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Fuel taxes don't hurt the world's poor - they don't have cars


Cuger Brant

What a load of hedonistic rubbish. It sounds as though you are all living in an ivory tower and living safe in your internet land looking down on the rest of humanity! Nature will not choose when it is angry. For sure it is slow to be perturbed, but when it is; neither your smug rhetoric will be of concern. Taxes are like death; inevitable! So what the hell has a car got to do with anything? And who dubbed the causality of ‘climate change’ on cars in the first place? You might just as well blame the infamous ‘carrier bag’ for a topic. Are you lot living on my planet?

Apple opens doors to vanity publishers


Methinks (Cuger Brant)

Thank you for the mention! Well, getting there bit by bit. My new enterprise is coming shortly!!

Sooo nice to be infamous!

What is it about Cuger Brant that riles the lost, the sad, they, who need purpose and meaning.

Books going very well!


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