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US data suggests Windows 10 adoption in business is slowing


Re: did Microsoft kill it's cash cow?

Quote :- I use Ubuntu almost full time now,

Reply :- If you use Canonical Ubuntu you need to stop making comments Period I have been using Linux for the the passed 14 yrs and NEVER once had to use the terminal

Quote :- Consumer expects to do everything through a GUI,

Reply :- With Linux there is NOTHING that can't done using the GUI

Answer :- Learn to use the Linux GUI


Re: I wonder...

Check out Android x86 which is NOT Google Android



Re: Have an upvote.

Quote :- my newest PC is Ubuntu powered, although the learning curve is steep.

Reply :- I you think Ubuntu learning curve is steep you should stay with the 16yr old Xp.

Quote :- I feel very constrained by what it will let me do on the desktop.

Reply :- Though I'm NOT a lover of Ubuntu in any way shape or form because Ubuntu is a commercial companies distribution, having said that, There is nothing that can't be done on the desktop. that any windows release can do, In fact more can be done with Linux desktops than can be done with windows,

You should take a look at the latest March 2016 ZorinOS 11 then you'll be right at home with your Xp or W7 desktop. You can switch between Xp or W7 desktop at the click of the mouse button, and all the software you'll ever need comes with it,

For Zorin Linux download from here


For the latest April/May 2016 Linux releases can be downloaded from here


Not OK, Google! FTC urged to thrust antitrust probe into Android


Re: "Freezing out third-party apps"

When people don't have a clue what they are talking about. Then they are total idiots, If it wasn't for the free thinking European population who DON"T want to be controlled by American corporates

Europeans are Free thinking people. They don't want everything in their daily lives to be controlled by the American corporates. Here is a prime example of being controlled by Google is >>> In today’s tech news >>> Google wants to take your temperature. Count your heartbeat. Watch your frown turn upside-down. The question is, to what end? Google has filed a patent application for technology that would allow it to monitor mobile-device users' vital sign and facial expressions, so it can adjust search results according to the emotional reactions they generate. But a much more powerful motivation exists for developing this technology, said Forrester Research analyst James McQuivey. If the technology works for Google, the Internet giant can make the technology work for (((ADVERTISERS))) McQuivey said. Google downplayed the patent application. "We hold patents on a variety of (((People Control ))) ideas

If it was NOT for the Free thinking Europeans who control their Governments and law makers. Every computer in Europe would now be controlled by Microsoft, Who tried to forced every computer manufactures to install the M$ UEFI (Secure Boot System) that would only allow windows and M$ software to be installed, That would Freeze out other Free Open Source Operating Systems and Software. Europeans demanded that there be away to turn OFF the M$ SBS (Secure Boot System) so that other Free Open Source Operating Systems and Free Open Source Software could be install on their computers, and NOT be locked down & into using windows and M$ over priced over rated proprietary software. Europeans got what they asked for. Computer manufactures were forced by law to make it so that the MS SBS could be turned OFF,

It's a well known fact that Americans are controlled by the American corporates from the day they are born to the day they die. If American Corporates could control the after life they would control that too. Americans need to start using their brains and start thinking for themselves They need to stop being controlled by Apple, Google & Microsoft,

Microsoft wants to lock everyone into its store via universal Windows apps, says game kingpin


How much is Microsoft costing YOU!

Do any of you American Microsoft fans actually know how much money M$ is costing you annually that you don't know about. Lets start with education 70% of property taxation goes to education 1% of sales taxation goes to education. 70% of all education taxation goes to Microsoft. That amounts to Billions of dollars annually. If you don't believe what I'm saying then go into your State/local education departments and ask them to show you their EULA (End Users License Agreement) with Microsoft. They can't show it to you, Because they have signed a DND (Do Not Disclose) agreement behind closed doors with Microsoft. to keep the public from knowing what it's costing the tax payers annually.

If you demand to see the agreement then you be told you have to pay to see it, and you will have to sign a DND (Do Not Disclose) agreement yourself.

To prove what I'm saying is right then watch this Youtube video that proves the fact on how Penn Manor High School in Pennsylvania saved their schools budget $360.000 Annually, by moving from Windows to Free Open Source Linux operating system and Free Open Source education Software


Now if one school alone can save their schools budget $360.000 Dollars annually then STOP & THINK how much money every school in America would save the education tax payers annually if they used Free Open Source Operating System and Free Open Source Education Software, When it comes to higher education and students have to take out thousands of dollars in education loans, you can put that down to you know who too.

