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From messiah to pariah: The death of open source on mobile

Robert E A Harvey

FOSS for money

I don't see why some of the non-profit foundations can't sell open source apps. All they need to do is make the source available, not supply it with the app.

Samsung admits iPad 2 will be tough to beat

Robert E A Harvey

Economic theory

>bigger manufacturers need bigger profits to pay for all the staff;

>costs them more ... a lot of meetings

Aye. Whatever happened to the "Economies of scale" theory?

Oh yes, it got replaced by "inverted pyramid" management practices.

Dixons prices up Motorola Xoom for Blighty

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Thumb Down

yeah, title, right. How's that working out, by the way?

that will be the cost of the micro SD card socket.

Robert E A Harvey

Well there you are

Keep depending on that golden egg, chaps. Obviously there is more profit in taking a lot off a few idiots than in taking a little off the multitudes.

At 450beer tokens you were at least 150 more than I wanted to pay. Guess how adding another 50 affects that?

Android phone to replace shop till

Robert E A Harvey


If she's had two fingers cut off for the 5th time, counting change is going to be nearly as hard as carrying it..

Robert E A Harvey

HTC desire has been back with Carphone Warehouse for the past 8 days

Suppose you had filled it with prepaid Near Field tokens? Would they have mysteriously vanished in the reboot? or at the depot?

Robert E A Harvey

significant security considerations

"There are also significant security considerations, which aren't addressed by the company's demonstration."

Like some scrote programming his Galaxy to deduct 50p from everyone he bumps into while its in his pocket? That could harvest a couple of grand just by being a nuisance on the tube.

I'll stick with cash & pin terminals, ta.

Official: Booze prevents senile dementia

Robert E A Harvey

Ah right

So by taking a bottle of gin a day my old Ma stove off the effects of Alzheimers, only to loose her memory because of all the booze, I can see that.

She still went gaga, but at least it wasn't the aluminium saucepans or dodgy beef that was to blame, so that's OK then.

Isn't science wonderful?

Radio in the cloud: Do we want to TiVo our radio?

Robert E A Harvey

What do you mean by radio?

Do we want to TiVo our radio? you ask.

Well, if by radio you mean the endless random repetition of hit-factory plastic pop by stations with a play list of 150 and a worthless moron reading out the traffic, well duh.

If by radio you mean Recording R4's "News Quiz" or Kermode and Mayo's film reviews from R5 to enjoy after work, then yes, I do want to. I can use podcasts for that, but they don't podcast "Any Questions" or the Radio 3 lunchtime concerts.

This evening classic FM is running the Symphony No.2 in E minor by Rachmaninov . I will be doing something else, but Mr Linux will be time-shifting it for me.

So, there is some radio for which TIVO makes enormous sense, and an awful lot for which it doesn't. Just like the telly really.

Natalie Portman slaps John Galliano

Robert E A Harvey
Paris Hilton

No suprise

Peddlers of the superficial turn out to be shallow and foolish. No surprise there.

Oh look who's there.

Londoners warned of card skimming risk

Robert E A Harvey


I have long suspected that the existence of the Serious Fraud Office suggested that somewhere was a door labelled Trivial Fraud Office.

Is there an Indifferent Cheque and Plastic Crime Unit?

Robert E A Harvey
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>Basically, avoid London.

Good advice in all circumstances

Robert E A Harvey


Sounds about right. I recall demonstrating a C&P system bolted onto a cash register made by Kajaani OY.

Snag at the time was that the banks didn't want pin verification in the terminal. Their idea was that the retailer would have a terminal that only did Midland cards, another for Nat West, etc. The oil companies 7 retailers wanted one terminal that covered all banks. Stalemate.

Julian Assange™ applies to trademark himself

Robert E A Harvey


I'm bored with him now. Can we drivelmindlessly about someone else?

