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Steve Jobs beheads iPad apps for acting like desktops

Mr. Meaty

Well, here we go again...

I was in the final stages of an investment deal for development of i* applications... I think, considering the implications of Apple's policing, I will rewrite my business and investment plan to target the new Google Android tablet and other devices, rather than this closed-minded narrow thinking CEO's view of the world.

I don't need to be ploughing 2 million dollars into a suite of applications for a device when the CEO will basically say "sod off" if we create something he doesn't like. This isn't a business. This is personal emotion influencing the income and revenue of companies, small and large, and that simply isn't good business.

Though I somewhat agree with disallowing Flash on the i*, I do not agree with the way Apple handled it. They waited until the week before Adobe released CS5 with Flash iPhone app packaging (even when there were many applications using the same technology on the App Store, and have been for a number of months) then dropped the bomb, costing Adobe hundreds of thousands, or even millions in R&D and development costs.

If Apple will do that to a massive company like Adobe, what makes small developers think they'll be treated any better?

Sorry, Apple, but the only thing I'll ever buy from you is a Mac, and only if the OS stays open. I will never again purchase an iPhone, iPad or iPod, and this comes from a guy who has purchased over 20 of your devices personally, and been instrumental in the purchase of thousands.

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