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Pentax 645D medium format digital camera

Robert E A Harvey

you know, that's just what I was thinking

glue it to a peltier device and a passive heat sink, and robert's-yer-mothers-brother.

Large old area, mind, have to do the sums on the objective.

ROBOT COP scatters LIVE GRENADES in San Francisco STREET

Robert E A Harvey

this is not a title


World shrugs as IPv4 addresses finally exhausted

Robert E A Harvey

Just add to your /etc/network/interfaces.......

... simple as that, eh?

I'll get me granny on it straight away!

UK probes ebook pricing

Robert E A Harvey

Why so much?

Because publishers are greedy scum who have no idea what happened to record companies?

Home Office crime maps go to street-level detail

Robert E A Harvey

why can't Plod think the same way?

..Plod think...

I think You've spotted the problem right there.

Robert E A Harvey

for December 2010 only.

For some unfathomable reason it will be accumulating data from now on. Why historic data can't be included with a couple of quick SQL commands to populate it from the old data I can't imagine.

I suppose the police are going to be even busier now, dragging google map orange markers onto the place where Sharon says that Dave sent her a text threatening to slash her.

Robert E A Harvey

out of town

street-level mapping may preserve anonymity in metropolitan areas, but what about farming areas?

If you live in Guthram Gowt, and it says 1 violent crime (it doesn't today) then the equation is simple. Either you were beating your wife or the bloke over the road was. If it wasn't you, then he has lost anonymity.

Another instance of the people who run this country thinking that UK == London.

The future is analog (at least part of it)

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Music industry

I accept the basic argument that digital does not always mean better - ask listeners to radio 3 if they prefer FM or DAB. I'm working in Germany at the moment and can use the car radio to get radio 5 on MW & radio 4 on LW. No plans for cross-border broadcasting by digital.

But the music industry is a poor model over which to argue. Digital music is a HUGE success. The record companies are hurting, but that is because they are (1) Dinosaurs who tried to prevent progress (2) turning out rubbish. I am reminded of the chap on 'The Now Show' who got the biggest round of applause I have ever heard for "Downloading isn't killing the music industry, Simon Cowell is killing the music industry".

You have to ask why ancient rockers, the Beatles, and old folkies are selling so well as downloads. Could it possibly be that, like Mariachi, you only need one Rap track and you have the whole genre? Could it be that the record companies in switching from A&R to managed production have killed their own golden-egg laying goose?

I've been collecting music from the 1930s and 1940s in the last few years. All paid for, of course. But even there the record companies show their greed. These tracks are out of copyright, but they slap copytheft protection on them by applying a digital filter or something and then charge the same as for living artists. The contempt they display for customers is obvious.

Mozilla slips 'Do Not Track' header into Firefox nightlies

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As log as you are politely asking the nasty people to be nice, this will be nothing more than gesturism.

We don't need to flag the users preferences, we need to get all the suppliers assessed and flagged somehow. Independently and legitimately.

Google Docs morphs into once and future 'GDrive'

Robert E A Harvey


Linux had a mountable gmail file system more or less from day 1. I used it, it was clever but slow. but very cool.

Netgear CEO says 'closed' Apple is doomed

Robert E A Harvey

In the end we are all doomed

It doesn't matter where you end up, it matters how you got there.

Yuppie cellphone-style iPhone case comes to Blighty

Robert E A Harvey

It's true

There must be one born every minute.

UK a 3D TV nation? Not half

Robert E A Harvey


how many of those have a job?

I'll get me PPE on & get back to work.

Digital TV team sets 3D standard

Robert E A Harvey

...ready to go

bye bye then

Smartphone shipments surged in 2010

Robert E A Harvey

Nokia vs Android, Apple vs RIM

...Win7 Vs brick?

MP: Googlepoly hurts British business

Robert E A Harvey

and contiue to do so

Although bing still has 'move the red circle' I've no idea why. In Multimap you could use it to display the co-ordinates of a point in Lat/Long, eastings/Northngs, and OS grid reference. M$ have removed that.

Robert E A Harvey

Simple solution

OK, Mr Graham Jones, get you back to Hyndburn and poke your feckless constituents with a stick until one of them starts a world-class technology based on a seriously good education and an understanding of how to do things in a way that no-one has tried before.

Before anyone asks how I know they are feckless, they voted Labour at the last election. Not all of them, of course, but probably not all of them are feckless.

Antique Nimrod subhunters scrapped – THANK GOODNESS!

Robert E A Harvey

"a massive gap in British security has opened".

No, I think not. A plane 10 years late and still not in service was already a massive gap.

