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Cheap as chips: The future of PC virtualisation

Robert E A Harvey

Cheap as Chips?

I don't know who came up with this expression, but have you been in a chip shop lately?

Higgs Boson hiding place narrows

Robert E A Harvey

@TimeMaster T

Oh good.

It's not just me, then

Microsoft surprises Street with double-digit growth

Robert E A Harvey

"crossing their collective fingers"

Perhaps instead of crossing their fingers they should get their fingers out?

I think a radical re-think on things like WGA, support for DCMA, continually asking for the distribution cd even though we are now on SP3, multiple confusing versions, forcing hardware vendors, and silly prices might change my mind about shunning their OS.

A serious look at removing the restrictive practices on data formats, allowing a choice of menu or ribbon UI, fixing some long-standing bugs in VBA, properly integrating the various members, reviewing predatory pricing, might change my mind about shunning their office suite.

They remind me of the car makers of Detroit, waiting till people buy what they make instead of making what people want.

TSA to revise nudie scanner software

Robert E A Harvey

but but but

>the administration is rolling out new software that will display a generic

>human outline identifying any concealed objects

The ones at Schiphol have been doing that for a long time, and on a screen where you and the "search operative" can both see the results, as large squares on an outline.

3 years ago they refused to let me see my own scans 'for privacy reasons' but that was long since fixed and the Mr Blobby version was introduced. At least 2 years ago.

Sony insurer says it's not liable for costs of data breach

Robert E A Harvey

Land Sharks

Is there a word for both despising and admiring something at the same time?

Toshiba Satellite P775 17.3in Core i7 laptop

Robert E A Harvey

tosh have form

...on this front port thing.

I had one with the IRDA port on the front, so you needed to put yer phone about 100mm in front of it, & had to work the keyboard nipple at arm's stretch.


Robert E A Harvey

What about Linux?

Did you not boot Linux & find out what worked?

& if not, why not?

iPhone plunges 13,500 ft from skydiver's pocket - and lives

Robert E A Harvey

Old enough

...and the Donald Campbell coda


Robert E A Harvey
Thumb Up


I thought that nothing that happened now would surprise me. I was wrong. I wasn't expecting that.

OK, so the whole chance to quiz him degenerated into farce, but that's just Karma.

And, no matter how reprehensible, RUPERT GOT PIE'D.

Put a smile on my face anyway

Microsoft rolls out One Big Windows strategy

Robert E A Harvey

fixed that for you

>This go-round should succeed


It would be nice to think it would. Experience, however...

Robert E A Harvey


I do think the NT2000, XP, and W8 are remarkably successful bits of software. Astonishingly so, really, given the amount of under-the-bonnet expected from dumb users (defrag, aunty-virus, aunty-malware, emptying temporary directories).

And, once you have learned the wrinkles and the buttons not to press, people have got a whole lot of stuff done with it that they might never have done before.

But, at the end of the day, it is analogous to a spanner. If you need a spanner, and the spanner you have fits the nut, it is a good spanner. I just get pi**ed off having to buy the same size spanner over and over again. It's not as thought I've worn it out!

But, yes, it is a remarkably good spanner and fits a lot of nuts....

Robert E A Harvey


Yes, I think the idea of a big fat icon with a little titchy live screen of some sort is useful. And, by any definition of the word, not Dumb.

Not original, but useful. It has been done elsewhere.

Bringing it to the lumpen proletariat may be both useful and original, and well done them.

(they employ tens of thousands of clever programmers. I bet /most/ of the ideas are good. it's the corporate policies I object to most of all.)

Robert E A Harvey


wince just needs to FOAD

Robert E A Harvey
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>Even So

>Are there any programs, other than perhaps some behind the scenes plumbing that you

>can, or even want to run on all those different systems



I run a programme to fetch BBC radio programmes on my router, linux desktop, file server, and have run it on a friends telly.

On a research ship with Decca Radars I developed a perl script to parse out the test match scores from a BBC web page and merge them with NMEA data so they would scroll across the bottom of the radar. Developed it on a linux based workstation, and finally installed it on the embedded dish steering box for the satellite internet link. Probably still there, though I suppose that changes to the web page have broken it now.

