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Microsoft announces Office 2013, Office 365 pricing

Living Under a Rock

Being a laggard as far as software is concerned I have just purchased MS Office 2010, upgrading from Microsoft office XP from necessity.

I am sure Bill Gates and Co would love me to rent the newest copy of MS office but why should I.

MS office is not the only word processing software around and if I have to rent it I will change to another brand with compatability.

Aussies face 10 year browsing lock-up

Living Under a Rock

Go back to basics

With all thats going on with the internet you all have to think ouside the box.

Cancel your Face book accounts, encrypt all (emails while its still legal) and finally go back a step and buy a portable typewriter from any op shop and type your letters and then send them through the mail.

And when you have done this dont forget to photocopy the Item before sending it as well as remembering not to touch the letter or envelope without surgical gloves( finger prints and DNA) as well as getting someone else to lick the stamp and finally post as far away from home as possible.

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