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French judiciary makes transgender boob


Xs and Ys

I kinda expected this story would bring out the uninformed in their droves.

Wouldn't life be perfect if we were all born with either a manly set of XY chromosomes, a brain with gender dimorphic regions in male mode and fully functional bloke private parts. Or a cute little set of XX chromosomes, a lovely gender dimorphic female brain full of pretty flowers and such and a pretty set of girl parts.

Trouble is, life's not like that. It's like a fruit machine, you put your sixpence in and it's a total gamble what you get out. Mostly you get the two above, but for some of us you get a mixture from the above two parts bins. XXY, XXXY, mosaic, XY androgen insensitive, bloke with girl brain, girl with bloke brain, the variations are numerous and surprisingly common. Look around you, you almost certainly know someone who's gender variant, even if you don't know it.

Would you know if the woman standing next to you was XXXY or XY androgen insensitive? No. Not even most doctors could tell from the outside. Hell, she probably won't know herself until puberty or she finds herself to be infertile. If you're a heterosexual bloke you'd probably fancy her rotten. But in G E's little world she'd have to use the gents. Nice.

And we get some of the tired old comments about genitals defining gender. From the obsession some people have with genitals you'd think their interest went beyond the scientific. If this isn't TMI, a pre-op transsexual on hormones may have such equipment but the hormones ensure that it's about as functional as an analogue cellphone, it's still there but the supporting infrastructure has departed. She's more harmless in the ladies loo than most genetic girls, sorry to disappoint.

So all I would like to say to Adam 10 and Cameron Colley is this: be *very* glad that you have not been touched by the wild and crazy hand of gender variance. Trust me on this one, it's a royal PITA. Or maybe you have and are deep in the closet and denying it to all and sundry. Come on out sisters, it's OK to be trans nowadays!



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