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Using the internet in the People's Republic of China


London Olympics

"It's not a peaceful government who kicks you out of your home and gives you practically nothing in compensation just because the Olympics are coming to town,"

Erm, this happened to Clays Lane residents in Stratford

Ofcom smites silent callers


I did call the police


I did call the Police upon hanging up and to their credit they arrived to take a statement *very* quickly. The officer agreed I shouldn't have sworn at the caller but could understand the frustration. At the time, they were taking any threats of bombs made by certain aspects of UK society very seriously. Afaik, nothing came of it as I never heard from the Police again.


Hmmm, Ofcom ...

Can I suggest emailing the clearly clueless ones via silentcalls@ofcom.org.uk?

I must admit that I am, let's say far less than polite to the carbon based lesser life form at the receiving end than I perhaps should be. This started after one of these lesser life forms told me he was going to get his mates to bomb my house because I told him to f*kc-off and stop bothering me. If I'm feeling generous, I keep them on the phone for as long as possible, 35 mins was the longest while somebody tried to flog me a mobile phone. Asking them to explain how the phone works is the best bit. Wait 5 mins then ask how the network works. Repeat Until (SalesDroidHangsUp=True or SalesDoidHangsThemselves = True).

These cretins aren't going to stop phoning no matter what the well meaning droids at (hopefully soon to be made redundant) OfCom try to implement.


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