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Harry Potter director takes on Doctor Who movie

Robert E A Harvey

Only one choice

Sir Ian McKellen


Mine's the stonewall one...

Robert E A Harvey

just titled "Who"



Facebook filth flood – Fawkes Virus to blame?

Robert E A Harvey

I saw some of this, allegedly posted fy a friend. He had signed up for nothing on FB, had granted no apps access to his account.

I reckon something in a browser is accessing the fog of cookies farcebuk leaves around.

Salman Rushdie hissy-fit forces Facebook name U-turn

Robert E A Harvey

You can't insult the church of England

No matter what you say, one of the idiots will turn round and say "You might have a point there".

It makes them impervious to satire and ridicule.

Robert E A Harvey

Yes, I reckon that as usual it's the poor what gets the blame or whatever.

I know loads of people whose name everyone knows is nothing to do with what it says on their passport.

In the UK at least your name is what you are known as, nothing more nothing less.

Sony Walkman NWZ-A866

Robert E A Harvey

I'll follow up to you, it's bad form to follow up to yourself.

I am in Schiphol, and even at airport prices I can buy an Iconia A-100 tablet with Android 3.2 for 239 euros. That's rather less than this walkman!

Do get a grip, Sony, or you will soon impersonate the oozleum bird.

Robert E A Harvey

Sansa clip+ & a handful of cards?

Robert E A Harvey


'Ow much Ggrranville?

They said they are loosing money on TVs. They are obviously trying to claw it back here.

I bought a 55 euro touch screen pmp at Schiphol, made by Mitone. It was a distress purchase. The hardware was fine, 2 days battery life, only the software let it down. I gave it to my client's teenager when I came home.

Samsung RV720 17in Core i3 notebook

Robert E A Harvey

Well, see several long paragraphs in MS word, for a start, what with all the space stolen by border decoration, status lines, ribbons, and icon trays.

Or work on a decent size spreadsheet without feeling I'm looking at it through a letter box.

In 2004 I had a dell portable a 14" screen and 20xx by 16xx pixels, and it was dead easy to display two Allen Braldey PLC loader-monitors side by side, and display lots of rungs as well as the debug status window below them.

in 2011 I have a jujitsu 1600x900 and I can only display one rung at a time, even though I have dragged windows icon bar and start menu to one side. I can't display the analogue function blocks at all in any worthwhile way.

Then there is displaying enough of an A3 size block diagram at once to be able to see how the bits go together.

Try designing a SCADA screen mimic with less pixels for the customer screen and the various design toolbars than the final customer screen will have by itself. The slow, tedious, repetitive scrolling will drive you to despair.

Robert E A Harvey

900 vertical?

Are they having a laugh?

Wake me up when it's 1800

Sage sued for pulling out too soon

Robert E A Harvey


Toy, pram, no court in the land, etc.

Intel implants cash register to help flog Ultrabooks

Robert E A Harvey

So something I can't afford now includes something I never wanted. How can I stand the excitement?

Go back to the future with Red Dwarf

Robert E A Harvey


This is an IT board.

Why no mention of Norman Lovett?

(His autobiography is out next year, provisional title 'talking head')

Nokia Lumia 800

Robert E A Harvey


That is typical m$ wierdness, then. So I can jump to my friends Charlie or Claud or Clive, but not to Walter?


Robert E A Harvey
Thumb Down

Something grumpy or grudging on every page, inadequate battery life, poor form factor & it still gets 80%. You are easily pleased, aren't you?

Sony develops 'new kind of television'

Robert E A Harvey

How about

"TV, record something worth watching"

Robert E A Harvey


Had them since 'Take 3 Girls' finished

Robert E A Harvey

R&D needed?

are we going for true 3D (holosite type projection) at last?

Putting a PV layer across the front so it can absorb energy when not being used to save power when it is?

or can we roll the screen up and hide it when we don't want it, pulling it down like a roller blind when Attenborough comes on?

