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Fukushima is a triumph for nuke power: Build more reactors now!


read what you quote

Read the article you're quoting. It says helicopter crews based on the carrier that have been flying all over the place have had that dose, not the ship itself. Who knows where those helicopters have been, but it's safe to guess they'll have been closer than 100km to the Japanese mainland at some point !


Don't count your chickens...

...before they're hatched. You'll feel somewhat daft if now some unanticipated event occurs and fucks it all up. The Engineers and designers have been awesome, but can't think of everything.

No more books on Ireland's banned book list


Hang on

How much does it cost in taxpayers money to run a 5 person board for 12 years that's looked at an entire 1 book in that time? Average cost per book submitted for censoring (or ACBSC for short) could be a new Register standard measurement for wasteful government spending.

Elon Musk vs NASA and the US rocket industry - ding ding!



@Mike, that's the point, NASA would require 30,000 people being paid for 15 years to send a bloke to Mars costing hundreds of billions of taxpayers dosh. SpaceX could probably do it with a tenth of that.

Googlegate: Mapping a scandal of global proportions


This is silly

If you stand in our doorway and shout out your phone number, you can hardly be upset if someone writes it down.

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