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LG Vu 5in Android phone-tablet review

Robert E A Harvey

Don't hurry. 700 quid laptops will still be x768 for another decade.

<gets off hobby horse>

BT and Virgin sue over £10m state-funded Birmingham broadband

Robert E A Harvey

Re: @AC 13:56

>VM can go and boil their bottoms on this one

That cheered me up no end on a dull morning. Ta.

Oldest unreadable alphabet yields to 'tablet' computer

Robert E A Harvey

Re: TBottom image

"May contain nuts"

Gates: Microsoft will merge Phone and Windows platforms

Robert E A Harvey

And the band played 'believe it if you like'.

Heard it all before. WM6, .net, silverlight...

European Space Agency to launch exoplanet-spotter

Robert E A Harvey


Not quite an abbreviation, not quite an acronym. More like a word search puzzle in 1 dimension. That's a pretty desperate way to come up with a memorable name, taking the 'o' from 'exo'.

Good luck with the search, though lads.

Facebook won't pull unmarked police plates page

Robert E A Harvey

Re: Illegal compilation of motorist plates?

Genius! Claim car numbers are copyright, & go after them through the courts!

Robert E A Harvey

Re: Re Morons

Having read some of the comment threads, I am worried that morons may be getting a bad name.

Robert E A Harvey

@Thorne: Re: Reverse tactics

>It's a total waste of time.

My view too. Subversive tokenism.

Alcatel Lucent battles unions in bid to slash 5,500 jobs

Robert E A Harvey


So the USA has trumped up a non-tarrif trade barrier. That leaves Europe as a market. So Europe will need a barrier, dumping looks like a convenient hook to hang it on.

I suspect that if the 80s & 90s were the era of GATT, globalisation, & the free marketr, the teens & twenties will be the reversal.

Once things are obvious enough that you can hit politicians over the head with them, things change.

Education Secretary Gove: Tim Berners-Lee 'created the INTERNET'

Robert E A Harvey

deispite all the argument above

The fundamental point for me is

Gove == Idiot

Google rolls out new, cheaper Chromebooks 'for everyone'

Robert E A Harvey

Does this one have the developer switch that lets you install linux?

Robert E A Harvey
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Red rag, bull, etc.


Slideshow: A History of the Smartphone in 20 Handsets

Robert E A Harvey


I had an Ipaq that I used for a couple of years, but it had to be rebooted daily to keep it working. What is the point of a phone that might not ring?

Robert E A Harvey

Re: Nokia N-Gage?

For the same reason they made it. It looked arresting.

Free WiFi in London Tube stations extended until end of 2012

Robert E A Harvey


Here in Lincolnshire we would be delighted by public wifi.

Or trains.

Billion people now own a smartphone

Robert E A Harvey

that's ..

Well, there are 7.05 Billion of us, according to various sources. According to indexmundi 26% are under 14 years old. and 8% are over 65. So lets call that a potential world market of 7.05 * 0.66 = 4.65 Billion economicaly active adults. [1]

The suggestion is therefore that 23% of the adults in the world have a smart phone. Wow. And if it /does/ double, as they suggest, that will be getting on for half of us. [2]

I wonder what else has achieved market penetration like that? The ball point pen, perhaps. Certainly the knife. Shoes. If you include plain phone phones, how close to 100% do we get?

http://www.itu.int/ITU-D/ict/facts/2011/material/ICTFactsFigures2011.pdf says there are 6 billion mobile phone subscriptions, that's 87% of the whole world population and 129% of my rough-and-ready count of world adults.

Now, look. This is something done by Science, not religion or governments. It has changed the world very profoundly, which is what technology has done since the stone age. religion and government is dedicated to the status quo, Engineers to tearing it down. I rather think I know who is winning.

[1] I am aware that in some countries schoolkids have smartphones.

[2] But not me.

Fujitsu beams URLs to mobes through your TV

Robert E A Harvey

Prior cartoon art

The story arc currently running in the web cartoon Schlock Mercenary had embedded blood-nannies being subverted and re-programmed by low-speed data steganographed into TV pictures. Maybe Fujitsu engineers read web cartoons?