Google whacks link farms

Robert E A Harvey


ixquick does remarkably well at the Guthram Gowt test

Robert E A Harvey
Paris Hilton

"weed out sites that don't offer useful information."

I call this 'the Guthram Gowt effect'. It is a perfect test case: a bend in the river that goes back to the domesday book but which currently consists of 3 scattered houses, a bus stop, and a rain gauge.

So you can guarantee that any promise of 'Florists in Guthram Gowt' or 'Jobs in Guthram Gowt' is worthless. And, by simple deduction, the same site's results for any other location will be just as worthless.

I just ran the test again. Only two of the results on the first page were useful, and then not incredibly so. One from Geograph and one synthetic bus table lookup. All the others are made up nonsense. Sites that have carpet-bombed the world with the name of every place-name possible.

The first really sensible hit was "boar.org.uk/abiwxe1BournePlaces(home.htm" on page 2. Then it went downhill again. with more non-existant jobs, dates, used cars and empty 'community ' pages. The real bus timetable was on page 5.

You don't need an AI. You just need voting buttons. Ones that agregate every vote for a site, so that downvotes or upvotes for 'Guthram Gowt' hits count against hits for 'Snittlegarth' or 'High Bewaldeth'

(I'm looking at you AllTheTopBananas.com ; www.primelocation.com ; www.qype.co.uk : "User recommendations and reviews of the best things in Graby. Find the best shops, restaurants, bars, nightlife, gigs, services and more." Even Paris could not find a night club in Graby)

If someone can cure the Guthram Gowt Effect it will be a great thing.

Antennagate Redux: Consumer Reports condemns Verizon iPhone 4

Robert E A Harvey

non titulus est

"It's almost as if Apple needs defending."

Perhaps people need to justify spending the thick end of 800quid on a phone? to themselves?

Robert E A Harvey


None of this addresses the puzzle about why the iPose wasn't built with GSM & CDMA & 3G from the beginning.

Or perhaps it was, and only a software switch was needed. Now would that explain why the antenna was the same: the hardware wasn't changed at all?

Godson: China shuns US silicon with faux x86 superchip

Robert E A Harvey


I was going to say that Intel & AMD stand no chance competing with a government. But then I remembered that the British government were behind Inmos.

Cornish pasties awarded protected status

Robert E A Harvey


Never seen 'stilton style' cheese.

Which reminds me. Heron foods have large boxes of Boursin at 3 for a quid. Must go shopping.

Robert E A Harvey

Yes, Sarah!

But we are talking Devon and Cornwall here. Imagine "ASBO neighbour hell" and extend the garden fence across the peninsula and have it go on for two thousand years. That might give you half an idea.

My old navigation tutor used to say that the reason the cartographer's office was in Portsmouth was that it was as far as possible from the Tamar as possible. He used to say "Cornish fishermen get it through the titty that all the waters from the Needles to Scilly were created by the almighty for the exclusive use of the men of Cornwall. Snag is, Devonians have a similar Blind Certainty that they are theirs and theirs alone."

The buggers even have the whole of St George's Channel to disgree about as well.

You didn't REALLY think this was about pasties, surely?

Robert E A Harvey

what is "swede" in this context?

What the English call Swede, the Scots call neeps and the Cornish call Turnip. And often the other way around. It is a good question.

Away from the celtic fringes, Swede (once 'Swedish turnip') is the faintly orange root vegetable, not the white one with a green scalp. Known in some places as Kohlrübe and others as rutabaga it is properly Brassica napus

Astonishingly, oil-seed rape is Brassica napus subsp. rapifera and the rape and swede crops have been hybridising happily in the margins of European farms, presumably trying to turn into something that can fry itself.

Robert E A Harvey

this is not a title

my young relatives refer to that variant as a "Dinosaur pie"

Robert E A Harvey
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You can still make yer own.