Robert E A Harvey


Two tuners for freeview, two for freesat, recording/timeshifting to internal or USB devices. Format of recorded material to be playable on other vendor's gear (no lock-in)

ability to initiate recording by sms/irc/twitter/some sort of app on ios/android

blueray support as well as dvd? or is blueray dead?

up to 1080p, skip the 3d it's pants.

Robert E A Harvey

> "We can’t continue selling TV sets [the way we do]," said Sir Howard.

> "Every TV set we all make loses money.” The only way around that:

> to drive content sales that will cover the cost of the hardware.

That makes me shudder. First of all, I don't believe that every TV set they sell loses them money. I just don't. I suspect that what they mean is "why should Sky, the BBC, CBC make all that money out of people using our TV"

Why should I buy tv programmes from the set maker? That looks like restricting my choice and putting up my prices.

If I go and buy a set of plates from Denby, they don't try to sell me my food for the rest of my life. I get that from the Butchers, or the market, or the farm shop, or the chip shop. Denby are not trying to put all of them out of business.

if I buy a Ford, ford do not tell me what roads to drive on. if I buy a Radial arm saw Wadkin do not expect to sell me the wood and glue for the rest of the project.

Why should I hand the future of entertainment to Sony? Buggerm.

If they are loosing money on TVs, then let them go bust.

Bloke gets wedding tackle trapped in ring

Robert E A Harvey
Paris Hilton

old news

Most old fashioned A&E would have had a bloke "wearing" a wedding ring at least once a year.

Some fire brigades had special cutters for it, like very thin tinsnips!

Paris, cos she likes rings.

BOFH: Licence to grill ... stupid users

Robert E A Harvey




All words entirely unknown in $MEGACORP IT management.

"We use MSoffice because everyone knows how to use it"

EDF security bosses guilty of hacking Greenpeace

Robert E A Harvey
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"EDF security bosses guilty of hacking Greenpeace"

How is that different from "EDF guilty of hacking Greenpeace"?

Eurozone crisis: We're all dooomed! Here's why

Robert E A Harvey


Well, there are too sides to this debacle

Governments, like the rest of us, should be living within thier means. They have lied to us about this since the end of the first world war, and are finally getting found out. How Britain can so suddenly go from the Largesse of the Brown years to the Misery of the Coalition should be evidence of how untrustworthy governments are.

But the Loan Sharks are accountable to no-one in this, and are being Greedy. To effectively double the cost of repaying Italy's debt is just banditry, and in the past we used to hunt down bandits and hang them. Now we watch as they give each other multi-million pound bonuses, and if it looks like their nasty racket is going to come off the rails our governments - the same governments they are blackmailling - prop them up with yet more of our cash.

To make both thing possible governments just print more money, making the value of my savings drop. This is why house prices have not plummetted since the crisis began (ok they have slipped a little but, but not off the cliff) - because there has been a secret revaluation of the money we measure them in, and it is now worth half what it was 5 years ago.

A pox on governments, and a pox on bankers.

It is time for the ptichforks and flaming brands, I tell you. Are there no lamp-posts? is there no rope?

Apple applies to patent a SIM you can't remove

Robert E A Harvey


How can anyone patent "two existing things without the plug and socket between them"?

Nokia's future phone sees red when you do

Robert E A Harvey

<watches video>Oh, is Ovi coming back?

How to make clouds and influence accountants

Robert E A Harvey

I'm sorry, but I read that as "How to make clouds and flatulence accountants"

I'll get me coat. It smells funny in here.

Mm, Silverlight, what's that smell? Yes, it's death

Robert E A Harvey


Where are all the decent handheld scribbling tools?

Robert E A Harvey

Just found this: http://www.cykey.co.uk/

Robert E A Harvey

Can I be the first to say ...


Ten... high-end Android tablets

Robert E A Harvey

I'd buy one with a voltmeter, especially if it could be used as a 'scope or chart recorder.

