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Garmin Asus Nüvifone M10

Robert E A Harvey

Dear mr Garmin

Try again.

I'd like a bigger screen, multi-touch controls, and a non-windows OS. Especially a non-windows OS.

And then I'd like a bluetooth headset, a bit like the Jabra Stone, that lives in the back of the phone to recharge, and which can be taken out and stuffed in my ear when the time comes. That will mitigate the problems of using a larger screen device as a phone, and help with in-car audibility too. And you get to sell me the headset, the money does not go to someone else.

I like most of your software, although I've heard reports that your routing of motor cars is a bit too simplistic, and I like the idea of being able to use the same device walking and driving. I like the fact that you download the ephemeris from the sputniks, not requiring me to get a quickfix over the internut.

But this phone is an odd mixture of "me too" and "worst of all possible worlds".

Try again.

Perseid meteors - brace for endazzlement

Robert E A Harvey


Don't look if they are all green...

Mine is the double layer leather one with a chicken wire face mask.

Microsoft ends Office lovers' employee discount program

Robert E A Harvey


One of the pleasures of having my own computer is that I get to choose software I want to use.

And, indeed, software where I can report bugs without having to pay for the privilege.

If my employer wants me to use windows or office at home they can damn well give me the software FOC. or, indeed, they can actually sod off. I work in working hours.

Nude trampolinist bounces free from court

Robert E A Harvey
Paris Hilton

size matters

"publicly exposing their persons in a shameless ..."

Would rather depend on if they had any reason to have shame, surely?

Paris, because, well, really, just because.

Botnet with 60GB of stolen data cracked wide open

Robert E A Harvey


sound more like enforcers.

Still, if they are doing research, perhaps they could give us a breakdown of the machines owned by OS, manufacturer, AV running, and age?

Dell outsourcer lifts US woman's saucy pix from PC

Robert E A Harvey

t t t

“My conscience is talking to me, saying ‘Tara, don’t send this. Are you crazy?’ I sent it anyway,” she said.

yes, dear. you are crazy.

Microsoft rushes out emergency fix for critical Windows bug

Robert E A Harvey


I've never understood the abandonment of proper real-time kernels, and OS's like OS9 wor Windows.

Nor do I understand naive connection of scada systems to the internet. Surely there should be some secure server/firewall/vpn destination as a cut-out?

Mozy insists: It's not a bug...

Robert E A Harvey

Humpty Dumpty

I could not agree more.

It is stupid to think you know how something works based on so informal a naming convention. What matters is defining your needs in advance, and examining how products can offer that. Work, not shopping

Aussie broadband is slower than a slow thing in a slow town

Robert E A Harvey

thanks for that

I could NOT remember the name.

Robert E A Harvey

Slower than New Zealand

I thought that was a general principle?

As in " every time someone emigrates from NZ to Oz, the average IQ of both countries goes up."

Microsoft should starve on radical penguin diet

Robert E A Harvey
Gates Horns

It did

But there were Z80 & z8000 ports too, including the tandy one. I worked on one for 3 months till it bancrupted the customer.

Bit of a familiar tale, in fact.

Robert E A Harvey

?They bought a licence from SCO.?

'tother road about. They bought a licence from AT&T and shipped an OS called 'Xenix'. They sold the whole thing to the Santa Cruz operation.


I spent months trying to support an OS called Xenix on a multiple Z80 machine from Tandy. Could not be done at all.;

Robert E A Harvey
Thumb Up


Microsoft could just FOAD.

AMD, GlobalFoundries, and the Intel gap

Robert E A Harvey

oh dear

This is all starting to sound a bit 'my cock is smaller than your cock'.

processors are a squillion times faster than the old IBM AT, but I can still type faster than MSword can put the letters on the screen. Isn't about time the software types started doing their bit?

Polaroid 300 instant print camera

Robert E A Harvey


The first pull, rip & squeeze polaroid I had came with a curved metal frame. The idea was to sandwhich the developing print in the metal sheets, and stick it in yer armpit to be a constant temperature environment so it all developed properly...