Under the new legislation I'd better call these 'YellowBelly pasties'


150g lard

100g beef suet, finely grated

450g strong plain flour, perhaps a touch more

30ml cold beer (Batemans?)

rosemary leaves, chopped

chive leaves, chopped


400g beef skirt

medium onion

half a swede

600g main-crop potatoes

small garlic clove

1 egg whisked with splash of milk


fresh lime

salt, black pepper, dried ginger

Dice the vegetables into bits about 4mm cubed. Crush the garlic and mix in. Sprinkle with salt and pepper.

Cut the meat into similar size bits

Sift flour,salt,ginger into a mixing bowl.

dust the meat in the flour and remove.

Finely chop the lard and mix roughly into the flour. Add the suet, and work into a pastry with the beer. Work in the chives and rosemary. if too wet, add a little more flour

Divide into 6 pieces and roll each out into a circle, on a floury board. You can scrub the beer bottle to use as a rolling pin.

Put a layer of onion and swede bits onto one side of each circle. Then a layer of the meat, then a layer of potato. put a few tiny knobs of butter around the top. squeeze a little lime juice over each one.

brush some beer glue round the edge, fold the top over and crimp it down. Use a fork or something to make a pattern. I use my wedding ring.

make a tiny hole in the top for the worst of the steam to escape - not too big as you want to steam the veggies, this is just a pressure relief valve.

Glaze the outside with egg/milk. If you want a pattern, score the pastry surface slightly.

Put on a greased tray and put in a preheated oven for 15 minutes at gas 6/200C then reduce to gas 2 for about 40 mins. Fan ovens should have a small bowl of water and the pastry covered until the last 15 mins.


Paprika or Nutmeg instead of ginger.

Oysters in the beef.

Venison. Omit the garlic, marinade in red wine & olive oil. Dry off before dusting with flour

Robert E A Harvey
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The Stilton listing has done nothing but good, with other cheeses being sold as 'British blue' or (better yet) finding their own identity, like the superb Blackstones.

We already have the 'west country' company selling generic pasties, and no doubt someone will come up with a Somerset name soon, like 'Somerset duffs'

This is good news, except for Ivor Dewdney, although I just checked their web site, and they already comply.

Microsoft bricking lesson bodes badly for Elop's Brave New Nokia

Robert E A Harvey


why, yes. I do. I have exposure to M$ too, but who needs them at home?

Fujitsu relieves Ballmer's iPad pressure

Robert E A Harvey

Be fair

It is a nice change for the M$ world to think about security /before/ they have shipped 3 million units.

Intel: 'PC makers took the light out of Light Peak'

Robert E A Harvey

'cue song'

#Tunderbolt and Lightning!

#Very very frightning!

(Mine's the leather one. No sleeves, doesn't do up at the front...)

Samsung goes super slim with Notebook 9 series

Robert E A Harvey

obvious comment

"H'hhow much Gr'gr'granville?"

Nokia flings out WinPho 7 phones

Robert E A Harvey


cut-and-paste a windows7 screendump onto a few solid models and rotate. Hardly rocket science.

headline grabbing nonsense.

ECJ asked to rule on re-sale of software licences

Robert E A Harvey


That's what DEC tried to tell us when APV sold Baker Perkins to Rockwell.

There were some serious discussions, and I believe some money was, in the end, paid.

Robert E A Harvey

Bout time

About time this was sorted out.

I worked in a company that counted each boxed set of MSoffice as an "asset", and didn't even depreciate it year on year (It can't wear out, can it?). I suggested to the director responsible that he take half a dozen of them and try selling them. He got about a penny in the pound. Then I showed him the licence. People have been spending money on something they don't own for years, and it is time that a few company directors got smacked in the face with a cluebat over it.

Personally I think that usedSoft were always taking the piss, and knew it all along. What they were doing is just plain not allowed. (it might not be /wrong/, but it is not allowed).

My idea is that this will stir this particular shit-pool and people will finally recognise the stink.

