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Aus politicians puppeted by hackers

Kevin Rudd, PM


I should still be the PM, I'm still running in the next election you know. This is just a temporary solution, those Kevin '11 T-shirts I've pre-ordered for all the young Labor supporters will get me voted back in for sure.

Kevin Rudd, PM

The ACL wouldn't lie

They are the Australian Christian Lobby, since when has a Christian ever lied?

I certainly never broke a promise to they Australian people during my 3 years as Prime Minister, the emissions trading scheme has merely been delayed, honest!

I have referred the matter to my good friend Senator Conroy who assures me that these hackers obviously got into the system through the ACL portal via some sort of scamming or spamming, and not the work of some foolish moderator at the ACL not understanding sarcasm and subtle humour.

oh dear, I've started blubbing again, I'm not very proud of that.

Kevin Rudd, PM

look at me, I'm hacking

...by posting to an open forum!

Really bummed about being dropped as PM, but I've had a fair shake of the sauce bottle.



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