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Germany has a problem with the entire point of Amazon's daft Dash buttons – and bans them

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er... so

So Amazon sells a consumer the ability to 'buy a button' that might get you the product you think it is at the price you think it is? And people fall for it? Mad, totally mad. It should be banned everywhere. It would be interesting to set it up with visa and then complain to visa you didnt get what you expected.

Q. How exactly do you test car seats? A. With this sweaty 'robutt' that twerks for days and days

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er, most peoples sweat contains a lot more than water.

Mind you, the whole discussion would be a great advert for someone selling replacement car seats (not just covers) for the buyers of second hand cars. Maybe I will try setting something up

Is Google purposefully breaking Microsoft, Apple browsers on its websites? Some insiders are confident it is

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fault tolerance

Would be good if people created browsers that coped with malformed or even plain incorrect html as some is still hand edited.

However Microsoft complaining about anything after inflicting windows 10 on people is rich.

I have a windows 10 box, it spends ALL its time with the processor flat out at 100% because it includes the idle task in the %use. Even if you discount that it is running at 90´+% and is less responsive than a dead parrot.

Worse even when you have the patience to endure an entire dinner while it gets itself ready you will find skype has decided it cant make a call because it has no internet despite the internet icon saying internet is present and browsers managing to get live pages. The only option is to use task manager (another long long long pause while it uses the availalbe 0.000001% of the processor left to start as it appears to have no priority) and kill the whole skype process tree. Even then it appears you sometimes have to sleep and wake the machine again.

Frankly those in Microsoft responsible for the releases of the last 5 years should be given a one way ticket to the sun, they are genuinely not fit to scrup the shit out of a dogs toilet.

A Christmas classic: Cloudera founder asks staff to stay another day

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take the job

Never sit and hope, really, such a stupid idea to ask people to remain. As usual the good guys will be the first to secure new positions.

The fastest, most secure browser? Microsoft Edge apparently

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And when the hell are the EU going to step in and sort the fucking mess their cookie legislation has caused? Huge numbers of pages when visited put a damned great splash screen over their whole content demanding you accept all cookies because they are all essential to the experience.

The EU law should insist that the webpage displays all content regardless of cookies and you should have to opt in to cookies from an option taking up less than 1% of the screen real estate.

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To be honest I cant see how anyone can claim edge is fastest, It so rarely gets to the point of a finished page before I have spun up and used chrome to get to the finished page that edge is only ever used by accident.

Edge like windows 10 is a slow as hell crock of shit

Microsoft promises a fix for Windows 10 zip file woes. In November

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Re: how is MS warning users?

But I expect this years car to be better than last years.

Mind I am disappointed in this as well

My wifes car is a lot newer, I cant change the headlamp bulb without disassembling half of the under bonnet (one side you have to remove the entire air filter, the other side the entire battery and battery compartment... these are of course preferable to the manufacturers instruction that involves removing the front wheels to remove the front bumper to remove the entire headlamp unit, which in turn relies on getting the headlamps realigned afterwards as the bottom bolt locates in a slot). Now compare that to my car from 1987 which when you opened the bonnet had a little under bonnet light so you you could see the plastic shell on the back of the headlamp that you twisted off with your hand that allowed direct access to the bulb). Or even the headlamps on my old Morris Minor that did require one screw on the chrome bezel to be removed but other than that no further effort - not even opening the bonnet.

Not that the old days were perfect for cars, they did have some issues, but the more the designers 'progress' the worse the products are getting. Maybe its the designers, maybe the accountants or maybe the quality folk who should just say the product is shit, or maybe its all of them because none are trained properly by an apprenticeship scheme

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some options

They could consider putting a UI on grep and the ability to just do a dir *.txt /s via a pretty UI... the current windows search is frankly crap and I do not know how it was ever possible to make either of the above commands as slow as windows has managed.... for heavens sake if you have done some indexing thats usually supposed to improve speed, windows indexing appears to make for a very very very very slow search after it has spent literally months tossing around indexing.