Acer Aspire Ethos 8943G 18.4in laptop

Robert E A Harvey


wobbly keyboard, dull screen, tinny audio. And windoze. Is there any reason to lash out on this?

Firefox 4 second beta hits minor delay

Robert E A Harvey

4 second

I'd have said that 4 second is a minor delay, yes.

Sorry, was there a story underneath?

NHS spunks £7.5k on porn room

Robert E A Harvey

Lack of imagination

I don't understand why the clients would even need pictures. Surely a mental image of the little lady at home would be enough? And if it isn't, surely that is an important part of the diagnosis?

Who are all these people wearing white coats?

Judas Phone: more Photoshop tomfoolery

Robert E A Harvey


10p? Blimey, was time travel involved as well?

Mine's the one with £50 of 20p coins in the pocket.

Airline ejects passenger for being hungry

Robert E A Harvey

no flight safe mode

several airlines don't allow for flight mode. They even insist on you turning off mp3 players whenever the seatbelt signis on.

Perhaps they should buy better aeroplanes

Robert E A Harvey
Thumb Down


"As to your story about a 'passenger' with a gun... you don't say who he was. (Active duty soldlier, law enforcement, etc...)"

How am I supposed to know? He was some geezer sitting on a plane with a gun in his carry-on bag. I'm not psychic. He might have been the duke of kent or a kentucky barkeeper for all I know.

Robert E A Harvey
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Security theatre is out of control

Last year I witnessed a polite, nervous, old man ask a stewardess if he could be moved as his seatback would not stay upright. She started screaming at him, and a few minutes later the captain came back and said he would not tolerate passengers behaving like that, and that the police had been called. I immediately gave him my business card, saying I'd heard the whole thing and would stand by him if he were prosecuted, or chose to sue for defamation. Half a dozen other people joined in.

When the police arrived he was arrested in front of all of us under security legislation, although there had been no mention of any security matters before, and he was hauled off. The police later took a statement from me by phone, and when I got back to the UK I was interviewed - not about his 'offence' but about my behaviour in offering support to a terrorist subject. I just laughed at them.

I had already written to the airline about this sham, and got no reply at all.

In other incidents, I have had my 'kensington' cable confiscated at the bag search, because the loop meant it could be used as a garotte. They also took my RS232 and Allen Bradley cables 'in case I strangled someone with them', but left the power cable for the PC 'because you need that for the computer'. Last week I had a roll of PVC insulating tape confiscated 'because you can restrain someone with it' I pointed out that someone would have to be remarkably compliant, and it would be much faster to loop my belt through it's buckle and use that. Blank confusion.

In January I was on a plane with an armed passenger, who was merely asked to surrender the gun to the chief steward after it was discovered. No-one called the police or had him arrested. Oh yes, that was a flight from Washington to Dallas. They gave him his gun back as we got off.

My last flight from Aberdeen to Humberside was delayed 'for security reasons'. I quizzed the cabin staff who admitted that the spelling of someone's name on the boarding pass did not match the passport, and they had been taken away by the scottish police.

India to place $11bn order for AIP hi-tech submarines

Robert E A Harvey


That's the same argument as is made for us scrapping Trident.

Which we should, of course.

Microsoft lines staff pockets with Windows 7 phone

Robert E A Harvey


There is much in what you say. But

>it's just that they underestimated the importance of the UI

needs expanding a bit

it's just that they underestimated the importance of the UI or of the phone not needing rebooting at least once a day and cold starting at least once a week.

There, that's better.

Imitate Real Ale quaffers, save the economy, says biz prof

Robert E A Harvey


>Just because JD Wetherspoons is cheap doesn't mean they can't keep and serve a good pint of beer.

why don't they then?

Robert E A Harvey


I went to primary school in Ipswich, and have been back over the years. I have never ever been able to answer the simple question

What is Ipswich for?

Robert E A Harvey


>Or should I read the article before commenting?

why break the habit of a lifetime?

