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Apple unveils 'World's First Thunderbolt Display'


missing the point

No, the Dell does not have better colour gamut. The Dell and Apple appear to actually be using the same panel. You cannot buy a better monitor at close to the price. You can get similar monitors for a similar price (and very few at that) or a better one for a lot more.

All in all it's pretty cool that you can now get a monitor that doesn't replicate your ports but gives you all new ones on their own high speed bus with a simple tiny serial cable connection, that is then mirrored on the monitor!!! While everyone is arguing about whether it's overpriced or is a good monitor they missed the whole point. It does something no other monitor has ever done in the past.


DRM-free music dream haunts Apple's app-store lock-in


program much?

And this is worse than all prior commercial Application distribution models because?...

It really reminds me of the comedian who talked about people's sense of entitlement for something they heard about 2 minutes ago. The developer has to develop new apps for new platforms. Maybe they would like to get paid for that... not sure myself.

The current app store model lets you use your software on all of your devices for which it was written. There has never before been a more consumer friendly application distribution model other than open source... and even that's questionable.


old DRM myth

Resurrecting the old DRM myth of iTunes lock-in in your title is just further nonsense. Apple clearly stated when the Windows iTunes store was opened that they fought with the labels to NOT have DRM. Apple never wanted it (see Rolling Stone interview with Jobs of that year).

And it isn't DRM that locks you to the platform, it's because developers have to REWRITE THE WHOLE PROGRAM for another platform. Apps aren't like music etc. Yes, html5 apps will work cross platform and if you look at the iPhone history, that's how Apple wanted to do them IN THE FIRST PLACE. Try looking back at why that failed and the app store succeeded.


Steve Jobs screws my wife (out of $944)


attitude revealed

ha ha ha... "And of course, this being Apple, I won't be able to upgrade the camera ever."... Morgan's right, I'm going to have to make sure I get one of those tablets with replaceable cameras so I can upgrade it if I want. I should have gotten one of those phones too.


Canadians form adulterers' privacy campaign


it's in there

In keeping with the World Cup Spirit



Apple reels as Steve Jobs Flashturbates


pot meet kettle

"Mischaracterizing technologies to prove a point is a fast track to losing credibility among coders and other experts in the biz"

Which, in this article, could be reworded as mischaracterizing argument to prove a point is a fast track to losing credibility among readers.

Jobs admitted in the mentioned interview that Adobe wasn't agressive about Flash not being on the iPhone. When the iPad was announced Apple reiterated the exact same flash story they've been telling since the iPhone appeared. They felt html5 was the way to go. Then, because of the extra press the iPad was getting Adobe laid out the first attack.

Your characterization makes it look like Jobs ignored the history and accused Adobe of being an agressor all along. If anything, it was the press that egged these guys into a fight but Adobe did make the first move... unless you want to go back and characterize Apple's original non-inclusion of flash as the beginning. But that's not what your article says.

The only remotely valid point in this article is that Apple should have followed their own policy on the analytics software immediately rather than later. But then again, where's the condemnation of the analytics companies who were knowingly violating the developer agreement in the first place.



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