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Ballmer says Windows will shame iPad


Ballmer's talking out of his ass.

Was a PC user for over 17 years. Bought a MB Pro last year. Now I'm kicking myself for not switching 10 years ago.

Used a Palm since the Pilot came out in 1996. Loved Palm devices. Until the Pre came out. My new iPhone is much more awesome than my Palm was.

Sure there are things about Windows and it's programs that I like. Sure I miss a few things that the Palm did. But overall, the hardware Apple produces is by far, superior to any Dell, HP, Alienware, or Gateway has produced. The operating system works flawlessly. Tech support from Apple is by far better than any I have ever encountered, hands down. And I didn't really need them. There wasn't a problem with the software. I was the one doing something wrong and couldn't get the program to work the way I wanted. An Apple tech showed me what I was doing and problem solved. Never once did I hear "It's not a hardware problem, call the software company." Nor did I hear "It's not a software problem, call the PC manufacturer."

Keep talking, Ballmer...Maybe somebody will believe you. "An Apple today keeps the blue screen away."


Zuckerberg sweats privacy criticism


He should be sweating.

You can't take everybody for a fool...That just makes you one yourself. Zuckerberg tried too much too soon and got caught doing it and is now back-peddling as hard as he can.

I enjoyed FB since I joined in the spring of 2009. But with all of the privacy changes without notifications and opt-ins set as the default, I had enough. I bailed about two weeks before the shit hit the fan. I urged several friends to do so as well.

My info is compromised every day without me knowing by whom. How stupid do you have to be to not bail out when you do know who is doing it???



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