Seagate intros networked storage for the home

Robert E A Harvey

title title title

So, windows or mac? is that right?

Treasury pulls plug on Wiki-cutback site

Robert E A Harvey
Big Brother

Sir Humphry


The civil service wanted to discredit the whole thing as quickly as possible?

Linux to eclipse Microsoft's 'all-in' tablet enthusiasm

Robert E A Harvey

oh, aye

there is much in what you say, but it is suely just as likely that they will slip out a device variant as that the two untried versions listed will be crowned?

It still looks like lazy, alchohol-inspired futureology, and devoid of facts.

But it still looks like M$ is on the way down...

Robert E A Harvey


So the only linux distros considered are the 4 newcomers? We havn't seen a single working meego or chrome device, but we aleady know they will beat slack ,debian, suse, hed rat, 'buntu, & 'driva?

I'm all for the idea of shunning gates, but there is a lot of the made-up-in-a-wine-bar-by-some-fashoin-victim-using-buzzword-scrabble about all this.

So long then, Windows 2000

Robert E A Harvey
Gates Horns

t i t l e

What happened to all those W2K powered warships?

Futurologist warns of malevolent dust menace

Robert E A Harvey

title title title

My thoughts, more or less.

Abraham Derby, the early iron master forsaw the day when all men would ride Iron Horses (nearly right) live in Iron Homes (not really, except for steel framed towers) eat off Iron furniture (only in twee coffee shops) wear Iron clothing (mind control beanie anyone?) and be buried in Iron coffins. (What? to be carried by Iron mourners, no doubt). None of his ideas was impossible, but quite a lot of them were daft.

Robert E A Harvey

Title, my liege? Why marry, thy name is Moderatrix

Oh dear. Another 'grey goo' apocalyptic. Does no-one bother to think about where these ghastly devices might possibly get the energy required to move, compute, and transmit.

It's bollocks.

eBay whacked with giant patent suit

Robert E A Harvey


You know what, I don't care. Dull, dull, dull.

"Highway man mugged whilst going about his business". "landsharks do what landsharks do".

It's sod all to do with me, and if ebay/paypal were to FOAD I would care about as much as I cared about the death of Moat.

We need a 'yawn' icon.

Apple MacBook mid-2010

Robert E A Harvey
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title title title

You say that as though it is a bad thing

It's a computer. It works. It works very well.

The rest is a well-known back story - do you want to pay the premium for a non-pc product?

No Bing bang for Microsoft's Yahoo! marriage

Robert E A Harvey
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"160 per-cent year-on-year growth in queries – from a base of zero "

can you list all the search engines that did not start from a base of zero? or, indeed, any other business that had customers before it was trading?

if the year-on-year increase includes the start of trading, then either it can't be year-on-year or it must be infinite.

Vodafone 845

Robert E A Harvey


"Call quality was fine" - hooray, some recognition that it is a phone!

How was it in poor signal areas?

Distie thief gets 14 months despite CPS 'incompetence'

Robert E A Harvey
Dead Vulture

'ang on a minute

"and had been living at his registered address"

What the blue blistering baked black enamel is a 'registered address'? Do we need permission to live somewhere now?

I hope not. I've never 'registered' my address with anyone. Am I now a criminal?

Hillier appeals to transgender community to save ID cards

Robert E A Harvey


Perhaps no-one needs to know our gender AT ALL? ever?

When women were not allowed to vote there was some point, albeight a nasty one, in recording at birth what one's gender was. But in these days of equality, then it should surely be a question one is not allowed to ask, either in the passport office or the job interview.

"What shape toilet did you use this morning?" - Mind your own business!

"How did you vote at the last election?" - Mind your own business

"How do you get your jollies when the lights are out?" - Mind your own business

"Do you support Manchester United?" - Mind your own business

"How did you do in the chromosome raffle?" - Mind your own business

Microsoft drops Win7 deadline for XP and Vista holdouts

Robert E A Harvey


"SP1 for Windows 7 is a wrap of updates available through Microsoft's Windows Update service combined with hotfixes based on feedback Microsoft said it has received from customers and partners."

