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Microsoft's Windows 8 goals revealed

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Sound like MS enough to be true

I just like that MS are accepting of the degradation over time. Ubuntu doesn't. 18 months and counting with no noticable slow down. I dare say jobsian PC's are the same? IT can be done, just not by MS.

The sticky point for me though is anything that means we have to download from them following an incident will not be great.

In the real world servers stall, demand outdoes supply and I can't see a 400 seat Insurance company, NHS, call centre etc. Being happy at having ALL their software require some network connections. Especially as BT run the UK's infrastructure. Look at 'Steam' following a game update, replace it with win8 SP1 and multiply by a large number.. There are more businesses with work PC's than gamers and Steam stalls, not because it is steam but because BT can't hack it. What of throttling which riddles the UK because we ain't got the infrastructure. That would be great, the NHS throttled because each PCT has to upgrade their 1000+ PC's over night from the same N3 connections.

Lunacy. MS are quickly being the also rans, only legacy keeps them in the picture and that will change.

First MeeGo Linux needs love and scrub up

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Nurtured a community.

Nokia haven't nurtured a community of followers for Meego because the way they handle that community. I.E. badly. It won't get that community without big changes to the 'finger' it gives us. Afterall the Maemo community are the QT developers that Meego will be based on.

I would give Meego a year from release before it becomes anywhere near stable. And perhaps a year longer for an app store to work. Or at least one you want to visit. Nokia rely 100% on developers to do their work, they as the owning body have done nothing to back it.

Jobs and the other players won't be too worried with this.

Oklahoma granny sues cops over tasering

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Never mind the tasering.

Prompting Duran to "complete an officer's affadavit for emergency detention".

The officers can now section someone? A bunch of slack jawed weak ass cops that can't handle and 86 year old are now physically able to section someone without any form of medical diagnosis or training.

Man that country is screwed up.

Jobs tells iPhone users to get a grip

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So they save costs or build times to make an antenna so weak at broadcasting it can be stopped dead in its tracks by human flesh and a few centimetres (depending on the fatty hands) of skin, bone, tendon etc.

What next, the ipad can't get rid of heat if put on your lap, or held flat etc. You can't get itunes to sync if it is stored next to the PC becaue of the metal case interfering with the cable?

Jobs really is a tool. But as I don't own anything apple related, I can just sit back and grin.

The Reg guide to Linux, part 3

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You miss the point me thinks.

"Off the shelf." Which means brand new hardware. Which means cost. Linux runs on old machines, making that old windows box last quite a few more years under ubuntu.

In ten years of working in IT, I have never had an off the shelf PC that isn't bundled with crud from the seller (acers 14 pieces of software that do everything you want but have no idea if you need or actually can stop, so they just sit there greedily eating your files. Or HP and Dell that ship their recovery CD's so you actually find you 250GB hard drive is 120, that a partition of recovery exists and that you can't do a thing about it.) I also haven't seen a PC off the shelf that comes with all settings built in or bundled and valued copies of software for things like anti virus, anti spyware. What you actuall get is lots of pop up boxes that ask you to pay for things. Because it is all trial software.

So what would you prefer, 5 lines of command or "trial software" and pop up boxes demanding cash with 14 apps you don't need or want chewing up resources?

And the last upgrade DVD I was involved with. Well PC world said they shipped it with vista, just before win7 was released. 1 phone call was all it took. Not from PC world but from Acer, that call was to Germany. The DVD didn't arrive, so a second call was needed. When it did it was in a plain envelope from the Czech republic, took four weeks overall to arrive and used a foreign language to ask for it. When it arrived it didn't work with the acer 14 apps, too many partitions arguing. In the end a second complete install and a removal of all partitions just to get it to install and upgrade so it could work. All of this was expected to be done by an elderly relative that just wanted a new PC.

Now how is that five command line looking?

Nokia dumps Symbian on N-series

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Meego is a dead OS unless Nokia change their attitude

You just covered the main problem with Nokia and therefore why Meego is just such a ludicrously bad idea as a mainstay for any future releases.

"There will surely be a community-created port" Everything the N900 needs to work is a community created port. If nokia is involved, it doesn't happen. Just like Ovi store now selling the docs to go premium trial, but you end up downloading the view trial. Institutional stupidity and legendarily bad decisions they just can't correct.

As for Nokia hardware, reading the forums about the dodgy power connections internal mounts and Nokia's logic of bundling all the hardware but not the software to run it. (N900 face camera being the main case in point) You have to ask the question are the software and hardware teams managed, is there an overuling series of checks and do the Nokia people really care about their product?

