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Apple solemnly agrees to pay France $570m in back taxes, turns to camera, gives us a wink


Re: Transactional Tax

There is already transactional tax. Its called VAT or sales tax.

'Windows 10 destroyed our data!' Microsoft hauled into US court


Re: About time

There should've been a Never option.

Microsoft to let customers know where Office 365 is going


Where it's going?

Down the toilet I hope.

Have you reinstalled Windows yet? No, I just want to PRINT THIS DAMN PAGE

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I use one of these as my network printer server on WinXP for 2 printers.

You don't need to install any special drivers, only the printer driver(s). Here's how to do it the easy way without installing the awful and unnecessary Belkin bloatware.

1 Go into Add/Remove Programs, click Add/Remove Windows Components and install Print Services for Unix under Other Network File and Printer Sharing. If Windows asks to restart, click yes.

2 Go into Printers and Faxes and open the Properties dialogue box for your printer and click the Ports tab then click Add Port... Choose LPR port. Click New Port button.

3a A box will pop up with two text boxes. In the first box labeled "Name or address of server providing lpd" enter the IP address of your F1UP0002UK.

3b In the box labeled "Name of printer or print queue on that server" enter lp1 for the printer connected to USB port 1.

If you have another printer on the second USB port, repeat step 2 and 3a this time entering lp2 in the "Name of printer or print queue on that server" box.

Make sure you get the print queue numbers correct for each printer. Don't get lp1, lp2 mixed up else you'll end up using the driver for the first printer on the second one and vice-versa and you'll just get garbled text and symbols being printed.

Hope that helped :)

Hackers just POURING through unpatched Internet Explorer zero-day hole

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Firefox with Noscrpt FTW.

Since this is JavaScript code, users of Firefox with NoScript will be safe.

UK economy to lose £198m if BBC and pals lose EPG slots - Ministry of Fun


EPG channel order is stupid and illogical

The way the channels are ordered in the EPG is stupid and illogical. Its totally disorganised.

I use a Nebula DigiTV card and I order the channels according to broadcaster and channel number so related channels are together:

BBC1, 2, 3, 4, BBC HD, Red Button, BBC News

ITV1, 2, 3, 4

C4, C4+1, E4, E4+1, More4, More4+1, Film4, Film4+1

5, 5 US, 5*

then I put the other commercial channels such as Dave, Quest, Yesterday, etc... at the end.

I remove the shopping channels.

That is the way it should've been done from the start. Having BBC3 as 7 for e.g. is ridiculous. It should be no. 3.

TSA to pull backscatter perv scanners from US airports

Big Brother

Re: All I can say is ...

Exactly!! I flew to New York last year with parents to visit family i hadn't seen for years so this was my first experience of the TSA.

We had to wait at least an hour in a long queue and once we eventually got to the desk, we had our finger prints and our eyes scanned and were asked loads of silly questions.

Its completely unnecessary and totally ridiculous. Upon arriving back in the UK, all it took was 2 minutes waiting in a short queue and a quick scan of my passport and that was it.

Also why do they have to have stupidly long names for gov' departments, just call the TSA "Border Control" or "US Border" and call Department of Homeland Security simply the "Home Office" like we do in the UK.

Pubic louse falls victim to eager Brazilian strippers


Re: trimmed shrubbery

Ecky,ecky,ecky,ecky,pkaang zooom poooing,zwaozlj

Big spike in Euro patents - but 63% were filed from outside Europe


Re: Innovation... Pah!

Yes EXACTLY! We just get on with it. Patent or no Patent.

British IT consultant talks of his three years as an Iraqi hostage


"The UK and US were doing the same thing as the Iraqi militias he said, in incarcerating people without trial and not telling them when, or if, they would be released". Maybe 100 years ago but not now.

The UK doesn't jail people without trial then blindfold, chain up and violently beat/cut them for a year and make them drink their own piss. We have human rights laws.

"I would be interesting (*interestED) in meeting the group - which is now a political party within the Iraqi government," he said. "Not sure I would go to Iraq to meet them though, I feel more likely I would meet them at a UN meeting in New York or somewhere similar."

I wouldn't, I'd want to stay away as much as possible. They obviously can't be reasoned with.

Übertroll firm bags DRM patent for 3D printing


Fixing stuff

You are very wrong. I fix stuff that others say is unfixable and actually make it better than it was originally (e.g. use screws instead of glue in places where screws should've been used in the first place, replace electronic components with higher rated/higher quality ones, use bigger heatsinks, replace plastic supports with metal). I've built and still build stuff from scratch. I'm only 27.

I know more about electronics than my dad does (he's told me) or granddad did.

My dad has more experience with wood though. No screw driver/fixing stuff icon so just used :) instead.

Ubisoft assassinates Uplay flaw, denies DRM rootkit



How about just not installing the plug-in in the first place or removing it after installing the game. Easy enough in Firefox.

Google ditches the bits in the bottom of the box

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Re: ustart

hmm yes that looks good.


No not iGoogle!