Robert E A Harvey

True, height aiding can help. But so could assuming 50m above the spheroid. something like 90% of the world's population live around 50m above the spheriod. A vanishingly small number live >500m above it.

Robert E A Harvey


Is it the case, as was said last time we discussed this, that V3 has no bulk storage mode over USB? can one drag-n-drop files from Linux on these? or, come to that, from Windows?

Adobe confirms mobile Flash Player's race is run

Robert E A Harvey


I've been avoiding sites with flash for some years, except the wretched miserable iPlayer

Russian probe engines crap out on way to Mars

Robert E A Harvey

No-one noticed a sudden red beam from YU55 during launch, then?

Mozilla updates to Firefox 8, disables add-ons

Robert E A Harvey

@Wensleydale Cheese

Wouldn't wget in a batch file be easier?

Branson backs Twitter co-founder's mobile biz

Robert E A Harvey

I still can't believe these people have not gone for chip&pin, rather than jumpstarting the mag stripe thing all over again.

Freak lightning strike sends app, storage servers back in time

Robert E A Harvey
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I have a shed full of punch card readers and 132 column printers if anyone needs them.

'Puzzling structures on surface' of YU55 spaceball

Robert E A Harvey
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How very odd

The telescope appears to have picked up an advert for a Reebok video and a bright yellow square.

Samsung PS64D8000 64in plasma 3D TV

Robert E A Harvey

No thanks

* 3D? no, thanks.

* 64"? no, thanks

* 'Ow Much? no, no no.

NASA deep-space ship gets 2014 unmanned test flight

Robert E A Harvey

Picture: oh look, its 1969 again.

Only Samsung will challenge Apple's iPad in 2012

Robert E A Harvey

here we go again

Look, we don't know if there will be a Euro after christmas, or if some natural disaster will wipe out a vital manufacturing process. We don't know if our money will still work in a years time.

We don't know if Samsung will be /allowed/ to sell in certain markets, or perhaps if Apple will.

We don't know the price the new zoom will be offered at, or which eBooks will be offered in europe

So how can we know the individual market shares to this precision?

Sony Alpha SLT-A35 translucent mirror camera

Robert E A Harvey
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OK, smarty

The picture of St Michael in mid air is pretty good.

Robert E A Harvey

Why is that then?

The article says that the translucent mirror implies an electronic viewfinder.

Why is that? I can imagine a translucent mirror with a conventional prism and optical viewfinder, albeit with a reduced brightness.

(missing icon: big Question mark)

Robert E A Harvey

I have to agree. Some of the later Minolta glass was simply superb.

Gartner: Eurozone crisis will bash IT spending

Robert E A Harvey

>Eurozone crisis will bash IT spending


Why are Gartner's predictions either ludicrously over-precise or blindingly obvious?

Is the electromagnetic constant a constant?

Robert E A Harvey

The /really/ interesting question is

"OK - certain fundamentals are not fixed after all. Can we /manipulate/ them?

Robert E A Harvey

Old Programmer's Lore

Constants aren't

Variables don't

Robert E A Harvey

>Apparently he is ok in Real Life though.

Most of us are, thank $DEITY

Common brain parasite 'can affect host's actions'

Robert E A Harvey

Oldish news, although the Dopamine mechanism may be newly quantified. Have a look at:

Proc. R. Soc. B November 7, 2006 273:2749-2755 ; Kevin D Lafferty; "Can the common brain parasite, Toxoplasma gondii, influence human culture?" -

"The latent prevalence of a long-lived and common brain parasite, Toxoplasma gondii, explains a statistically significant portion of the variance in aggregate neuroticism among populations, as well as in the ‘neurotic’ cultural dimensions of sex roles and uncertainty avoidance. "


http://www.biomedcentral.com/1471-2334/2/11 "The subjects with latent toxoplasmosis have significantly increased risk of traffic accidents than the noninfected subjects. "

Jaroslav Flegr, of Prague, have shown that widespread infection is associated with changing the sex ration from 104:100 boys:girls to 260:100.

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