Former Microsoft exec barred from taking job at Salesforce

Robert E A Harvey
Gates Horns

US judge rules in favour of Redmond on non-compete contract

So the answer for Elop and Nokia would have been "go ahead"?

Memo to iPad mimics: No one wants a $799 knockoff

Robert E A Harvey

Average MCSE

Most of the ones I have to deal with have no idea how to administer Windows...

Robert E A Harvey
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Yes but

Whenever I look they are sold out...

Robert E A Harvey


It's a laptop with no keyboard, hinge, optical drive, hard drive, or M$ tax.

I can get one of they laptop thingies for 300 beer tokens. Why does leaving chunks off add 500 b.t. to the price?

iPad 2 launch could be delayed by two months, analyst says

Robert E A Harvey


>This in turn would knock likely shipments this year down from 30.6 million to 23 million.

Not, you notice, from 30.4 million or from 30.65 million.


"Something that no-one has promised might be a bit later than the bloke who didn't promise it made up last week and that means people won't be able to buy something that doesn't exist until a bit later, always supposing it exists then." And, I suppose, without any reference to whether it will be worth buying.

No wonder the bloody weather is changing with all this hot air going on.

Cowon D3 Plenue Android media player

Robert E A Harvey

This is not a title

By the sounds of it then, forget that it's Android - the OS is no more accessible than in a sony walkman - and the rest of the review was of a media player.

This is as things should be. Buy the product, not the development route. Wide range of formats, clunky menus. But by the sounds of the review the audio quality is good, which is what I would expect from Cowan. 21 hours battery life is not bad for something with a big screen, I think I might be tempted.

How do you get music on and off it? USB storage mode in Linux?

Huawei to gift underground coverage to London

Robert E A Harvey

It is nonsense

It is nonsense, isn't it?

The tube is a very noisy environment, and on the train you need both hands to hold on as the carriages lurch from one big of Victorian subsidence to another.

No message can possibly be that urgent. People need to grow up.

Motorola 'flagship' Honeycomb tablet to ship sans Flash

Robert E A Harvey

Is it the BBC

Is it the iPlayer that makes Flash important in the UK? I'm beginning to loose track of what needs what.

Apple iOS dominates Euro smartphone usage

Robert E A Harvey

Europeans far less keen on Android than Americans are

That wouldn't have anything to do with pound=dollar predatory pricing, by any chance?

Intel boss searches planet for post-Nokia MeeGo spouse

Robert E A Harvey


That's where the next Nokia will come from, you mark my words. Say "Meego to China". See? sounds right doesn't it?

I'll get my beautifully embroidered mandarin jacket

Intel seeks connected home for Atom

Robert E A Harvey

yes but

I'f youve got a pc in it it will have cost so much you won't be able to afford a new one!

Robert E A Harvey

do we forget so easily?

The trouble that Talkie Toaster caused on Red Dwarf?

Stop this nonsense now, before it is too late!

Romanian middleman pleads guilty to $2.7m auction scam

Robert E A Harvey


Lovely country, den of thieves.

But we have the City of London and the Banks, so who are we to criticise?

What is worse, having to create a new email address, or having to pay 25% extra tax for the next 10 years?

Florida lag packs prison survival kit up jacksie

Robert E A Harvey
IT Angle

Be Prepared

I imagine he was merely using whatever came to hand to perform stretching exercises. Its best to be prepared.

Fifa, Uefa lose free-to-view footie challenge

Robert E A Harvey


There's only one F in Murdoch.

Boffin breakthrough doubles Wi-Fi speed

Robert E A Harvey


Nay, no 'w' prefixes here, although my first ship was 6YSP. Home ports were GNF or GKZ, or PBF

Anna Chapman to design Russian space uniforms

Robert E A Harvey

el Reg

For more IT relevance the 2nd picture should have been of an ex-borg on the crew of a federation starship.

Five Reasons to be cheerful about Nokia-Microsoft

Robert E A Harvey


6. It might give WebOs a fresh start.

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