I have iGoogle set as my home page. Its how I keep up to date with the latest tech news. I have The Register, The Inquirer, Anandtech, Toms Hardware, PCWorld.com, Engadget, ExtremeTech, and Make Magazine on it. How will I get my tech fix if Google close it? Theres no alternatives.

Korean telly factory power cut costs Samsung $30,000+ per second



Even the local independent Nisa Todays (Harry Tuffins to be specific) supermarket in my town has a Diesel Generator that can power the whole store (including walk in fridge and freezer out the back) if there's a power cut (which isn't very often). You can hear it through out the whole town when running.

If they can afford a generator surely Samsung, a multi billion $ company, can.

Missed the Venus solar flyby? It's only 105 years to the next one


Re: Hubble

Why can't they put a filter on Hubble? You have to do that anyway even for small telescopes on earth else the sun would burn them too not to mention burn out your eyes.

Firefox 13 now available for download


Re: Question for Firefox users

No I didn't know about this! Whats the difference/advantage? How do I find it so I can try it out? Do you have a URL?

UK music-rights collection: Where does all the money go?


She was so stupid. Your story really made me laugh!

Did dicky power supply silence climate-change probe Envisat?


Maybe the reason it died was because of bad capacitors in the power supply circuit which in turn resulted in fried semiconductor(s). http://www.badcaps.net/pages.php?vid=4 Just my 3p.

Sony develops 'new kind of television'

IT Angle


So a HTPC then...

Hunt: We'll slightly inconvenience pirate sites



"The copyright-holders argue that the law hasn't kept pace with technology."

It's more like: "The copyright-holders business model hasn't kept pace with technology."

Hacker defaces Irish Catholic paper: 'Gotta love false hope'


Nice one!

Religion is stupid!

Righthaven may have to file for bankruptcy


Oh goody!

First i've heard about righthaven (or should that be wronghaven) and had to read some past articles about them. Good, hope they actually do go bankrupt. Pointless company.

Sony insurer says it's not liable for costs of data breach


I already do

I don't, have never, and will never buy anything Sony branded. I also won't use/borrow any Sony device, if I can help it.

Retaining 100 years of information


Optical Disc

What about optical disc (DVD, BlueRay, Holographic in future?)?

Is that a good medium for long term data storage.

I have a few software CDs from 1995 (the same year I had my first PC with a CDROM drive) and they still read fine after 16 years. I've made copies and keep the originals in the boxes so they don't get scratched.

Simply viewing Apple kit provokes religious euphoria

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Hack/modify it the audio pins

Get a pin out diagram of the connector and modify it to get access to the audio output pins. Then wire a 3.5mm jack to the wires and then you can use any portable media player.

Why's there no light bulb icon.

Barnes & Noble answers Microsoft's anti-Android suit



This is just ridiculous! This better get thrown out of court. I wish software patents would die but it's very unlikely to happen.

Firefox 'Do Not Track' header wins first convert



EXACTLY!! Adverts are just pointless and just end up increasing the price of the product being advertised. I'm not going to buy something just because it's advertised, it depends if I need/want it anyway even if that product happend to be advertised.

Apple's 'App Store trademark': A farce of Jobsian proportions

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According to Eric Goldman, this is additional evidence that Apple's trademark crusade is nonsense. "Companies that have particularly weak trademarks tend to be overly aggressive in litigation because they're trying to scratch and claw to get something out of nothing," Goldman said. "It's a sign of how desparate Apple is." EXACTLY!!!

Now if only the US patent office would recognise that!

This doesn't just apply to crApple (but mostly it does).

Dim Brits think TARDIS IS REAL

Black Helicopters

Hover boards

I wish hover boards like in back to the future were real!

How did they do that in the films anyway?

Sony wins subpoenas revealing visitors to PS3 jailbreaker site


I'll just click the link then....

Lets see what happens. I don't use, have never used and never will use any Sony product or service (not just the PS3). We need a devil icon for the CEO/MD of Sony.

Mozilla to unload Firefox 4 spit and polish beta


Yes there is

i am running FF4 and when i updated to b7 i found that the status bar had disapeared.

There is an add-on called Status-4-Evar that brings it back (and more): https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/235283/

Xbox modder can't claim fair use, says judge

Gates Horns

I agree

If he legally owns it (which he does), he can do what the hell he likes with it.

Obviously the warranty will be void but if he's opening it, he obviously has experience/knowledge in electronics.

Also, wouldn't the optical drive just be a standard LG or Lite-on IDE drive?

If so would the "hardware" hacking is probably simply just flashing it with custom firmware.

Fans roast Microsoft for Silverlight demotion



If MS are going to use HTML5 open standards, what was the point of Silverlight in the first place?

If they'd have open sourced it in the first place, maybe there wouldn't have be this problem.

It looks as if they'll eventually just adandon it, having wasted millions (or how ever much it cost) of $.

How do you copy 60m files?

