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iRobot Roomba 581 robot cleaner


It DOES suck - in a good way...

There are a few posts on here that say that the Roomba does not have a vacuum function, or that it does not suck - this is inaccurate.

It's true that the majority of the cleaning is done by twin counter-rotating bars (one to brush the carpet and one rubber one to beat the carpet), but the beating of the carpet brings the dust to the surface (much like if you whack an old sofa or train seat), and then at the back of the Roomba is a vacuum - albeit a low power one - which sucks up this dust.

I have a Roomba 560 which cleans my flat daily, and leaves it spotless. There's no point in having one if you use it infrequently as it's not meant for deep cleans, but with it running every day my carpet looks great.


Mac OS X cranked to 10.6.4


Fine here

I've been testing 10.6.4 on my iMac (latest revision) and not experienced any problems thus far. I will be rolling it out across the rest of our office Macs by the end of the week - by that I mean running around last thing at night hitting update and going for a drink!

As for it being difficult to uninstall OS X updates that's true, but have you tried uninstalling a Windows Service Patch?


Fanbois howl over 'hang a lot' Safari 5

Thumb Up

All clear on the starboard bow...

I'm both a Windows and a Mac user, and would like to pledge my indifference for both platforms from the outset.

The majority of our users in my organisation are Windows based and use IE8 (for compatibilty with in-house web apps). Our design team, as you may imagine, use Macs. I've rolled out Safari 5 to all 22 of the Macs (which range from G4 PowerBooks to the latest Core i7 iMacs - but all run 10.6.3) and I've not had a problem with any of them thus far (touch wood).

It may not be the fastest browser, but at the end of the day my users like it's clean and easy to use interface, and if that makes my life easier I'm all for it.



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