Really MS go and learn how to code, get rid of the shit, stop arsing around with c# and do it properly. Go back and look at OSs like CPM (where dos came from), dos, drdos (like dos but ran where it was not from a copy), nucleus or dare I say it linux (not a linux fan if I am honest)... then learn that windows is a crock of shit and you need to write a proper os

Grumbling about wobbly Windows 10? Microsoft can't hear you over the clanging cash register

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While on the subject

Stupidly nudged some of the cables hanging out of the side of my HP laptop, must have touched the stupid little docking station crap they supplied, blue screen of death, ages waiting for it to offload the problem report (probably including masses of sensitive info, but you cant stop it any more), then it forced yet another downgrade on me (sorry, MS claims an upgrade to fix a bug or more), then I had to reset credential guard again, then reboot again... so a whole hour and a half wasted... and that is without actually losing any of my typing.

Not sure who is to blame, MS or HP or both, probably both. HP of course just say I should upgrade the bios (their stock answer for everything) and have no feedback forum unless you 'create an accout' and 'sign in'. These mega corps (MS and HP) love to hide behind such techniques so they can claim no problems reported

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Re: Conditioning.

Getting to the point that the frequency with which the software department here resets my machine dumping yet more MS patches on it is really going to give me a heart attack, particularly as I have to reboot twice because I need to switch the credential guard off to run the unix virtual machine... argh

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Re: Conditioning.

Friend of mine had an apple, used to work in a windows VM on the apple. The real pisser was that when my high powered windows machine crashed it took ages to get it working, when the VM crashed his apple pretending to be a windows machine booted far quicker

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Was a nice product, then so was skype.... given Microsofts track record what are the chances of github functioning in a year? I would say none at all

Worrying Windows 10 wrecking-ball weapon weirdly wanders wildly on worldwide web

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oh God

Another update coming, my creaking and groaning machine will slow down even more. It already takes so long to boot that I not only get a cup of tea but lunch as well. My little take on trip laptop can manage 1 application at a time without running out of memory, is perpetually showing 100% processor use while doing no more than sitting idle with a browser open

Ex spy bosses: Cyber-warfare needs rules of engagement for nations to promptly ignore

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Dont connect your critical infrastructure and control systems to the internet. There really is no need. IF (and its a big if) you think you need to have centralised control (for someone to bomb) or communications (for someone to cut) between the power stations, fuel pumps, water gates or whatever it is then put some armoured cables buried deep underground in place.. it can be done, sure we did it before

Oz opposition backs the 'regulatory hallucinogen' of anti-piracy laws

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aw bless

Finding excuses to control and censor the internet is a sure fire way of ensuring that democracy thrives. Wait until next month and they will be censoring for fake news as well just like us.

You know what, perhaps it is time for a global revoluition and just shoot these people

EU wants one phone plug to rule them all. But we've got a better idea.

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Once upon a time

Once upon a time there was Nokia, they made and sold so many phones you were never far from someone who would lend you a charger... shame thats changed.

Dave 15 Silver badge

Be much more interested in...

It would be better if they insisted that plugs and sockets were correctly physically fitted and designed to last. Lost 2 laptops due to the pathetic connector falling off the mother board taking half its tracks with it. My nice shiny new mobile phones charger connector (USB) already doesnt change most of the time because the cable is already knackered - after about 10 times of use! My old Nokias still work, still charge with a very simple connector.

Lets have some basic quality criteria imposed on companies... if something fails within 5 years they replace the product for free, ensure no data is lost in the process, ensure the new product is compatible with the old in use (i.e. no, I dont want a crappy windows 10 replacement where office doesnt work, outlook is crap and I cant use more than one program very slowly because it uses so much memory to say hello world it needs a cray to run on, I want windows nt which functions)

HTTPS crypto-shame: TV Licensing website pulled offline

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Re: TV licensing agency

Actually you need the licence to watch ANY broadcast.. including nonBBC, amazing but true... even includes your satellite viewing.

