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Turkey bans Google Books, Google Docs, Google Translate...

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jlocke for president

@jlocke: w0rd. i'm from turkey and i agree with every tiny bit of your statement. couldn't sum up the whole thing better myself. you seem to know the mainstream supporter of the gov around here even better than themselves man.


turkish people are highly vocal

in the online platforms, hell yeah, we are. but being vocal in the internet where the most popular websites keep getting banned is just like a fart in sahara and hardly anyone considers getting their back on the streets for some nifty protest.


as they could potentially join the EU

not with this government dude, not with this government. besides, things are much more complex than they appear, some people are sligthly aware on the things going on international politicswise. some big dudes just want the current government to do keep on with their job, the usual midlle east thing. oh well.

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