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After outrage over Chrome ad-block block plan, Google backs away from crippling web advert, content filters


Re: So, basically, no change there

Thanks for this!

Just switching from Windows Mobile, I have tons to learn about Android, and I am appalled I can't do simple things such as choosing a color for BG or text color without resorting to tricks (black jpg) or downloading apps.

Any recommendation on which dns server I should choose with blockada? DNS AdGuard?

Do you know if the S8 is rootable & would it affect development of apps for the Google store?

Peak Apple: This time it's SERIOUS, Tim


The days of the Apple Tax are numbered

Apple earns tens of billions with its services and content sales/rent, but the days of the 30 % Apple tax are numbered, as they are for Google Play or Steam.

Netflix refusing to contribute to this 99,99% margin profit business is just the beginning.

So Apple really needs a new product line medium term.

Watches and AirPods are selling like hotcakes, but it's still a small business compared to the iPhone.

Do not adjust your set: Hats off to Apple, you struggle to shift iPhones 'cos you're oddly ethical


If Apple behaved ethically, it would not try to kick out third party repair shops.


OneDrive is broken: Microsoft's cloudy storage drops from the sky for EU users


Strange, no problems from me on 3 different accounts including 2 OneDrive for Enterprise and 1 OneDrive for Noobs.

iPhone XS: Just another £300 for a better cam- Wait, come back!


Just curious, how are you filling more that 64 GB of storage in this day and age of streaming and cloud storage? Sure, it's nicer to have a copy of one's music collection locally, but it's not that bad to stream it from cloud storage or from a music service.

France: Let's make the internet safer. America, Russia, China: Let's go with 'no' on that


Apple is one of the few American tech behemoths that didn't support the call.

Bruce Schneier: You want real IoT security? Have Uncle Sam start putting boots to asses


40 years is over the top.

How about guaranteeing software maintenance for 5 or 10 years.

Premiere Pro bug ate my videos! Bloke sues Adobe after greedy 'clean cache' wipes files


Re: Man...

Still, no excuse for Adobe.

The lawsuit seems reasonable to me.

iPhone XR, for when £1,000 is just too much for a smartmobe


Also note that the new iPhones are compatible with quick charging, but the bundled charger isn't.

You'll have to fork quite a lot of money to purchase a quick charger from Apple.

In addition, there is no adapter for 3.5mm xjack headsets, you'll have to pay extra. It comes free with many Android Phones, including the Pixel 3.

iPhone XR guts reveal sizzle of the XS without the excessive price tag


Still very expensive.

Memo to Microsoft: Windows 10 is broken, and the fixes can't wait


Seems highly exaggerated to me.

The data loss was for a very very small amount of people with a highly peculiar situation.

Hp's problem is probably HP's fault.

Yes, Microsoft, like probably everybody else, should increase the quality of the release. No, it's not the end of the world.

Yes, you can't rely solely on insiders to do the testing. No, insiders 'usefulness is not limited to fandom. MS gets plenty of telemetry data, bug reports and feedbacks.

We have many desks with the latest version since its availability, from Dell to Surface to custom-made machines, and zero problem.

Samsung's graphene batteries promise to charge five times faster – without exploding


Not Samsung

@Samsung_News_ is not a Samsung account, it's an independent blog.

Outside of Japan, Fujitsu KILLS the K5 cloud with 'immediate effect'


Re: Hands up: who'd heard of it before this article?


Microsoft Surface Pro 4 owners: So, about that other broken update…


Lucky me, I'm not affected (basic SP4 m3)

UK getting ready to go it alone on Galileo


Money wasted.

Apart perhaps from the USA and China, the financial burden of a navigation system is too big for a country.

UK will probably have to make more concessions to get into Gallileo.

Microsoft's cheapo Surface: Like a netbook you can't upgrade


You say netbook speed but with zero benchmark or link to benchmark.

Samsung’s new phone-as-desktop is slick, fast and ready for splash-down ... somewhere


I've got the Windows Phone equivalent.

It's a pretty nice solution with a beautiful docking station.

However, I've used it less than expected, because it's incredibly rare that I don't bring along either a laptop or a tablet.

I could see such solutions being useful if docking stations were kind of universal, and hotels & Regus offered rooms with docking & wireless keyboard, with the guest only having to bring his phone. I don't think it'll ever happen though.