It will be worse, in Germany you need a TV licence for a radio or the internet. In fact they even managed to take a guy to court despite he lived in the woods with no electric.

But you are right the TV licence people dont use a detector van any more, they just send a letter a week to any address with no licence and a thug a month.

'can I come in and check...' NO... another visit, the court, the police, and ... oh but you haven't a tv followed by a carry on of the pre discovery carry on.. they dont even give up if you die

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scrap tv licence

Simplest answer

The BBC is just the governments propaganda machine anyway. Fund from general taxation and cut all the costs out straight off. They have a list of all the houses in the UK without a licence and bombard you with letters and visits demanding that YOU prove to them you dont need a licence with very threatening letters. Frankly better off without any of it.

BBC can be funded by either:

a) general taxation

b) pay per view/subscription like sky

c) advertising

d) selling their 'wonderful' programs (mmm... teletubbies, total crud, perhaps by having to sell the programs they might just decide to make programs worth the effort????)

The tv licence model is broken, out of date and ridiculous, like most other government taxation.

Long over due to move to a single tax and single benefit system so we can really understand just how much we are being screwed by the government of the day.

Cookie clutter: Chrome saves Google cookies from cookie jar purges

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come now

By the time Microsoft has sent your data to the Americans, that porn virus has copied it to everyone else, what the browser does is a bit of a waste. If you think that your android or apple are any better I wouldnt put a penny on it. Heaven only knows what goes on in the code of linux either... yeah, we may know about the kernel but what about the other stuff wrapped up in that distribution or the apps you need

Governments dont want the plebs to get together and find out how much the rich are getting richer and more powerful while the plebs are shafted, after all its the rich that fund them

Bombing raids during WWII sent out shockwaves powerful enough to alter the Earth's ionosphere

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Re: Ten Ton Tess

Not judging by Sues needs and the ghostly gold tops

Dave 15 Silver badge

Re: Other explosives

With the large raids it wasnt over a few minutes more like an hour or so

Dave 15 Silver badge

Re: Approx

The Americans got the size of the gallon wrong not us, so its miles per gallon not miles per mistake

Dave 15 Silver badge

Re: Approx

1000 what? 1000 multiples of a lump of metal in Paris... who cares, give me proper measurements

Creaky systems 'cost lives': Health secretary Matt Hancock pledges to solve NHS IT woes

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He has to be one of the biggest wastes of space in government

An online booking system will save lives? Rot, having doctors receptionists actually answer their phones might.

I guess this will be yet another NHS project outsourced to a French company at £1500 per engineer per day, they will pay a bunch in Bangalore £10 a month, fail to deliver and we will then pay them another few million to cancel the waste of time. You can guarantee what the government will NOT do is actually spend a few of those quid on some software engineers and managers in the UK cutting our unemployment.

Google shaves half a gig off Android Poundland Edition

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Nokia had clipper... basically a linux made from android... very very cut down :) All that superflous crud you dont need to make a phone call was gone

Blinking internets, Batman! O2 trials 5G over lightbulbs

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and you thought wifi was hackable

wonderful to be morse coding things to anyone that wants to watch

Come to think of it, is the idea really that new... after all shops blinked lights at each other in ww1

And we had big fire beacons long before that

Kids are more likely than adults to submit to peer pressure from robots

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and they say

They say the younger generation is clever beyond our wildest dreams yet a simple test with a simple robot and they crumble. No wonder most of them cant even change a car wheel

Those unrestricted geniuses apparently all voted to stay in the EU, maybe their robot told them? Always thought there was something a bit suspicious about libdems and Cameron

Europe dumps 300,000 UK-owned .EU domains into the Brexit bin

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Re: Leave/Remain rinse repeat.

No european country has the forces capable of going to war. We all have Americans stationed on our soil, its not to protect us from the Russians but to remind us who holds the military muscle now - largely because they took all of Britains money while we protected the world from Hitler. The American navy represents over half the whole worlds fleet of naval vessels as one example of why we will do what they say. There will be no european war because we have a head master standing over us all with a huge cane, one that wont hurt but will completely remove our entire backside if we dare to speak loudly to each other

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Re: You're leaving ... Leave and stop moaning!

