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RISC OS runs on fastest hardware ever


Wash your mouth out!

"glorified C64-style OS"

If you had said glorified BBC Micro OS I might have let you get away with it! The C64 OS was primitive compared even to that.

But neither had the fluid, consistent, well designed GUI of RISC OS. Sadly, nor does anything else :-(

I keep waiting for someone to catch up with the RISC OS GUI, but after 20 years it doesn't look like happening. It's not going to be Windows with its history of appalling GUI design, Mac OS X did get closer, and while you can change the Linux desktop it doesn't change the apps which all behave like WIndows apps.

Touch sensitive devices or gesture recognition will probably completely change the way we interact with computers, so the WIMP desktop metaphor will be replaced by something "better".

This new ARM hardware will hopefully mean I can continue using RISC OS until that happens :-)


London show

"...and this is the big RISC OS event of the year..."

No, this http://www.riscoslondonshow.co.uk/ is the big RISC OS event of the year :-)

Twitter on a ZX Spectrum


Archimedes / RISC OS were at VCF

Maybe the Archimedes and later RISC OS machines are not considered retro enough yet.

But there were Archimedes at the VCF, mainly in the Acorn World section of course. There were some running retro games, plus the RISC OS User Group Of London were showing more up to date stuff including RISC OS running on a BeagleBoard. As the whole computer is then only 3 inches square you could be forgiven for missing it!

Not like one unfortunate Acorn fan who missed the whole Acorn World exhibition because he turned up just as Sophie Wilson's talk was on, and the section had closed down because everyone wanted to hear the presentation :-)

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