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Blighty to get mobe-download barcode rail tickets

Robert E A Harvey


I hope the scanners will be big enough to get an iPud under them.

Robert E A Harvey


"though we're still working out how one gets an accounts-department-acceptable receipt printed out."

For as long as I've been claiming expenses, in many $MEGACORP, bridge tolls, rail fares and bus fares have been claimable on trust. Even the inland revenue don't expect reciepts for train fares, as long as you can demonstrate to have been at both ends of the journey in some casual way.

Linux gets jiggy with more filesystems in 2.6.34 kernel release

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I'm waiting for 42.42.42

Most browsers leave fingerprint that can ID users

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Old news, Old nes

uk.rec.sheds discussed this in February, and decided then in was oblox. The thread, if you care to search for it, was uniquely titled "Unique".

Do try to keep up at the back.

I'll get me coat. We use them in the shedde as well. Mine probably smells of creomite.

UK border security ring-o-steel flagged 48,000 travellers

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Stanstead has a proud banner saying that they processed 5.8 million people and identified 120 "threats" to the UK.

I'd issue threats if I was at the back of a queue of 5.8 million people.

Mines the one with "All coppers are ..." in lead foil letters inside the lining

Met Police new HR technology broken, bloated, absent

Robert E A Harvey

you were lucky!

I got

"PHP has encountered an Access Violation at 01D9E0A6"

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Scuse me Egon? You said crossing the synergies was bad!

LimeWire induces infringement, Judge rules

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"because someone can use your product for bad, illegal uses, doesn't inherently make that product bad."

Maybe, although that seems irrelevant here.

What made limewire bad was all the junk it installed on kids computers. I nearly made a living cleaning up after it.

Samsung NX10

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Very very tempted

But I am a bit concerned about investing in a new, tied-in, single-source lens mount. If we could be sure that 3rd party lenses and adaptors were to be available, then I'd be scaring the moths from me wallet now.

The results from your sample shots verge on stunning

Election 2010: The sillier options

Robert E A Harvey


I tried swinging both ways once.

I really does yer back in.

Twitter and theregister. Why it doesn't work

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I've only Twat twice

A fiend of mine points out that the past participle of 'twit' is probably 'twat'. SInce I was boss-bullied into signing up on Twitter I have preciesely two postings, one of which was to find out what would happen. So I've only twat twice.

Intel wades into smartphone wars

Robert E A Harvey


Did you really mean 'hottest'? Shouldn't that be the main thing they are trying to avoid?

Jobs: One million iPads sold

Robert E A Harvey

How very odd

4 upvotes, 4 downvotes? Will this lead to a sort of matter-antimatter anihilation, and will that power the reg. servers for a million years?

It's good to be even handed. Perhaps I should become a LIberal Democrat.

Robert E A Harvey


"Jobs sitting in Dr. Evil's chair, saying"

Saying "There are one million. Now turn on the embeded Thought Wave Modulators. One Million Minions are MINE to command. Ha Ha Ha "

Robert E A Harvey


The trick is to see how many people buy two

Robert E A Harvey

It's true then/

There IS one born every minute.

Applesoft, Ogg, and the future of web video

Robert E A Harvey


IRTA 'Nanny Ogg' and got confudled.

UK regulator wants register of all premium-rate firms

Robert E A Harvey

Hang on a minute

I'd have expected OFCOMM to have a list of premium numbers already. How on earth do people get a number, if no-one is keeping records?

Ubuntu's Lucid Lynx stalks PC and Mac converts

Robert E A Harvey

Innovation good

We've had WIMP interfaces since the 1980s. Where is the next big paradigm shift?

Where is my talking computer? When will I be able to thought-link to it? Why can't I log in by holding a power ring up to the green lantern? or by blinking at the camera in morse code?

'Beauty with antimatter bottom' created out of pure energy

Robert E A Harvey

Random thought waves

All of this makes me realise how clever the Victorians were, when every household had several anti-maccasars

Mine's the one with the Rowland's stains on the collar.

Jobsian drones shackle gamer with 'lifetime' iPad ban

Robert E A Harvey


I have a lifetime ipud limit. It will never be exceeded. It can be expressed in terms of fundamental numbers as 1+ e^(pi * i)

C language inventor spurns Google's language exam

Robert E A Harvey

old story

Alistair Cook told a WW2story of an old man ignoring all the regulations at an airstrip in the USA. Just striding out, getting into an airplane, and flying off. No log book checks, no flight plan, no pre-checks.

When Cooke commented on it his host said: 'yep. He ain't got no pilots licence neither.'.

Cooke asked why he was flying then.

'That's Orville Wright. Ain't no-one got the cheek to ask him to sit a test'.

Nokia: digital SLRs are doomed

Robert E A Harvey

And in other news

The availability of the Sinclair C5 causes Aston Martin, Morgan, and Range rover to go out of business.

Police send Reg hack CRB check database

Robert E A Harvey

this is the title

#or, indeed, the bosses who did not provide training about data security and encryption

Robert E A Harvey
Big Brother

Gail Foley

The existence of a “senior manager of public confidence” is a very good reason not to have any confidence

Blighty's first home grown war robot takes to Welsh skies!

Robert E A Harvey

robot takes to Welsh skies!

It's dustproof then?

Jobs to iPad skeptic: 'Are you nuts?'

Robert E A Harvey

Of course he's nuts...

...he is trying to buy an ipud

Mine's the one with the one without the oversized pocket.

