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Microsoft's uphill battle to push Win8 tabs into punters' paws



Did anyone bother to check the "research"? No? That figures... The forrester data was grossly skewed. They did one survey, then recontacted those same people at a later time. Almost 1/3 of those people didn't respond to the second survey, plus the number of people who "didn't know what an OS was" grew. It was previously such a minuscule number that even a percentage couldn't be shown, and now suddenly it grew 2%? Statistics don't lie, unless of course they the way those statistics were gathered was completely wrong.


Apple adds 'make the web go away' button to Safari 5


Hope never...

I do not use Safari, nor will I try Safari 5. However, I really hope that they don't block this feature because I think it's great. I use ad blockers and it really changes the browsing experience. Having this next step in which everything but the text is taken away would be great and I hope it continues. The amount of advertising on the web today is atrocious, but unfortunately the only way for these companies to make money.



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