Bring back the shacks, I say

Middlesbrough cabbie relieves lad of iPhone

Robert E A Harvey

you think you can trust a taxi driver...

... And, of course, there is nothing wrong in getting in a taxi when you can't pay for it.


UK proximity payments by phone this summer

Robert E A Harvey
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UK proximity payments by phone this summer

... Nowhere near me, they won't be.

UK tech retailers are rubbish

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They lost me

I was a member of the Consumer Association back in the 1960s. When they tested something then they put the actual measurements in the report. Round about 1971 they switched to coloured blobs to rate things, and turned into 'reader's digest' with the amount of special offers and advertising mailshots.

I said 'buggerm' and cancelled the subscription.

Seagate tells flash bigots to get real

Robert E A Harvey


During the 1920s the LNER was investigating high speed trains, and the germans had a high speed diesel railcar and the swiss had some very clever electric technology.

Because the infrastructure was there and they were familiar with the manufacturing they rejected both alternatives and built the A4 streamliners. Ten years later Mallard went on to break the steam speed record, and steam traction remained king until the middle 1950s.

Now, in the 21st century, no-one would consider even diesel for high speed operations, and electric is everywhere. Steam is for hobbyists and museums. And yet, Mallard remains magnificent.

The comparison with hard disks? Well, given that the life of a railway locomotive is between 20 and 60 years, we are around 3-4 generations on from the decision not to buy the flying hamburger. What will storage look like in 3-4 generations? How long is a generation? 3 years?

Hard disks are cruising into their Mallard era, but the future won't stop there.

Predicting the future is easy. Getting it right is nearly impossible.

Passenger cleared after TSA checkpoint stare-down

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oh come on!

>You shouldn't have to be brave to fly.

30,000 feet up without a parachute in a thing with only just enough fuel to get there and only two engines? It's not a walk to the bottom of the garden, you know.

Robert E A Harvey

Good man

There are signs up prohibiting photography at uk passport control. What's the validity of those?

HP Palm tablet specs outed

Robert E A Harvey


Too little, too late as far as I can see.

Difficult to tell from the way the photo is lit, but the "tapered edge" seems to go all the way to the middle, so laying it on the table and prodding might be difficult.

and 8 hours runtime is not a lot, is it?

Italy sues Microsoft for box-bundling bungling

Robert E A Harvey

Well Perhaps

But Apple sell complete systems.

When I buy a laptop from HP or a desktop from Dell I am NOT getting a Dell OS, I am getting one from a different company. And, as has been adequately reported above, if something goes wrong with that OS HP or Dell will shrug their shoulders and say "nothing to do with us". That is NOT what happens with Apple, and so the argument is different.

If HP or Dell are to give no support, then it seems unreasonable that they should insist you pay the OS tax.

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Novatech Yay!

I'e bought a laptop from them, and put Suse 10.2 on it, perfectly happy with it.

Can I also mention http://www.pcspecialist.co.uk/notebooks/optimus/ who also do not insist on the Microsoft tax.

Robert E A Harvey
Gates Horns

Just don't buy that machine!

Fair enough. Have you tried?

>If there's any blame it should be reserved purely for the resellers they should

>include an option to buy it with no software.

I've lost count of the number of times I've tried, and been told they are 'not allowed' to sell it without windows. M$ has them stitched up like a kipper.

>I know dell used to have an Ubuntu option

They had a very carefully hidden ubuntu option on one or two of their products. I tried to buy a mainstream laptop without windows and was refused.

Hackers sell access to hacked .mil and .gov sites

Robert E A Harvey

a scam directed at fleecing cybercrooks

... siunds like a good way to get yerself kneecapped

Microsoft explains Windows 7 Phone phantom data cockup

Robert E A Harvey
Gates Horns

how odd

we were not trampled afoot by the rush.

Robert E A Harvey

version 7 ???

version 7 and basic bluetooth functions are missing?

version 7 and no USB storage mode?

version 7 and no mp3 ringtones?

version 7 and no USB sync mode?

version 7 and no cut&paste?

This is an "upgrade"?

Matrix 4 and 5 in works, threatens Keanu

Robert E A Harvey



Mozilla blocks Firefox-breaking Skype toolbar

Robert E A Harvey


I sympathise with Moz. I've blocked /every/ toolbar that tries to install itself. Why, for example, does a java update want to install a Yahoo toolbar? it's bollox, thats what it is.

The Last Airbender up for nine Razzies

Robert E A Harvey

soft targets

I don't think that bad parodies like 'Vampires Suck' should be in the list, as it detracts from the chance to give a serious kicking to utterly dreadful things like SITC2, which deserves taking out and burning, as a nasty, sexist, racist piece of crap.

