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Ofcom smites silent callers


Simply Ban AnswerPhone Detection

Its lovely to see that the subject of Silent calls still provokes such reactions, if Gordon Brown said he would have stopped then in his election manifesto he would be running the country now.

Ofcom admit that AMD is the main cause of silent calls, and yet still don't want to ban the technology, their case for AMD is that cost savings are passed to the consumer, but really I think the consumer has spoken (a LOT of times actually) and said they simply don't want to receive silent calls. The technology simply doesn't work reliably, even the best technology out there can't achieve 90% acuracy and its easy to fool. Ofcom suggest in their latest consultation doc that they will allow 1 call a day to be classified as an answerphone, this is a license to allow one silent call a day for each customer - madness!

Its simple, Ofcom should ban AMD technology.

A £2million fine was recently introduced to try to prevent silent calls, but so far no prosecutions from Ofcom. If they ban AMD and then get up off their arses and go prosecute the failing call centres, this will quickly tidy up the industry and will prevent silent calls.

If you feel strongly about this subject (as a lot of you do) respond to Ofcoms doc, or contact your local MP, insist on a ban of AMD technologies.


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