Here is what you need to do, Educate yourselves with the knowledge of the word FREE that’s no longer in the American vocabulary, but it's still in every other countries vocabulary, Do you know that every American student can have a Free online university education. so why pay through the nose and get in debt for thousand of dollars to go to local collages, when you've no need to get out of bed to do your studies, Check out the web Links below and learn what what the rest of the world have known for decades.

For the Latest February 2016 Free Open Source operating system


For Free Online University studies and courses here


Like they say "You can lead a horse to water" "You can't make it drink it" that's it's choice

Now you know the rest is up to you!


Re: Oh dear, It would appear that nobody is doing any thinking.

Quote :- Sad thing is I think a lot of dev houses will go along with it...

Reply :- I doubt that very much. When Mafia$oft takes 33% of the selling price.

Answer :- if you had products and could only sell them in one place and the company that's selling it was taking 33% of your sales price would you be happy about that? I don't think you would be


Re: Deja Vu

Linux can be installed on UEFI systems without turning the UEFI system off. Linux now has it's own UEFI digital signature including a EFI digital signature for the Apple Mac


Re: Deja Vu

Quote :- If only there was a cheap and cheerful gaming OS

Reply :- You can't have any more cheap and cheerful than Free up to date February 2016 Open Source Linux operating system With the 74,400 plus Cheap and Cheerful professional Free Open Source Linux application software and 1,900 plus free games to go with it.

Answer :- Move to Free Open Source Linux operating system. If you don't know who are the worlds top 210 hardware and software develops that develop Linux operating system then visit their website here

http://linuxfoundation.org/about/members/ It will open your eyes,

If you want to move to Linux operating system then visit the Linux distribution website and see the latest releases, here, http://distrowatch.com/

For Linux gamers visit here.


if you want Free photo and 3D animation graphics editing software then visit these websites



Now you know the rest is up to You!


Re: How to run a monopoly 101

Do you know how much Mafia$oft paid for (Linux) Minecraft? 8.2 Billion Dollars,

Do you know how much Mafia$oft paid for (Linux) Skype? 2.8 Billion Dollars.

That's why Mafia$oft have lead All windows users down the FNYPL (Free Now You Pay Later) path

Come September when every W10 user will have to sign up to pay annual subscription fees and use of other pay for WaaS & SaaS (Windows as a Service) & (Software as a Service) with their credit/debit card details to use the Azure Cloud Servers.then and only then will Mafia$oft W10 Zombie users will know how much cash they will be forking out monthly to use their computers online. because all W10 users will have to go through Azure cloud servers to get on the internet,

Confirmed: How to stop Windows 10 forcing itself onto PCs – your essential guide


Re Saved $360,000

One School in Pennsylvania saved $360,000 Dollars moving from Windows to Free Open Source Linux Operating System That's only one school so what is Microsoft costing you tax payers in education taxation annually for every school in America that's using Microsoft's proprietary locked down windows operating system and software, watch this youtube video it will open your eyes and get you all thinking about what's going on with your education departments wasting education Tax payers Dollars when they could save tax payers dollars,

watch this video



Free for Now

Come on you M$ fans you have been lead down the path of FNYPL (Free Now You Pay Later) Mickysoft has spent Billions of dollars buying Skype and Minecraft you you think for one minute they are going to be free to use for ever. No way is that ever going to happen. August is going to be pay back date, What Mickysoft the media is NOT telling the public about is M$ from August is moving to annual subscription payments, with WaaS (Windows as a Service) and SaaS (Software as a Service) with their new Azure cloud system If none of you believe what I'm saying then go read their reports web inks below SaaS is going to be for other services like Gaming and using Skype



Now you know what to expect soon If you don't want pay annual subscription fees to Mickysoft then start downloading and installing Free Open Source Linux operating system(s) after all your using it every day and don't know it Everything you do is done on Linux OS whatch the Video Linux is Everywhere here on Youtube


No, Microsoft: Your one-billion Windows 10 goal is just sad ... really sad


Re: OS X

Then Download and install Linux on your old Mac it will perform twice as fast than it's ever done. I bet you don't even know that Mac iOS/x is developed from the Free BSD operating system and Mac desktop was copied from Linux desktop. Steve Jobs had always been the champ for conning stupid people who think they are buying the best, Do a systems comparison between the Mac and any Intel i3, i5,i7 pc laptops and you'll find the the Pc laptops are built to a much higher specification, I read this week that Mac users world wide are taking a class action law suite out against Apple... You might want to join them LOL....