Robert E A Harvey

@AC 19:19

But most of us have been kicked in the knackers by M$ so many times that it still hurts.

I've wasted years of my life learning API after API, and it is always useless next time round. I no longer give a stuff about what they do. They come up with really great things like that camera gadget that goes with an ex-box, and I just ignore it because I am sick to the back teeth of being treated like a mug. Only this week I got caught out because some VBA object in excel does /not/ do what it says in the programme's own help file. They never finish anything, it's all bodge-sell-discard with them and I am sick of it.

Every damn thing I have learned about *nix still works, even fvwmcommand. There are things I learned in 1983 playing with Microsoft Xenix or in 1995 with Irix that still work in HP-UX . And Red Hat.

Robert E A Harvey

...to rule them all

Has anyone noticed the similarity between 'Balmer' and 'Balrog'?

Is Anon ready for the social network?

Robert E A Harvey


>Google+ allegedly banned an unknown number of Anonymous members.

They weren't very Anonymous then, were they?

Beyonce bigs up girls in space

Robert E A Harvey


To the best of my knowledge she has never bothered my 'earoles.

An astronaut is worth ten million manufactured pop vehicles.

Samsung Chromebook: The $499 Google thought experiment

Robert E A Harvey

@ gerryg

>Think Boris bikes and their infrastructure

Yes, but you could not run a parcel courier system with boris bikes, because the rack might be empty when you needed one.

And you shouldn't run a business where the boss can't do any work between hotspots. It would be daft.

Robert E A Harvey

does what it does well

It seems to do what it does very well.

Snag is, I don't want something that does what it does.

Sunspot decline could mean decades of cold UK winters

Robert E A Harvey


Right. "Truckers".

As you were, then.

Robert E A Harvey


Oh, ForeHEADs.


Robert E A Harvey

As seen in previous discussion

Glad, really.

Can't be doing with hot weather.

Rebekah Brooks quits - Murdoch accepts this time

Robert E A Harvey

Could be worse

>bad people always "go into" PR

It could be worse. She might stand as an MEP. Although she would blend in nicely with the rest of the trough-feeders

Yahoo! reads! your! emails!

Robert E A Harvey
Big Brother


Well, I only use gurgle mail for signing up to web sites, and my yahoo address has been idle since 1999. I do pay for mail.com, but they have become AOL which is deeply disturbing and I may well go back to running my own mail server, like I did in 1994.

Bugger the lot of them.

Apple patent: 'Pour' your data from iPhone to iPad

Robert E A Harvey

1 thumb up & 1 thumb down

I appear to have been awarded a gesture. Anyone know what it causes to happen?

Robert E A Harvey


My wife plays electronic boggle with ye grandkids.

Little separate single-letter lcd tiles that all interact by position on the tabletop.

Prior art?

Robert E A Harvey

at least they're non-obvious.

Fair. I actually think it is quite clever, and in so far as it is an idea and not an algorith don't really mind it being patentable.

What I don't understand is the idea of patenting the gesture, as well as the idea. The shape I make with my hands is my affair.

El Reg to unleash rocket-powered spaceplane

Robert E A Harvey


Surely you need to build a playmobil centrifuge & weightless-sim water tank to qualify the pilot?

Robert E A Harvey
Thumb Up

....you can use explosives!

that's the clincher, surely?

Airport screener stuffs stolen iPad into (own) trousers

Robert E A Harvey

...at least one opposable thumb

or teeth.

Robert E A Harvey
Big Brother


I have a toolbox that has to be locked. For TSA purposes I hung the key on a bit of string on the handle. That didn't stop them crowbarring it open. I was given a bit of grey paper telling me how to complain. Neither phone number nor web address worked.

Robert E A Harvey

This is what happens

When you put Security in the hands of underpaid members of the underclass. The TSA staff I have met have been either illegal immigrants, drug addicts, or ESN dribblers.

Will News of the Screws reappear as Sunday.co.uk?

Robert E A Harvey

...If it's claimed that The Sun also uses shameful and/or illegal methods of investigation...