Panasonic gets second chance with £4.7 BEEELION bailout

Robert E A Harvey

¥600bn in loans

That sounds more like a noose than a lifeline.

Whatever control the Matsushita family still had over the corporation is likely now diluted to homeopathic levels.

[grim reaper icon required}

Intel CEO: PC market slogging along at half speed

Robert E A Harvey

Re: 90 days

The really clever journalists will have an appointment with him that afternoon.

Foxconn: THESE child workers were NOT making Apple products

Robert E A Harvey

THESE child workers were NOT making Apple products

Oh, good. That's fine then. Hurrah!


Planet hunters double down with FOUR-STAR SYSTEM

Robert E A Harvey

(aren’t scientists citizens? - Reg)

Only in dangersous commie-run european countries.

In the coming New Biblical America all scientists will be hunted down using our high-tech weaponry given to us by God.

Global notebook sales tank in recent months

Robert E A Harvey

Wanna guess which one?

Presumably the one that doesn't try and gouge you 900 quid for a x768 screen & usb2 ports.

British car parks start reading number plates

Robert E A Harvey
Big Brother

Re: Where is Patrick McGoohan when you need him?

I have half an idea there was an episode with everyone walking round with earpieces, like MP3 drones.

Robert E A Harvey
Big Brother

Where is Patrick McGoohan when you need him?

I think I just saw a big white balloon bouncing along the road outside.

Tremble, operators: UK gets ACCURATE mobile coverage guide

Robert E A Harvey

Re: other apps

Bill - do you suffer from mild nominative determinism?

Sticking PE10 9NE [1] into OpenSignalMaps reveals two things:

1. It's a map of user locations, not coverage. Where coverage is sparse it's pretty much a map of individuals.

2. What the hell is going on in Auster Wood? [2]

[1] Lloyds bank. I use their postcode instead of mine, for privacy reasons. I don't care if minor criminals stalk PE10 9NE, they are already outclassed.

[2] more likely to be poaching than dogging. It does make me wonder about a pikey logging site.

[2'] Auster wood: http://www.geograph.org.uk/photo/1290138

Robert E A Harvey
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Re: PE10

We in Lincolnshire are famous for stating the bleeding obvious...

Robert E A Harvey


No results at all for where I live.

But that might just be because...

iPad voice app back after patent spat: Mute kids get 'voices' back

Robert E A Harvey

And being able to re-define keys is *such* an original, patentable idea.

if it really is, it's going to cost Prof Hawkin a fortune every time he talks.

This patent nonsense needs to be nuked from orbit.

Asus N56VM 15.6in notebook review

Robert E A Harvey
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getting closer

I'm nearly tempted, though I still think that at least x1200 is needed on something big enough to have a numeric keypad.

What happened to the battery, lads? seems a very odd result.

Skydiver Baumgartner in 128,000ft plunge from brink of space

Robert E A Harvey

Ever noticed how the mash says the things the reast of us only think?


How Nokia managed to drive its in-house Linux train off the rails

Robert E A Harvey
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fixed it for you

> or partnering with Google or Microsoft, and ultimately plumped for the latter.


'It's not a post-PC world: Just a post Windows one, maybe'

Robert E A Harvey

Re: eh?

No, I've seen loads of reviews about desktop users, but none based on a proper touch-only device. The odd mention of desktops with touch monitors, where it seems to do well what it is supposed to do well. But nothing about touch devices. Still not sure that many exist.

Robert E A Harvey


>While Windows 8 was getting great reviews on touch devices,

Oh? care to point to, say, 24 of them? I've not read above 2 that could qualify as a 'review' in any sense of the word.

Don't delete that email! Why you must keep biz docs for 6 YEARS

Robert E A Harvey


$MEGACORP has a retention policy - it is up to us to retain it in .pst files on our local hard disks.

There is also a retention policy about what should and should not be kept, and an email subject line policy about naming things for the same reasons. It's a big document. I've put it in a .pst file on my local hard disk.

<-- now, where was I?

Don't panic, but UK faces BLACKOUTS BY 2015

Robert E A Harvey

Re: Power outages have benefits, too

No, he's right.

I sold a lot of generators and changeover wiring in the 1970s, and will do so again.