Iphone really isn't going to worry about Nokia offerings, the N900 has been out 7 months and there is still no word editor that doesn't crash or corrupt all your files in a half HTML format, no MMS, no working or supported map software, navigation software or any hint of an app store people want to visit. Neither is the sync' software OVI suite even supporting this phone. Can't have individual ring tones and the OS still hangs and crashes for random reasons. (The community have created 6 apps (not downloaded through the app store) to do the other basics, like turn off your network after use, tell you that someone called you, or sent you a text. You know, the basics) Nokia have to go through all that again to get Meego up and running.

Jobs is laughing all the way to the bank.

I would have posted this from my N900 but the fennec firefox on there doesn't support flash at all and the bundled browser doesn't do tabbed browsing. So can't use this website or work effectively enough to bother trying work arounds.

UK told to strengthen data protection, again

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I like Vivien.

Can we have some prosecutions over 'Phorm' and the paper that wire tapped all those mobiles. The two "ICO did nothing under Labour" cases that prove the point. Start there and I will believe that the ICO can be saved.

Don't act on that and nothing can be salvaged in which case please EU, fine us really heavily and make it very public in all papers and TV that the Government is to blame (not the taxpayers) It MIGHT make the MP's listen then, everyone knowing they are crap seems to make them change their bad habits.

Bloody George's Budget: How bad is it really?

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He kinda did obey El reg rules

He did hint and indeed point towards this problem being 'Brown' and 'Darling.' Not corrupt just inept. Spending money during the good years on the millenium dome, ID cards, stupid patient summary care records, quangos etc. etc. Instead of saving and using it wisely.

Good article though.

The Reg guide to Linux, part 1: Picking a distro

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What if you want some software updates

And Windows don't touch it? You need to go to the supplier, and that means finding it, or worse, praying it is still being supported. Either way it could be 90% of your actual useful stuff isn't a windows product, and solving issues via windows help or the windows answers. Linux forums tend to be techies with more time on their hands to help others. Windows answers, I have asked three questions and not even windows appointed staff can tell me why windows 7 is unable to do some basics.

And as has been pointed out in many articles, windows are dodgy with their updates, they "break" the stuff that isn't theirs because they have their own schemes or plans or whatever MS think is best for them.

I think most people have missed that a user can go to software update in ubuntu or urpmi in mandriva and voila, hundreds of free software which can be good, bad and rubbish. But all free and will probably let you get some experience or at least cover that one important piece of work you need to do urgently. Unlike windows where you need to go to a shop, which takes time... etc etc.

Linux isn't for all, but productivity and support is light years ahead of bloated windows 7 (for me at least) And convenience of booting from pen drives, customisation, work on older machines, bloat etc.

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Unless you hate google

Or can't, for security reasons go near the data retaining scumbags.

Microsoft offers iPhone devs Windows Phone 7 cash

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Nokia. You listening.

OVI store needs that, Nokia need to do that. Only way they can get buy in for whatever they call their linux OS and the dying Symbian OS that won't go away, otherwise they will always be floundering in last place. With video clips of ironman 2 and the same ten games.

Can't get people to buy in just by launching phone after crap phone. They need to bribe the developers, get the apps in which will then entice customers.

MS are doing the right thing as they know they have a mountain to climb. Problem is they are STILL trying to copy Apple, the phone OS design, the ethics, now the apps??? We really think people will go to MS after Apple for the same experience? Ballmers an idiot with way too much money.

Microsoft unveils – wait for it – another mobile OS

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Meego waiting in the wings....

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

The only people more out of touch when it comes to competing in the mobile market that Steve Ballmer is Nokia's open source director.

Hands on with Nokia's flagship N8

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Hi End, not the same as Hi-Quality. Just means expensice / Over priced.

"Camera first"... So not a phone then.

Yet it will be sold as a phone, by phone sellers, and bought to be one by customers that buy into the hype and preey pictures. Yet isn't a phone. Just like the N900. I know I have one

That to me sums up Nokia's problem. They don't make phones, they try and find a market for a camera with a phone, or a computer with a phone. Doing neither well and marketing both badly. The N900 has TV out, this has HMDI and so does the leaked N9. But who cares if it can't get MMS, tell you of a missed SMS, sync with outlook, use the OVI app store and browse the web with flash 10?

S60, Maemo, Meego. All the same issues, not thinking of end users and a UI that isn't what users actually need. Then letting people down with hardware and support for their poorly released and ill thought out camera/internettablet/DVDplaying/TVwatching/browsing phones.

Me thinks the hammering will continue, long into 2011 when Meego finally reaches maturity and Symbian 4 is about. Perhaps too late me thinks.

On the plus side I was playing the original Doom today on my N900. There are no apps in the app store for Nokia for Maemo or Meego, but you can port proper games from linux and give yourself arthritus on the worlds smallest keyboard.

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