I really don't know how microsoft gets feedback from ordinary joes like me. I thought you had to pay to be allowed to talk to them.

Can someone explain how to make simple bug reports for e.g. MSword in the same way as bugzilla-type systems for OOo or Linux or Firefox?

We do need a big sod-off question mark icon for the perplexed.

Reverse engineer extracts Skype crypto secret recipe

Robert E A Harvey


OK, fair remark. But did skype ever prmise the lock was unbreakable? or just to connect you to yer missus over the internet?

Robert E A Harvey

What is the problem?

Skype took an idea that was well-known - voip - and created a version of it with their own encryption. The idea was to give them a degree of control over what was, essentially, a profit stream.

I see nothing wrong with that at all. They never claimed to be unique, just easy to use. sip and all the other systems are still out there. No-one was forced to deal with them. They were selling simplicity, and protecting their investment. Seems sensible to me.

So why is it Ok for this chap to publish details of their protection system? Sounds like someone publishing the profile of my front door key.

Treasury turns to Facebook for cut plans

Robert E A Harvey

Title Title Title Title Title Title Title Title Title Title Title Title Title Title

I'd have thought that, after the general election result, asking the electorate anything was a devalued idea.

OpenOffice gets Ubuntu-media friendly

Robert E A Harvey

Title Title Title Title Title Title Title Title Title Title Title Title Title Title

It's always tricky printing streaming media.

Waterfall Niagara speakers

Robert E A Harvey
Paris Hilton


Sorry, I thought you said 'waterfall Viagra'

Paris understands.

OpenSUSE 11.3 delivers spit, polish and niggles

Robert E A Harvey

Mandriva is paid for

I've been a paid-for mandriva user in the past, and was very very happy with the product.

What drove me to despair was their barrow-boy business model. You'd buy version 'n' of something from the web site, and 2 days later be bombarded with emails offering verison 'n+1' for exactly the same amount of money. Then every couple of weeks they would have a sale of something-or-other, including version 'n' at half what you had just paid. I was getting around 3 emails a day from them, until I invoked the spam filtering.

I now use openSuse 11.1 and Ubuntu. Will probably rationalise on one of them.

Dell cuddles Canonical for big Ubuntu fluffer love

Robert E A Harvey

Dell's dirty secret

They do seem to be ashamed of offering Ubuntu, don't they?

I'm typing this on a dell netbook bought with ubuntu which has been rock solid and really pleasing. The purchasing was marred by their simply dreadful customer service, of course. But finding this machine on the web site, even when advertised in a flyer, was an exercise in cryptography, and they only offered it in the -we-will-let-you-put-XP-on-it-if-you-hobble-the-ram- spec forced on them by M$

Since my experience at work has led me to decide that Bill is the antichrist and that I will never again give M$ one brass farthing, it was good to be able to buy from Dell. But next time it might have to be Novatech, because Dell made it quite clear that they were far too big & clever to actually need a customer.

Why we love to hate Microsoft

Robert E A Harvey
Gates Horns

The title is required, and must contain letters and/or digits

"The latest XP security patch rendered Windows no longer viable on my oldest laptop"

And I have no doubt that was intentional

'The internet's completely over', declares petulant Prince

Robert E A Harvey


Thing is, ignoring the messenger - and I think he is a twonk, and the idea of him being a great musician is laughable, no matter how many instruments he played on one album that took 18 months to make - I think he may have a point.

The balance on the internut is shifting from home-made, collaborative, genuinely interesting and creative to mass-produced, handed out to you, paid for, corporate pap. Just like everything else. Book shops are full of Tom Clancy dross, rather than samisdat manuscript subversive poetry, and the internut is drifitng the same way.

Regardless of my views on his music, I think he has often seen things the rest of us havn't. It's just that being a twonk we'd rather laugh at him than listen.

Oh look, is that icon a picture of him?

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