Nothing abusive in the phrases used for those who want an exit? Typical comment.

And NO, I dont want everything to remain as it is. A massive bill for a huge and growing trade imbalance, companies moving to eastern europe to enjoy the subsidies we provide while there is no barrier to sending the goods back to us (Range Rover production is but the most recent of many that have been going on since long before any talk of leaving). A massive labour supply for a dwindling number of jobs means that today I am being offered software contracts at rates of only 75% of the rate I was earning 20 years ago. Yes thats right, considerably LESS despite inflation. And I am not the only one to see wages fall, ask anyone in manufacturing, building etc. etc.

Yes, I am looking for a massive structural change, a change back to a situation where WE are in control of our destiny and able to make decisions about investment to ensure we have the capability to employ our people and pay them well. Look at China and Brazil, both growing with massive tariff fences to protect their home producers backed up by rules requiring people to set up factories in country to access their markets (Brazils is smaller than ours), these countries are getting factories set up, investments made, people employed and exports growing - a very different situation to our own. Not everyone can have a degree in maths and a job gambling on stocks and shares, we need real people doing real jobs producing real things and making (not hording) real money.

We are voluntarily part of a very large outfit, but one that seems intent on ensuring German manufacturing supremacy and French farming sloth before amalgamating all of us into a united states of europe. This is not what the bulk of the British want and even those frightened or deluded into voting remain first in '75 and then again in the last vote seem to not understand where we are going and the damage already done and the worst that is to come from staying in.

I have no issue with having immigration when I am no longer paying unemployment benefits to 20% of the working age population, seeing another 30% supported by tax credits because their employer wont pay a decent wage and they can only find part time work, never mind the bloated 30% who work for the government mainly in made up jobs that arent needed. In Victorian times a much smaller Whitehall ran an empire covering the globe, now they cant run London without help.

We DO make decent products and have shown repeatedly that we can make world beating ones, yet the Europeans will NOT buy from us, I am in Sweden at the moment, their government buys alcohol for Sweden (pubs dont go direct to breweries), ALL the IPA in Sweden is imported from America, flown over the country that invented the ale and produces the best IPA in the world, thats just how much our 'friends' support or want us. While we invest billions a year in Merc and BMW for our Police, Ambulance etc etc the Germans do not have 1 single foreign vehicle purchased by any government department at all. Balanced trade? Same rules? Reasonable? No to all.

Yes we will still travel to the EU, they have visa free access for 3 month holidays to a number of outsid countries, 99.9% of Brits dont go to the EU for more than 2 weeks a year. Yes they will still visit us because we will do the same. There will still be immigration in both directions because neither side is going to block visa applications from people coming to work and contribute in areas where the skills are required, this is no different to skilled people moving to the US, Australia or frankly anywhere else. Yes we will still buy their stuff (all be it that a tariff will be charged so we will buy less), they will still buy most of the paltry amounts they buy despite tariffs. Because we are setting up new we can set (and later adjust) our tariffs to suit our needs, so high on cars and maybe lower on some food , raw material etc.

We will be able to negotiate trade deals for ourselves, we are a huge market, we can set those deals up so that we have neutral or maybe positive trade balances with the other countries because we dont have to worry about German cars, French cheese and Italian wine. We can set government purchasing policy to exclude buying from abroad (quite legal if we are open about it). Some of those we in theory can do in the EU, most not. That which we can do we are told by our spineless foreign loving British hating politicians (after all wouldnt you rather an expenses paid working trip - cough cough - to a nice southern european beech resort to a wet day in Glasgow with that Scottish woman ranting in your ear) that it is not possible because of EU rules to invest in Rover, LDV, ERF et al, that the French, Germans, Italians and Spanish governments invest in their industry doesnt appear to disprove them, but not having the EU rules to hide behind we will be able to insist on what is best for the country .