Official: The shape of the smartphone is changing forever


Positively hate the 18:9 and narrower ratios.

In my hand, 16:9 is perfect and on many 18:9 "high end smartphones" the resolution is actually lower than on my 2+ y.o. smartphone.

Google kills AdWords!


Pretty sure most publishers and advertisers would have preferred help in conforming their ad campaigns to GPDR instead of a rebranding exercise with little value.

The strife of Brian: Why doomed Intel boss's ex86 may not be the real reason for his hasty exit


A PC centric company that's delusional about being a data centric company

The problem is, Intel is still a PC company, but it thinks it is a data company.

If you analyse revenues and profits, they almost entirely come from processors for PCs and servers (datacenter is trendier).

Based on this, what did Krzanich do since promoted at the helm?

A. Ignore the main business, resulting in Intel not only loosing its manufacturing edge, but imminently being inferior to the competition.

Intel's answer to Spectre and Meltdown was a disgrace, and the company still hasn't a solid plan for new Spectre & Meldown -proof chips.

B. Spend his time on crap: fashiony wearables, trendy chief creative officiers singers, tech du jour drones: do you spot a trend here?

C. The zero consistency guy: launching projets and killing them 6 to 12 monthes after. Just look at the disgusting history of Intel offerings for makers/IoT. Intel had a golden opportunity to leverage its brand and image to grab a sizeable share of a market with way too many chips, way too many development platforms, zero security. Instead, it offered no support to the few betting on its chips, and changed its story every six months.

How a tax form kludge gifted the world 25 joyous years of PDF


Not a PDF fan at all.

About 10 years ago, when I was working in marketing/communication, it was one of the most overused and misused file format in the business world.

People had to convert everything and anything to PDF because it was trendy and expected, although Office file formats where already open, free viewers were already available for the 0,00001 % that didn't work with Office or a program able to open Office documents, and most of all, 100 % of our customers and partners did work with the same software we did: Office, Adobe photoshop/illustrator/indesign /quark xpress.

PDF caused problems to no end because of compatibility issue, file size, remarquable slowness of viewer.errors while printing on the latest PostScript printers and more.

And it cost us a lot of money in licenses for a step that basically brought zero economic value.

OpenBSD disables Intel’s hyper-threading over CPU data leak fears


Any good link on performance of hyperthreading vs non hyperthreading?

Have to use SMB 1.0? Windows 10 April 2018 Update says NO



It seems quite reasonable to disable an outdated and vulnerable network protocol when alternatives have been provided for years (newer SMB versions). It protects the immense majority of users of a class of vulnerabilities.

However, as Microsoft gets a lot of telemetry data from Windows 10 PCs, it should have seen that a few of its customers insisted on using SMB 1, and hence written a warning on the release notes of the latest Windows 10 update informing them of the plan, and perhaps offer a workaround.

Cloud is a six-horse race, and three of those have been lapped


IaaS is fine but a study of PaaS would be even more interesting, and probably very hard to write.

Epyc fail? We can defeat AMD's virtual machine encryption, say boffins


Need a malicious hypervisor

You need a malicious hypervisor for this to work.

How hard is it to make a hypervisor malicious? What is needed? Do we have studies or examples of it?

Samsung loses (again) to Apple in patent battle (again). This time to the tune of a mere $539m


In reality, it looses 140 millions, since it already accepted to fork over 399 million dollars in 2016.

Android daddy Andy Rubin's Essential axes handset, is 'actively shopping itself' – report


Who would want to purchase a smartphone designer which sold about 3 devices and has zero market recognition? Taking an equity stake in HMD should be much more profitable.

Microsoft, Google: We've found a fourth data-leaking Meltdown-Spectre CPU hole


Removing speculative execution

Does anybody know / can make a very educated guess as to how big a performance hit would processors suffer if speculative execution was altogether entirely scraped from their design?

AWS won serverless – now all your software are kinda belong to them


Surveys are rarely reliable, because it's quite hard and time consuming to conduct surveys with reasonable margins of errors.

We won't have a clear picture of cloud computing until all major actors disclose the financial informations, for Microsoft, Azure, and not Azure + Office 365, and for Google, Google Cloud and not Google Cloud + Gsuite + whatever.

But if we are to believe what corporations tell us now, Azure and Google cloud and tencent grow almost 2x as fast as AWS, so AWS is slowly loosing its dominance, contrary to what this article implies.

