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Google's Nexus 5: Best smartphone bang for your buck. There, we said it


Re: Hangouts for SMS

I used Contacts+ to send sms texts with my previous phone. The app appears to have stopped working on my new Nexus 5 with kitkat. I type a text message and hit "send", there is no error message but the sms is never received. I have looked into settings, but cannot find anything to change. Does anybody else have the same problems?

Easy to use, virus free, secure: Aaah, how I miss my MAINFRAME


Yes, I wonder when we'll see a chromebook on every desk. . .

Organic food offers basically no health benefit, boffins find


I am Spartacus

Actually, we are all heirs to the throne. It's just that some of us are a bit further back in the queue.

Definition of "heir" - A person who succeeds or is in line to succeed to a hereditary rank, title, or office.

iLuv iMM747 iPad speaker dock


Better iPad dock

I use a Yamaha PDX-50 wireless "dock" with my ipad, and it makes an excellent flexible system. It won the award for best iPod dock system in "What HiFi'" a couple of years ago and is available for about £100 now.

It uses a small transmitter that plugs into the dock connector. The iPad can then be used in landscape or portrait mode and the speaker box can be placed where you choose without taking up space next to the iPad.

It works superbly for me...

Consultants bag £37m from failed e-Borders contract


Not as bad as the bankers

If you think this comes anywhere near the banksters' bonuses, you haven't been paying attention. £37million is less than 0.1% of the annual banking bonuses paid in recent years. It's still a disgrace though.

Gov hits brakes on vetting scheme


What has the world come to...

When I feel a small sense of relief about legislation amended by the bloody Tories. I guess it just shows how despicable the last lot had become.

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