The true Microsoft facts

The American media would have America people believe that M$ still has 90% of the world market which is far far from the truth. more like 20% these days, out side the states, Microsoft have lost 85% of their business partners over the last 15 yrs, through their heavy handed dictatorship

They too have moved to developing and supporting Free open source Linux operating systems and software. Governments across the world have moved to using Linux. It was reported last month that Microsoft had attempted to black mail the UK law makers by threatening to pull their developments out of the UK. that didn’t workout the way MS thought it would. The government said they would show Microsoft the shortest route out of the UK. They also tried the same thing with Denmark and India that didn't work either,

China have band windows on all government systems France and Spain education and governments departments used Linux. The French Police use Linux, The list goes on and on. Even the American government, white house, US Navy and Home Land Security use Linux, For those of you that can't except what being said then visit the linuxfoundation.org/about/members/ website where 200 of the worlds top hardware manufactures are paying members of the Linux foundation, That will open your eyes, Then you'll learn why Linux is the worlds fastest most dominant operating system. that runs on 488 of the worlds top 500 fastest computers. Do a web search for 50 places Linux is running. That's another eye opener for the disbelievers. What more can be said that's good about Microsoft period

Windows 10 heralds the Minecraft-isation of Microsoft



Quote :- a company that until last week seemed destined for irrelevancy

Reply :- A company that's still destined for irrelevancy. Yet again Microsoft have lost another banking system. NCR are moving hundreds of thousand of their ATM money machines from windows to Linux, OS, It's never mentioned how many Linux users have stopped using Minecraft or Skype since Microsoft took them over. Buying companies out don't guarantee paying customers. Will these customers be happy when they have to buy new computer systems when M$ releases windows 10 because it wont run on their old computers,

HIDDEN packet sniffer spy tech in MILLIONS of iPhones, iPads – expert


Re: You're securing it wrong

Quote:- Users are so damn stupid - won't they ever learn to use Apple's products correctly?

Reply :- Don't kid yourself, There is only one way to use Apple product. That's the way Mac programmed it, to control their widget users, The only good Apple users are the ones that have jail broke theirs. They are the ones with common sense


Re: You're securing it wrong

There is know way to secure any wall garden CrapApple devices. Never has been, Never will Be, Apple users are eye candy controlled zombies who can't think for themselves,

Like Steve Jobs said "We control the widgets, The widgets control the widget users", Never did he speak truer words, has for me I don't use Apple, Facebook, Google or M$ products, I can think for and act for myself. Smartphones are for the not so smart people who haven't got the brains they were born with,

Mint 15 freshens Ubuntu's bad bits

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Re: Mint is "young"?

I was about to say the same thing you beat me to it....


Not a lover of buntu or mint

There are many unknown Linux distribution that put buntu and mint to shame I would never recommend any of them, The latest ones I recommend are Zorin-os , SparkyLinux, Linux Lite, Ultimate Edition, I could go on and list more

Microsoft says Google trying to undermine Windows Phone


Freedom of choice

Microsoft complaining about Googles anti competitive practices. That's got to be the joke of the 20th century. Microsoft are you listening. What about being forced into having windows on every computer sold over the last 30 years, what about Netscape you forced out of business,

What about locking out every operating system and software with your UEFI, You still have not given Linux Foundation a signed digital key, so that users can dump windows 8 and install what ever operating system and software they want,

Consumers still can't buy a desktop or laptop in the States without windows 8 being installed on it, ( I tried ) If that's not anti competitive I don't know what is, On top of that Microsoft are planing charging windows 8 users an annual $99.00 end users license fee for using office after they have bought it,

Microsoft are you listening the fight for Freedom will never stop, freedom always wins in the end

The Reg guide to Linux, part 1: Picking a distro


Some ones got to be joking

99% of distros can be ignored, Ubuntu itself is the most professional offering, that doesn't work half the time, and needs ignoring 99.99% of the time, If Ubuntu wasn't pushed by a commercial company it would be at the bottom of the top 100, I can name at least 10 Community distribution that leave ubuntu at the starting line, My point is them that spout off about Ubuntu Distribution only know one distribution, and are totally clueless as to what a good distribution is.

For speed Pardus kills Ubuntu with the dust it leaves , For out of the box installation LinuxMint, Ultimate Edition, For netbooks Peppermint, I would never ever recommend ubuntu to newbie user, to many have tried it and gone back to broken windows


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