Dave 15 Silver badge

Re: 361 days until we exit and.......

Depends how you measure size and what you are comparing against.

In surface area we are pretty small... probably near the bottom of the league.

In terms of economy we are near the top - within the top 10, now I know that includes the over inflated house prices but most countries include their own over inflated property in their measure. Now do you take a cut off point of say 75% of the biggest economy to make your 'medium size' or do you take a % band in the whole list... almost regardless we still class as big

In terms of might of arms we really have let things slip, primarily because we think the states will ride to our aid (er... we clearly didnt learn much from the Falklands or the Americans active hostility to Suez, or indeed the fact that a large portion of Americans hate the Brits so much they funded the IRA and used WW1 and WW2 as a way of attempting our destruction). However although with our armed forces in their current pathetically impoverished state we can do little we would still be able to delver a fairly unpleasant nuclear based sting to someone)

I do contend though that all in this makes us a large nation about to take charge in a good number of areas.

ZX Spectrum Vega+ blows a FUSE: It runs open-source emulator

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Re: but that's the same as everyone elses review!

Then time to go and find yourself something vaguely modern.

Just had some replacement parts for some old toy trains made, these 3d printers are more than capable of smooth rounded edges.

Would have to try this console but the write up doesnt encourage actually spending on it

UK taxman warned it's running out of time to deliver working customs IT system by Brexit

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Re: MPs

The libdems should be hung then :)

Dave 15 Silver badge


You mean HMRC has no ability to collect tariffs on imports from non-EU countries???? All we have to do is add the names of the EU countries to those we need to collect tariffs from. Simple really. We probably should adjust the tariffs but if that is too difficult then just leave them alone.


Yet another 'oh Brexit is hard' story from a bunch of remainer civil servants and mps... it is TRIVIAL! I could sort brexit in a day.

Galileo, here we go again. My my, the Brits are gonna miss EU

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remarkably simple

Dont give them the slab of cash remainer May wants to , slap massive import duties on BMW, Merc, Renault and Citroen, put a 75% content made in Britain requirement on ALL tax payer funded purchases with an automatic 5% ratchet every 2 years (so in 10 years 100% UK made), all overseas aid in UK goods and services, put our own satellites up, scrap the order for F35s and Typhoons and go back to building our own, set up a commercial airline manufacture here (again) and have landing prices at UK airports treble if you arent using a UK built plane. In short, stop arsing around and realise we HAVE to start making stuff and standing on our own feet. 40 years of destroying British industry has bought us unemployment, an unaffordable trade deficit and enormous social issues. Hiding the damage by pretending that house price inflation is somehow GDP has led to major housing problems so sort that out with a single flat benefit and single flat tax. The benefit will NOT be enough to live in London so you will have to move... same as I as a tax payer funding benefits have had to move further and further away from work to find somewhere affordable. The single tax would probably be best on property .... a few hundred per square foot should probably do it with relief for manufacturing plant, greater releif if they are exporting and relief for productive farm land.

UK.gov's long-awaited, lightweight biometrics strategy fails to impress

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It only needs 1 sentance

Dont do it, it isnt needed, if the cops want to catch a criminal they can do it the old fashioned way that worked for years, catch them in the act, chase them down, cuff them

A dog DNA database? You must be barking

Dave 15 Silver badge

Typical expensive mindless overkill

Especially the poop story.

Germany puts poop bags for free in holders in popular walking areas, even on mainstreets where dogs are welcome (in Germany they are also welcome in pubs, shops, restaurants, cafes, trains, shopping centres etc etc etc). Because the bags are ALWAYS available and always near a bin (even if for whatever reason the stock of bags in your coat pocket has run out) you find that the dog turds are picked up and thrown away (in the bin, unlike in the UK where on the odd occasion someone happens to have a bag when needed the turd is collected and then left on the ground in a plastic bag - meaning it will not get naturally cleaned up)

Its very very simple and much cheaper to administer and doesnt require intrusive databases and collection of samples, lab time and so on.