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i use that.

i've used that too and it's good but i wish there was an option to exclude certain files from being copied. e.g. all .tmp, .bak and .chk files and also thumbs.db and desktop.ini.

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What about Norton Ghost?

i've used Norton Ghost before to perform disk backups/transfers, not with 60m files but i can't see why it shouldn't work.

Regularly use it to make my own automated recovery disks by saving the partiton* to an image file, which i then burn to DVD/CD(s) along with a batch script to boot from the DVD/CD.

*i use nLite/vLite to remove crap/add drivers/customise the installation before installing the OS.

Then, once it's booted up, i add essential software (codecs, AV, WinRar/WinZip, Firefox, etc...) before saving everything to the image file.

UK.gov outlines plans to comply with new EU telecoms rules

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It's not better.

This won't change anything. All it will do is increase what's already an inefficient and fragmented system. Ultimately, BT still own nearly all the phone lines in the UK.

Intel to get whacked in Q3 by PC slowdown


Upgraded my PC, but still have old one.

My current PC is based on the GA-MA770-UD3 rev 2.0 M'brd, Phenom 2 X2 550BE and HD4850 Gfx card.

I use it for gaming and as a media centre, including watching/recording HD channels via a VideoMate S350 satellite card.

My previous PC (which I still have, but is now unused) is based on the GA-7N400 Pro2, Athon XP 2500 and AGP GeForce 6600GT.

To play modern games and smoothly watch HD channels such as BBC HD I needed to upgrade.

Also, for storage, the GA-7N400-Pro2 only has 4 IDE channels and 2 SATA 150 ports.

It still works perfectly OK so I think it may be usefull as a file server.

If i remember correctly, I could never manage to get the CPU temp below about 45 C at stock speed with a lapped Thermalright SLK900. I think this was because the CPU socket only had the plastic clips around it so larger heatsinks that screwthough the MB were not compatible.

By comparison my OC'd to 3.7Ghz X2 550BE has never gone above 31 C with a Scythe Mugen 2.

I used my old PC for many years and I expect my current system to last the same if not longer.

Opera: Firefox tab sets? We've had 'em for years


Extentions compatibility

I'm currently using Firefox 3.6 with NoScript, AdBlock +, Google Toolbar, the my friendly fox unofficial eBay Toolbar, and DownloadHelper extentions. If these worked with Opera, i'd install it right now. I suspect Google already has a version of their toolbar for Opera.

EC probes Apple for anti-competitive antics

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About time!

See title.

Critical jailbreak hole plugged in Foxit Reader


Free for non commercial use?

Just checked the foxitsoftware website and they openly advertise Foxit Reader 4.1 for free download. If I can download it for free, what's to stop the IT dept of a company installing it on their computers? I didn't have to provide an email address or anything.

Beardyman beats up with Dolby


Can't hear any difference

I watched/listened to the video but couldn't tell any difference when it was on or off.

Admitedly, I wasn't listening with headphones, but via my AV receiver and speakers in analogue 2.0 mode.

My computer is connected via 6 channel analogue to the 6ch Ext. Input and also via digital optical S/PDIF. When the digital input is selected, my AV receiver can upmix 2.0 audio to 5.1 so thats what I have it set to most of the time.

Jobs tells iPhone users to get a grip



If someones hand can short both metal antenna strips together, that person will also be conducting them to ground, especially if standing outside on wet grass or metal. No wonder the signal drops.

Microsoft justifies lost Office 2010 upgrades

Gates Horns

Still use Office 2003

I still use office 2003 on my own desktop/laptop PCs and am perfectly happy with it. I don't like the stupid ribbon interface.

As long as files arn't saved in ***x format on other computers with 2007 installed, it works fine.

Adobe debuts What Jobs Hates™ v10.1


Flash in Firefox

I just downloaded flash 10.1. I only use Firefox so why when I go to http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ and click the Installation instructions link, the page assumes I'm only use IE.

Then further down the page, there's the heading: Installation instructions for Windows non-Internet Explorer. It's shouldn't ****** be "non-Internet Explorer", it should say: Firefox, Opera, Chome, Safari.

Things like that reallly annoy me! The sooner HTML5 becomes standard in all browsers the better.

Then when I click the Agree and Install now button, instead of downloading an actual setup .exe (like it says on the Installation Instructions page under non-Internet Explorer)), i have to install Adobe's stupid download manager .xpi plugin first, which then downloads the latest Flash 10.1 setup to a folder, but doesn't tell me the path or filename.

Why can they just provide simple links to the install programs for each browser so I can specify where I want to download it to?!

Do they really think i'm so stupid to not even know what browser i'm using and how to navigate explorer! I really hate unesseccary bloat like that.

Then on the Thank you page, the "For Firefox users, please see the Installation Instructions" link takes me to a page for Adobe Reader. WTF!?

If Adobe can't even get their website to work properly, no wonder crApple/SJ and some other people refuse to use Flash. I don't exactly like Flash, but since I watch and upload to youtube quite a lot, I have to have it. I have NoScript so that usually blocks adverts.

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