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Crypto exchange in court: It owes $190m to netizens after founder 'dies without telling anyone vault passwords'


OH looks its full of Stars

Reported today in the SMH that ernst & young cracked the laptop and discovered the cupboard bare . The accounts were drained starting from April last year ( 2018) .

Telstra mobile in continental TITSUP



I zipped passed a notice that they restarted a MiM and hence caused congestion. From our account minder.

"Update from the MIM Bridge. A core switch restart has resulted in major congestion across the mobile network. Telstra is working with vendors to expedite a reduction asap. Expected to see progressive recovery but unsure how long this will take.

The voice impact appears to be confined to m2m calls, mobiles to landline calls should be okay."

Although I get fails to connect from landline to mobile at this point.

How TV ads silently ping commands to phones: Sneaky SilverPush code reverse-engineered


Cricket Anyone

In Oz a well known Beer brand not dissimilar to that Fosters rubbish we ship overseas would offer a little figurine of Boonie or such past greats when you purchased a carton of said brew.

These would sit on top of the TV during a cricket match and make funny comment when ever a trigger signal was sent across the TV audio during the match.

I'll guess they used a similar tech to the SilverPush one.

Link for more source


Kick off the festive season, with Reg-style hijinks in Sydney


Just a bit of a trip

Being in Western Australia it will be a bit of a trip and what Day was this to be on ... hopefully not the 18th.

Laptop imports declared SECRET in Australia



Would this be some of the kit for the upcoming M$ DC sharepoint host in Oz?

Has SeaMeWe-3 been cut again?


and then some lag

Add to that increased ping rate a satellite connection and I'm now sitting a tad under a second to connect in. Not happening.

Two reported cuts recently 15th Sept and again on the 29th Sep with estimated repair mid Oct ... still waiting on the last bit. (source SeeMeWe3 wiki).

Australia's Akamai ranking has nothing to do with the NBN


Or the Rabbit hole

And alternative to the end to end speed change might point to the data being misdirected in its route to ... lets guess... a storage facility! Seems to fit the time frame.

Chipmaker FTDI bricking counterfeit kit


Re: That's going to cause some problems

Ello Dave I want to use your chips! Is that the bloke?

Did Kim Dotcom invent 2-factor authentication? Er, not exactly...


Dial up had similar

Just to go further back was not the return dial up feature a form of @ way authenticaton. You dialed the modem you wanted to connect to eg say a security system then hang up , it would dial you back to confirm it was infact that connection. Not sure if that was patented though.

US Ambassador plays Game of Thrones with pirates


But I do pay for it

I don't consider it stealing if , and when, HBO do release the DVD in Oz I buy the set for the collection. Along with the other ones I have already purchased. Down loading in Oz just keeps me current with the GoT banter on the forums/twitter/FB etc. A area that HBO and others over look, their fan base and those bloody spoiler blogs.

They made big steps this year to release episodes at the same time in the US as well as down under and good job with that . But it still needs tweeking so that it is available on line as well.

Whats that but id doesn't suit your business model! Time to change that business model as the internet is not going away.

PS I want to watch it on android get it in the google shop as well .


The NBN questions Malcolm Turnbull won't answer


Multi Pass questioning

I'm sure that some of the Vulture South followers could also submit this list of questions to not only Malcolm office but also the Ombudsman and Stephens office. While the latter would be more biased to NBN it may flush out answers from the former. I have a feeling that Malcolm just dosen't like the Reg.

COCK-A-DOODLE-DOO: NASA rovers scrawl giant willy on Mars


There that didn't take long.


Or perhaps it has a habit of doing this.


Bit old this one

That would be a slow Reddit user then. This was first published as a meme not long after the finish of the UK Olympic games 2012. Now I have to go search for the link. Looks like its been doing the rounds again as of 2 days.

Help-desk hell


Service desk Number

When I first started level 2 support at a new site I had a number of walkups with odd questions. The most basic being Password resets.

Client: Hi I have just got back from leave and I need to reset my password.

Me: No worries that's all handled in the city , Please call 8887 and the service desk will reset it for you.

Client: So if I type 8887 in it will reset my password?

Me : sigh

This happened twice on the same day

Content convenience squeezes freetards: Swinburne Uni



P2P Dinosaurs on a Spaceship

Woomera: Ghosts of Britain's space past


Damn I missed you

As probs the only reader of El Reg and a resident of Woomera I'll have to count my self out from the comp.