Unbreakable smart lock devastated to discover screwdrivers exist

Dave 15 Silver badge

Oneway screws

One way only screws are available easily enough, most extension blocks in the UK use these nasty pieces (they are typically slot head screws but with a slope on the 'undo' direction rather than the flat surface so as you try and unscrew then the driver merely slides up, when doing up that direction has the normal flat surface so works.

As to the 'pin' idea, if thats all that holds the back from unscrewing I wonder if it is nicely hardened so my battery powered drill wont just go straight through it.

Is the lock made by apple? Sounds like a triumph of marketing over actual design

UK! watchdog! slaps! Yahoo! with! £250k! fine! for! 2014! data! breach!

Dave 15 Silver badge

50p each

That will have yahoo really quaking in their boots, all the other big players are rushing around like blue arsed flies making sure they dont get hacked, such a huge fine must come close to putting them out of business (oops, sorry, think the sarcasm is a bit in over drive)

First A380 flown in anger to be broken up for parts

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Re: I's the overal experience....

Stansted couple of weeks ago, the 'fast track' queue for security first thing Monday morning (as in 6am) was back to the doors of the terminal building. Over an hour

Frankfurt yesterday morning queues over an hour except for the 'time limited' lane restricted to a few flights with boarding in the next half hour which had a half hour queue (yes, would have missed the flight but for 3 things... running, gate fairly near security and it takes time to board... I was one of the last)

Stockholm Friday evening queues for the security all the way back down the departure hall and an hour queue.

I wonder do they really think we believe there is really a terrorist threat? IF they did they would sort these queues out, its ALL airports (some worse than others but all have the problem) and it is simply due to not having the equipment and/or staff to cope with the numbers. IF I were a terrorist I would simply turn up and queue. Somewhere in the queue (and for Stansted this would be improved by the hard metal barriers bolted to the floor and the walls they have built) I would blow up the suitcase and rucksack I would have, apparently reasonably, with me... a mixture of explosive and nails and the carnage would be stunning.

We do NOT need a 3rd runway at Heathrow, what we need is to spread the flight load over lots of airports all over the country, connect them all with a decent high speed rail and then we can divert when weather is bad, avoid even more of a car park on the M25, lower security times by spreading the load, generally improve.... but thats not going to happen, we will end up with some smart terrorist targeting one of the major airports and then there will be a flap and we will all have to suffer intrusive checks before we get to the airport

Dave 15 Silver badge

Noticed that with BA

Short haul flights and trying to sell me sandwiches and drinks... like Ryan air only 4 times the price, with uglier staff and because they wont use the back door slower boarding and leaving.

Whatever people think of ryanair their only big mistakes are (a) Stansted... an awful airport, the worst in the world without doubt and (b) starting to use big international airports like Frankfurt with its huge queues and huge terminals, huge bills, long distances to get to the gate etc etc etc instead of the nice little ex military places where you rock up, pay sod all for parking your car, walk into the terminal, take 2 minutes in security and straight on the plane.

Ryanair, if you are listening, the yanks want out of Mildenhall - buy that and forget Stansted, go back to Frankfurt Hahn, relist your Friday evening flights back from the UK to europe so us commuters can use you again,

Microsoft pulls the plug on Windows 7, 8.1 support forums

Dave 15 Silver badge

Last time

Last time I tried to get support from MS and had jumped through all the stupid and protracted logging in crap I got bugger all useful anyway

As long as they dont upgrade the old machines so they are as fucked up as the windows 10 I have I shall be quite happy.

If they do they will all be reformatted and used for one of the linux distros... despite having to learn a pile of new stuff the windows 'experience' is now on a par with being tortured.