Bring it on!

SpaceX's Falcon places Dragon in desired orbit

Robert E A Harvey

I hesitate to call a bum note on a great step for industry, and I am delighted that we have not forgotten near-earth space.

But who let them call that 'Dragon'? it's a bit -err- mundane for a dragon.

Microsoft sets date for Windows Phone 8 unveiling

Robert E A Harvey

Re: Microsoft have come a LONG way in a short time

>Microsoft have come a LONG way in a short time

short time? short?

Windows Embedded Compact (as it was then) was launched in 1996, and only received the most desultory support ever since. One PLC maker had to wait 3 years for a fix to the networking that condemned their touch panels to a daily reboot to keep working.

>Windows CE was god awful.

was? is! a lot of people are stuck with it on embedded systems, with no sign of a future.

It's also why HP purchased Palm. (Hmm, just had a thought. Was it pressure from M$ that caused that to go so badly?)

Robert E A Harvey

First it was, Windows Phone 7 will be great, and it wasn't,

I got heavily downvoted for suggesting that WP7 should not be cut any slack because I suggested it was not a brand-new OS but, err, the 7th iteration.

Now it is a commonplace that it is just WinCE rebadged.

I got suckered into WM6 on a phone, that never worked and never got fixed. Ditto WM6.5 . Had I been fool enough to believe the hype over WP7 they would have done it to me again. There is no good reason to trust WP8.

HP's Whitman: 'I will turn this company around – by 2016'

Robert E A Harvey

Re: Dead and buried

>If the rumor is right UK government intends to do that.

It's quite a good idea. Snag is /all/ of their suppliers should be on the list. First one they name will be straight to the high court like a spoiled teenager: "they are still talking to Frank! It's sooo unfairrr! Wah!"

Robert E A Harvey

oh yeah

that's the bugger. Late, tired etc.

Robert E A Harvey

Re: well

HP were pretty unkind to mobile. Letting the PDA/phone business fester, then the Palm fiasco. Don't blame mobile!

Robert E A Harvey

R&D is good.

It seems a long time since anyone invented something new.

How's the varistor doing?

Any plans to research new methods of data entry?

What about higher screen res? Any movement on making x1500 screens for the price of x768?

And software? any good stuff from enterprise that could be packaged up? intelligent data mining? The post-spreadsheet data mangling app? translation? natural language? Visualising? Project management?

Robert E A Harvey


No mention of phones & tablets? Have they changed their mind on those again?

Oracle nudges Sparc T5s back out to 2013

Robert E A Harvey

Take no bets

I'm expecting T5 to be the end of the road, unless someone takes it off them.

EE sets October date to power up UK 4G network

Robert E A Harvey

Bear of little brain

I use my phone for talking & texting, but have been considering a change of heart.

But the more I read the more bafflingly complex it becomes. This or that 'edition' of a phone? what is/is not LTE? who will have what options? Not to mention what happens if you dare take your mobile to another country. I think the whole industry is doing its damndest to make sure I won't bother.

Going to go back to Morris Dancing & wood carving, I reckon.

Liquefied-air silos touted as enormo green 'leccy batteries

Robert E A Harvey

Re: Penny wise, pound foolish.

I agree with solidsoup, the 70% idea is windowdressing. This thing will have to face the laws of thermodynamics twice, on import and export, so I'd have thought the 25% figure is as good as it gets.

HP Spectre XT 13in Ivy Bridge Ultrabook review

Robert E A Harvey

@GitMeMyShootinIrons Re: Agreed.

>even with SSD, a slim form factor and a fancy new processor.

...and no optical drive.

Even 300 quid laptops come with an optical drive. for £900 they should either spend the money saved on a proper screen, or put an external drive in the box.

Robert E A Harvey

@David Gosnell Re Novatech

I really like the way you can buy stuff from them without a copy of Windows.

Robert E A Harvey

Ping Cliff Joseph

I think you should print out this comment section and send it to whoever lent you the sample, then tell us their response.

Robert E A Harvey

Is there a genuine reason for it ?

Not to put too fine a point on it:

>Is there a genuine reason for it ?

Yes. They are all tightwad cunts who want to have us by the nose

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