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Stephen Fry's truly terrible mistake

Zoyd Wheeler

Anger management

Andrew, have you considered anger management?

Seriously. This post is so mis-judged on almost every level.

Stephen Fry is a superb comic actor. He has also made a lot of money doing advertising deals. This is what many actors do. Get over it. Your introduction to this post is both childish and an embarrassment.

DAB is a limited technology, anybody that works in technology or radio knows this, although the vast majority of people with DAB radios still seem to like them. Just as the vast majority of people 'seem to like' using Internet Explorer, because it does what they want it to do. We will no doubt transition to DAB+ /internet radio in the coming years as listeners and the industry both begin to realise what are the best ways of doing so.

Do you - or a sub, or anybody else - actually re-read your posts? Or do you just bash them out in the grip of a pique about something that you haven't really thought through and then hit 'post'?

I ask this because your geek-elitist whining really grates. It is just not helpful or informative or even welcome. It is just off-putting. You really should try harder to formulate arguments to convince others of your thoughts and ideas, instead of this childish ranting against what you seem to wrongly perceive to be 'the man'.

Get. Over. It.



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