Which? calls for compensation for users hit by Windows 10 woes

Dave 15 Silver badge

As long as the a... wipes dont 'upgrade' windows 7 in the same way they keep 'upgrading' windows 10 before they EOL then I am quite happy for the EOL. I dont tend to upgrade my machines once they are working well because even on older versions of windows you could 100% guarantee the upgraded version would be slower than the original and still full of holes. Note apple got caught also slowing down older devices with 'upgrades' full of nops in nasty places. These guys (all of them) are nasty criminals.

Dave 15 Silver badge

Re: Where's the problem?

The problem is I have (or rather had now) a working system. Microsoft broke it for me without my consent or request. I should not have to spend hours now trying to find which 'driver' I need to update for the different 'devices' on my machine (from graphics to bluetooth, networkcards, mouse, keyboard et al). More I shouldnt have to rely on the device manufacturer to have provided an update.

Microsoft should NOT force me to 'upgrade' from something that is working to something that is not. It would be like being forced to have your car serviced and finding they had taken the tyres of it and removed the seats claiming you need to go to the original manufacturer to get new compatible ones!

Dave 15 Silver badge

Re: @AC re: Free.

not free for any user. You pay for the licence on a new PC (most suppliers will supply without OS if you ask them)

Dave 15 Silver badge

Re: software giant still needs to work a little harder

In fact now that the media player has been removed a lot of videos cant be played without adding 3rd party stuff

Dave 15 Silver badge

Re: MS abandoning Windows??

Really? Not if you are trying to use outlook without a broadband connection direct onto the main backbone it isnt... far too slow. Frankly I also object to MS and the NSA having direct access to all my emails ... especially the work ones with confidential data in them

Dave 15 Silver badge

Windows 10

Crock of shit would be a better description

Found my windows services using 95% of memory yesterday. Post total reboot virus scan showed nothing untoward. Best advice on the internet seems to be to randomly shut the services down until the problem seems to go away and then to permanently stop this particular service. But then we know MS will update the whole shebang in a weeks time and reenable it all whether you wanted, liked it or not.

The last update has totally bollxd one of my wifes machines, a 100euro trip to the shop (excluding her lost time etc etc etc) and the shop found nothing they could pin it on except questioning whether it was plugged direct into the wall or an extension cable (I mean, honestly... it was plugged in exactly the same as before the update and unless the power supply is really really really on a knife edge limit I cant see anything that should be triggering a succession of memory faults in different places, complaints about file handling and all manner of other random OS generated errors).

No roll back seems to be available (I thought during an update it was good practice to create a restore point you could go back to, MS dont do this and with no warning about when the OS is going to screw itself over you have no particular chance to).

The whole lot is written in C# leaving the whole mess is unpredictable, it is slow even when it hasnt memory leaked itself into a hole (something C# is supposed to help prevent), it is so flawed the updates come out faster than water from a tap, MS should realise the whole thing is a bad idea and give everyone lessons on linux and provide all users with a free linux package... finally destroying the 'product' that is inflicting misery on millions.

When I worked for them they actually tested stuff before shipping it, made sure it was used internally and would not release it with showstopper defects like 'it doesnt bloody start quicker than I can make a cup of tea' or 'I have grown old and died while waiting for the volume slider to appear'.

Microsoft will ‘lose developers for a generation’ if it stuffs up GitHub, says future CEO

Dave 15 Silver badge

windows 10

Given the enormous fuck up that is windows 10 and the bollox they have made with the recent forced on you upgrade and the scewed up mess that was skype but now is shite... I would say they have lost already

Have to use SMB 1.0? Windows 10 April 2018 Update says NO

Dave 15 Silver badge

if that was the only thing that was bolloxed in this update

My wifes business has been bought to its knees because post update the machines she relies on no longer work reliably. 10 minutes and then a complaint, a reboot, another 5 or 10 minutes and another complaint (not always the same one) and another reboot, sometimes two or three on the trot, sometimes 20 minutes. Some comments on forums saying to update device drivers and so on... but I have had enough, the wife is going to have to swap to linux, Microsoft have finally managed to fuck one of their previous employees off so much that even I am ditching them after being with them since DOS

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