. Still, looks very interesting and I wonder if you could sneak a linux spredsheet on with a flat file database?

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