The boy Kermode does a nice line in rants, but Vampires Suck did not get one. Just a telling off for being a waste of time.

Apple seeks touchscreen display mouse patent

Robert E A Harvey

Look it's 2011, we are in the future now

Where is the black hemisphere on the desk that I can think at and that does everything I want?

Bot attacks Linux and Mac but can't lock down its booty

Robert E A Harvey

re: The OSX statistics in the article are a surprise, however.

I guess it's a more homogeneous ecosystem than linux

Acer backpedals from 'phasing out netbooks' claim

Robert E A Harvey


MY local computer store is selling a no-name chinese tablet with android 2.2 and a micro-sd slot for UKP90. it's got GPS too. Only downside I could see is it takes about 4 mins to boot from cold, but in normal use you'd put it on standby and wake it up - both instantly. rouyghly half the screen size of the iPud, but nice and clear.

HP WebOS tablets won't ship until September?

Robert E A Harvey

Oh, for Glod's sake

What on earth is the matter with these people?

I loved my Palm V, So was so impressed by webOS when I saw the phones. I really want one of these tablets.

But no matter how good the engineering, the money-men running companies do their best to kick me in the head. Phones on exclusive contract deals, and now a year late with the tablet.

This product line will fail, and it will have nothing to do with how good the product is.

Apple without Jobs: Who's next?

Robert E A Harvey


The stock market is a gamble, like horse racing.

Anyone caught sneaking round the stables asking for details of the horse's condition gets horsewhipped, not privelige.

Nervous about yer money? sell up & buy GM.

Robert E A Harvey

in Other disclosures

"Our CEO lives in a country where madmen can get sniper rifles, yet insists on travelling between home and office without building a private underground railway"

"Our CEO goes on skiing holidays four times a year, and enjoys off-piste skiing in areas of high avalanche risk"

"Our CEO plays tennis with the wife of a Russian Oligarch with mafia connections. We don't know if he's shagging her, but the Russian is very old, and our CEO seems to need all afternoon to shower after the game."

Come on, anyone can get sick, and everyone dies. Investors should not need the humanity of CEOs telegraphing to them. And if they think its a one-man-band, there are loads of other places to invest. I'm sick and tired of rich people thinking wealth deserves privilege.

Shocked mum muzzles foul-mouthed toy mutt

Robert E A Harvey

A bumb?

Not now, Kato!

Who are the biggest electric car liars - the BBC, or Tesla Motors?

Robert E A Harvey

trolley busses

part of the whole 1960s 'break with the past' thinking. Nonsense then, nonsense now.

Go to Munich, Zurich, a hundred other European cities. Loads of trolleybusses. Mate of mine built a van with trollies so the city would pay his fuel costs, got him a year inside for theft and a 5 minute slot on the telly.

US Eye-o-Sauron border scan tower project finally axed

Robert E A Harvey


So you are suggesting the pantomime cow option?

Israel and US fingered for Stuxnet attack on Iran

Robert E A Harvey


Vultures passim.

It's a plc-based virus, with a windows based delivery system exploiting the programming environment.

Robert E A Harvey

Get evidence

I hope enough evidence emerges to let Siemens sue the arses off whichever government agency was responsible for it.

Steve Jobs takes 'medical leave of absence' from Apple

Robert E A Harvey

Hope its not serious

I, for one, dont' want to make snarky comments about share prices or dividends.

He's someone's son, someone's father, and someone's husband, and I hope he gets well soon.

And, yes, I admire what he has done for his company, but that's his business, not mine.


Online sync'n'store services

Robert E A Harvey


Not enough mention of Linux clients for my liking.

* dropbox has a well-regarded linux client, but is very expensive.

* carbonite doesn't like penguins.

* Ubuntu One does 20Gb for 30USD per year, which still seems over-priced to me.

Steve Ballmer at 11: A Microsoft power play too far?

Robert E A Harvey
Paris Hilton


I recall a double MSCE, married to another MSCE, who had to ring her dad to find out how to copy a file from a floppy disk to a hard disk....

Robert E A Harvey

Soap opera

A thoughtful, well researched, and insightful piece about what might have been, or how things could have been otherwise.

And you know what? I don't care. When companies get so big (and I work for another $MEGACORP) the decisions become divorced from the product, customers, and workforce. People start to see the abstract or intangible as real, and the real as mere 'detail'.

It becomes - as so eloquently reported here - about personalities. So much management effort expended on everything but the product. This is why Vista was such a dog, Phone7 is a lash-up, and security is never good enough.

Ho hum and goodnight. I don't care.

Google Apps contracts promise no 'scheduled downtime'

Robert E A Harvey


did anyone else have the chilli?

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