But glad you had a chance to look about the place.

Yes the Bottlo has coldies in the fridge at the back or you can get them from SPUDS at the corner of the hyway. Its a interesting place with the Range very busy through out the year, no its not closed.

Journo was arrested, says Qld cop


What they were really after...

They had a strong , albeit weird, suspicion that Ben had fresh #planking pictures taken at AustCERT on his Ipad. Qld Police do not take kindly to that form of expression as previously discussed here.


Just wait till the merde hits le fan when they hear about teabagging XD

Message from South Oz: YouTube not for assaults

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Too broad a law

Another raced through law to show the folks of Oz that the Gov does care. So we will not be allowed to post videos of Police being over zealous in the application of force as well?

As for the School video they suspended the victim ( unless thats been updated).

Qld police warn against Windows service scam


Happening all over Oz

Funny this should pop up I had them on the phone in WestOz last night. They start by explaining that they have had many error reports sent from my computer, as a lead in to gather more info . Its a good thing that their English is poor and sounds like all those cold callers that we(Oz) have been plagued with of late. They claimed to be from " Mirconet services working for Mircosoft".

After some useless banter, I asked {tounge in cheek} if I would need a computer in order to have error reports ! He hung up , the bastard.

Microsoft sues ex-general manager over Salesforce.com exodus

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Ahh that rings a bell.

This is a move that is quite common. Sort of an anti poaching law that stops you going to work for a competitor or supplier/ contract within a given period of leaving the previous company.

I have it in my agreement as well.

iPhone makes many Aussies late/early for work

Paris Hilton

Still happening

Its Wednesday and all the clocks in my house think its a different time. Good thing they do this on the long weekend. Lucky I'm not in Queensland where the curtains would get confused and the Cows would fade more! OH and yes my iTelephone is just as confused. Hope I'm not late for happy hour .

Paris , because she never has problems with cLocks.

Sex Party proposes new classification system for Oz

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Yeah for the Aussie Sex party

Having just spent the last election handing out flyers for The Australian Sex party I'm chuffed to see El Reg taking notice as well. Sadly there are a large amount of Adults that have to rely on the Pirate Bay or another tor to get a sniff of some of the games that are " Refused Classification " in Australia.

Well done ASP and keep on your guns with getting this change added .

Australian Sex Party stands proud


Had a great day supporting the ASP

Given the two lemons we had to pick from I'm not surprised that the ASP picked up so many votes. Good on them and I was happy to through my efforts behind the pre election fun.

Looking forward to more State Elections in the future.

A nice day in the sun. http://www.flickr.com/photos/gumby_roffo/4914349791/

Apple coughs to iPhone 3G IOS 4 upgrade problems


Happens downunder as well.

I held off on the OS4 install till the dust had settled. Last week it went in and yes I do get frezzing mid game. Yesterday it somehow turned its self on, activated a program and then promptly depleted the battery. Bastard. But I'm lucky as there is not to much to "roam" too down here.

Hayabusa in fiery return to Earth


It was a wikid light show

I watched the Hayabusa and capsule return from a nearby location, it was fantastic. The sky lit up like a flash bulb going off as the main body and the sample return capsule entered the atmosphere.

Even if the cupboard is empty it has achieved so much in the use of remote controlled space. The capsule has been recovered. Both heat shields have been recovered which where testing a different form of shielding. I look forward to hearing of the other spacecraft that JAXA has out there now.

I can even cover the other not so popular topic of " sadville" as this model was made in that VRW


Aussies rage at 'strings attached' iPad sales

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profit making bastards

The mark up on extra goodies is like 150%, As the price of the iFondle is determined by sapple the next way to make income is by selling accessories. Case covers for the jesus phone sell in the outlets for 40-50 $AUD but you can but them from the warehouse for 4-5$ AUD. Hence the push to sell the extras.

World Cup streaming to choke corporate networks, doomsayers predict


Not again

A lot of the incoming streams to Oz are through Sydney, The last Olympics we had, bog the webz down that much it was a time for catching some sun. This will at least be shorter lived and foot ball soccer style is not that big a draw card except for ex-pats of the UK.

Sadville founder lays off 30% of staff


Grr lag

Just popped back to remove the double post . (Gumby) back from the Pub

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