Giant solar-powered aircraft takes to the skies

Robert E A Harvey


I'dhave thought anything that brought a charge would be welcome

Sky posts 3D TV pub finder

Robert E A Harvey


That was my thought. Oh goody - a handy list of unattractive dives

iPad apps flood Apple's App Store

Robert E A Harvey

still the most pointless title requirement

Yes, I agree. But now people can buy pointless apps for their pointless box.

Woman finds Romanian living in shed

Robert E A Harvey

no no no

"the Mail is pandering to its readers' petty xenophobia"

s/petty/olympic grade/

Video giant embraces Flash-phobic iPad with HTML 5

Robert E A Harvey

well quite

I've never heard of them.

Nips slip past Apple censors

Robert E A Harvey
Big Brother


Quite a lot of classical statues have a todger in full view. I wonder if those would be OK?

Steve Jobs spotted not hating Eric Schmidt

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Paris Hilton

camera car

I want that photo to have come from Google Streetview. Please say it is so.

Paris, because all of this gossip and twittering (in the old sense) is not about IT it is about fame.

Apple, Google, world+dog named in mobile patent suit

Robert E A Harvey

This has to stop

How the blue blistering blazes can a patent be granted or enforced if it is applied for after the products being complained of came to market?

LG InTouch Max GW620

Robert E A Harvey

well quite

And in the same manner, I'm sure an LED can output far more light in a short burst than it could cope with continuiously.

'Go veggie to save the planet' UN, EU plans debunked

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Bad taste

Your cow with the flaming flatulence was in extremely bad taste indeed.

Good show, keep it up.

SA news outlet deploys sh*t London Olympics logo

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Good effort lads.

SanDisk flips out 32GB mobile phone card

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sansa clip

I'm sure it would look very nice in my sansa clip mp3 player. Or my Safa R700C recorder.

oh look, there is such a thing as a VTec MD80 Micro Digital Video Camera. That uses micro sd

Office IT: One size doesn't fit all?

Robert E A Harvey

Oh what a surprise


You forgot the biggest failure - not asking the user what they need the computer FOR.

I am a commissioning engineer. I have to programme PLCs and HMIs that imply I need a laptop with RS232 or parallel ports. But the IT department does not know that, even though they have had to re-order my last 3 laptops. Making the same mistake twice is stupid, but making it 3 times because of over-rigid centralisation is just a waste of perfectly good money.

My latop is a spanner. I fill it up with software to talk to programmable controllers, compilers, devices to configure drives and motors, and to talk to stacks of instruments. When I then call for tech support because my email stops working I don't want all that lot deleting by remote services "because it is unsupported"

Brown creates one UK.gov website to rule them all

Robert E A Harvey

But but

We've been here 13 years ago. It was called open.gov.uk. They could not be bothered to do it properly then, and they won't be bothered now.

Go and look for the maps that define floodplains and areas at risk from innundation. They are at http://www.environment-agency.gov.uk/homeandleisure/37837.aspx

HOME AND LEISURE? is property flooding really a barbeque issue?

Pirates of the Caribbean say 'narrr' to Bulgarian airbags

Robert E A Harvey
Paris Hilton

this is the title.

Has it not occurred to you that even Ikea Knightly knows a turkey when she sees one? Maybe, having suddenly learned to act, she has decided she does not need to do this again.


Paris. Because she probably enjoyed it. She seems to enjoy most things.

Robert E A Harvey


wub wub wubb

Nerd alert: First Lucid Lynx Ubuntu beta fun

Robert E A Harvey


If you are going to stick with gnome, you can obtain eye candy either as individual bits or as whole themes from places like http://gnome-look.org/

http://ubuntusatanic.org/ for example has some interesting ideas and a simple explanation of how to load them.

Mostly you can use the package manager to suck them from repositories, like everything else.

If you are not going to stick with gnome, you can try things like



after installing them you can just pick them as an alternative to your default gnome session when you log in.

Blunkett: 'The dog howls when I whip out my ID card!'

Robert E A Harvey

'The dog howls when I whip out my ID card!'

funny place to keep it. Still, if yer blind...

Mine's the one with "insensitive sod" stencilled on the back.

Dell bars Win 7 refunds from Linux lovers

Robert E A Harvey
Gates Horns


It's my experience that Dell offer an ubuntu version grudgingly, and at greater cost than the equivalent windoze one. Whether this is to present a facade of choice, or not I cannot imagine.

In a properly free market you could buy the laptop without an OS, and have done with it. As long as you can't, there is something creepy going on.

And as for warranty and support excuses, are they really saying they sell something so flaky that it won't run the commercial OS out of the box? Why should I want it then?

Robert E A Harvey
Gates Horns

Now then!

I'm told the trick is to video the startup procedure and then involve the Trading Standards department.

Nokia puts hive mind to work on Best Phone Ever

Robert E A Harvey
Paris Hilton

Can we start with

* Superb audio quality when making phone calls

* does not go straight to 'missed call' instead of ringing

* the error message 'operation failed' is replaced by one that tells you what the problem is.

* Nokia phone can talk to Nokia desktop sync app every time

* battery life >10 days on standby

* When it rings, I can hear it

+After that, two sims would be nice, both active.

+Then reliable charging from mini-usb

+And all data accessible in USB storage mode e.g. from Linux. So I won't have to care about syncing ever again.

Games? GPS? web browsing? adverts? cameras?watching TV? X-ray vision so I can see through people's clothes? Not interested in any of them.

Oh hang on, can I think about the last one again? Look who just arrived.

LG backs away from '15,000 3D TVs for pubs' claim

Robert E A Harvey

.and must contain letters and/or digits.

Thank gawd for that

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