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Netizens mobilise to recover precious stolen guitar


Bugger all?

£25k is not bugger all : http://www.htfr.com/p/392325/gibson_les_paul_gold_top_1953_vintage_electric_guitar_inc_original_gibson_case

Not exactly many of these about.

I hope that Maurice finds his kit and the perps get their dues. A special consideration is needed for the cunty ac @12:01 : may you reap as you sow.

Speed cameras slide out of LibCon budget


Ha - another foolproof way to get around speed cameras

You know those old style gatso cameras that photograph your car twice from behind? well simply change your speed by more than 2mph after you pass the camera and it cannot keep up with the calculations so has to abort the test - you see a single flash instead of two. You have to be quite quick but as long as your speed changes by at least 2 mph during the test ( normally 0.7 - 1.3 seconds) jobs a good 'un. I have verified this many times (er naturally on my private track with my own gatso). A handy bonus is that there will now be an odd number of exposures left - hahahaha screw you AC and your 'pointless' license.

P.s I wouldn't take the p*ss if they weren't taking the p*ss. So use this info sensibly please.


stats lies and farcts

some interesting things appear when you look at the stats of accidents - such as green cars have more crashes than other colours - nearly twice as many as silver cars, but nearly twice as many silver car accidents result in serious injury or death (silver cars are driven by bellends?). Lloyd is the most likely first name to have a 'collision' (the word accident is out of favour as it implies no one is at fault ). The week before Christmas is deadly; one day has higher average incidents than an entire 'normal' month, generally 'black Monday' - this is why these factoids have a large impact on you insurance (just try changing you forename next time) - I could go on but the most interesting : Why we have a 70mph limit ? Money. As can be seen at

http://www.brake.org.uk/motorway-crash-barriers ( or the highways 'site')

that metal thing separating you from the oncoming motorway traffic is rated to contain a 1.5 ton CAR at no more than 70mph impacting at no more than 20 degrees. Anything heavier/faster/ more direct or with a higher centre of gravity than a CAR will breach it and enter oncoming traffic. Most average cars now weigh more than this (even a spec'd up 'Mini' comes close enough when occupied). God forbid you meet a Chinese gent called Lloyd driving a silver/green 2.5 ton Range Rover lorry coming the other way at 90 on the monday before christmas . Good luck.

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