Not going to happen. The wretched rag contains nothing but tits and footy, and people are falling over themselves to get those in papers.

Investigation goes with Journalism goes with News stories. All wholly alien to the Sun.

News of the World TO CLOSE

Robert E A Harvey

Half a result

The filthy organ is gone

Now we need to deal with the wicked witch.

Nice try, Amazon: 'One-click' payment too obvious to patent

Robert E A Harvey


well done, the EU!

Lights go out at Telecity in London data outage

Robert E A Harvey

trying to get power...

Combined cycle. Small gas turbine to generate the power, and the exhaust gas heat recovered to heat adjacent office space.

Microsoft publishes Wi-Fi data collection code

Robert E A Harvey

A quick wash down

Good point

Well made

Robert E A Harvey

an apparent attempt to make Microsoft look good next to Google.

Going to need A LOT more shiny paint.

Microsoft inks Bing deal with Baidu

Robert E A Harvey

Miss! me miss!

they borg'd multimap, so for a while I was using it to cursor a point on the map & read off the lat/long & OSgrid co-ordinates.

Then they removed this useful feature.

Quite interesting to try to do high-accuracy positioning with these satellite images, from both systems. Last time I looked google maps and bing were usually around 5 to 15m different from the printed OS sheet, although which was closer varied. I suspect they use different methods of 'stretching' the pictures to fit known co-ordinates - mostly GIS roads as far as I can see. And I think the underlying mapping is different. There will also be rounding errors, & an error caused by the pixel/selection resolution sampling error. They all seem to use WGS84 for the roads & transverse mercator for the images, but instead of the 'standard' 3 degree interval for central meridians, I think they generate one for each photo image. If they were really clever they would use inclined mercator along the photography track, but I suspect the images are squared up and projected before they get them.

For armchair archaeology, you need both Bong and Gurgle, and I wish one or the other would let you do a time-lapse of different source images for the same spot.

For searching I prefer iXquick & alpha to both of them. And streetmap.co.uk for reading off coordinates. But bing does have an OSGB layer which google lacks, probably inherited from multimap.

Robert E A Harvey
Paris Hilton

...sarcasm detection gland recently removed.

I must be getting old. He fooled me.

<-- easily fooled

Robert E A Harvey


I am in two minds about which half of this deal is the evil overlord, and which the toadying minion.

Robert E A Harvey


Your W7 example is hilarious. I'm surprised you didn't quote Zune! The easiest way to get positive spin in a story is to make something good, at a sensible price, and stop treating users like thieves and pirates.

If that hurts too much, then just use published file formats instead of propitiatory ones.

(Oh look, I'm answering you as though you ARE microsoft. No idea why I came to that conclusion!)

NotW accused of hacking Milly Dowler's voicemail

Robert E A Harvey


As far as I can tell 'registered as a newspaper' just means you can send it - unsealled- by post for half the^W^W a bit less money.

You don't need a licence to print or distribute.

Robert E A Harvey


people give away the phone number. The remote access number should be different. I bet hardly anyone knows what theirs is.

HP plan for faster, 64GB TouchPad leaks out

Robert E A Harvey

Yes to all of that

I agree USB host is required for external HD.

But I also want USB client with bulk-storage mode so I can write to it from Linux.

And what about a cli I can ssh to?

And how about it becoming a second screen or graphics tablet when plugged into gnome/kde?

And better speakers as a given.

Apple orders millions of iPhone 5s for September release

Robert E A Harvey

Heuristics complete

I've just run a massive analysis on my array of super-computers, and can predict that I am 94% certain that the iPhone after that will be called the iPhone 6.

Popular FTP package download tarball poisoned

Robert E A Harvey


So you never check the independent MD5 checksum then? Or did they hack that too?

Atlantis crew prepare for the 'Final Countdown'

Robert E A Harvey

But shirley

we will be sending stuff down again too? Aren't we going to mine the asteroids for rare earth metals? And women with green faces and antennae?

Apple MacBook Airs to get new, superfast 19nm Flash

Robert E A Harvey

Is this how they make them thin?

24nm - 19nm = 5nm less. So it must be thinner?

I'll get me coat. Its very lightweight.

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