Also it seems to me it is way too soon declaring victory in a field so young.

I remember the CIO of one of Europe' biggest company during a conference telling that they are doing projects concurrently on all major cloud services.

IMO, the service with the biggest chance to win eventually will be the most open and the one that can train the most developers the fastest. Training is probably where AWS shines, benefiting a lot from its first to market advantage.

Then there is the investment capability aspect, where Google and Microsoft lead Amazon by far. That's not a major advantage now, but it could be tomorrow, if/when most countries expect datacenters locally, or if a major technological advance would require costly datacenter upgrades.

Meet TPU 3.0: Google teases world with latest math coprocessor for AI


If Microsoft's claims on Project Brainwave are valid, TPUs become much less attractive, since an FPGA is more agile than an ASIC. Unless TPU are economically and/or power consumption-wise much better than the brainwave FPGA.

Nvidia quickly kills its AMD-screwing GeForce 'partner program' amid monopoly probe threat


Herkleman's post reeks of hypocrisy, announcing AMD's partners launching new brands for their Radeon-based graphics cards, just like what NVIDIA was asking from his partners.

LLVM contributor hits breakpoint, quits citing inclusivity intolerance


Re: The promote discrimination while claiming to fight it

I must side with de Espindola.

The code of conduct mentions "race, ethnicity, culture, national origin, colour, immigration status, social and economic class, educational level, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, age, size, family status, political belief, religion or lack thereof, and mental and physical ability"

It shouldn't. No one should ask or care about any of these in the context of a technical project.

Also, "violations of this code outside these spaces may, in rare cases, affect a person’s ability to participate within them", is an open door for unfair and prejudiced firing of a member you dislike.

As for Outreachy, there is no such thing as positive discrimination, in the same way there is no such thing as cultural appropriation.

Hands off! Arm pitches tamper-resistant Cortex-M35-P CPU cores


Re: Smart streetlight? FFS, why?

Christmas lightning ? ;-)

Blighty: If EU won't let us play at Galileo, we're going home and taking encryption tech with us


Re: Fucking Brexit

According to the Eurovision criteria, Europe hates France much, and Austria, Spain, Italy & Germany even more.

X marks the Notch, where smartmobe supercycles go to die


Since Apple never publishes iPhone sales by models, analysts can write whatever they want.

Unless some good soul at Apple takes the risk to send sales numbers to the press, we'll probably never know how well or how bad the different models are selling, unless we tolerate huge margins of errors.

Amazon and Netflix join Hollywood to lob sueball at 'Kodi' service SetTV


What do you mean? Is there a better protocol?

France wants you to put lights and beacons on your drone


Not mandatory for leisure

The request for comments, before 5.5.2018, Is related to 3 draft documents/.

The drone must electronically send:

- drone ID

- Drone coordinates and altitude

- date and time

- coordinates from launch- Itinerary and speed

The communication is to help the following entities do their work: national defense, security service, rescue services, customs.

The draft provides from numerous exemptions to lights, beacons and communications.

Most notably, when it weights under 800 gramms.

Or when the drone is used for leisure by a member of accredited multisport sport / drone federations on locations accredited.

Microsoft Office 365 and Azure Active Directory go TITSUP*


Email and OneDrive

I couldn't access OneDrive and Exchange for about 1-2 hours today. Everything's back to normal.

Airbus CIO: We dumped Microsoft Office not over cost but because Google G Suite looks sweet


Force organization to make a change

"We want to force the organization to make a change".

Rarely works.

Airbus ditches Microsoft, flies off to Google


A new munich?

I wonder if Airbus, like Munich, will face both an internal backlash - you don't change the habits of 130 000 people in one day, not even a year, as well as an external backlash from suppliers and other partners, often very small companies.

FCC levies largest ever fine: $614m on Verizon (that's about three days of profit for telco giant)


3 days of profit ?

614m /3 * 365 = 74.7 billion dollars.

The net income of Verizon in 2017 was 30.55 bn.

614 m fine = 7,34 days of Verizon profit.

Apple: Er, yes. Your iCloud stuff is now on Google's servers, too


Isn't AES-128 encryption a joke nowadays ?

Windows slithers on to Arm, legless?


Not so bad

Windows RT was a bad idea.

The communication on Windows RT was even worse, as was the confusion with Windows 8.

Still, the Surface 3 was an outstanding tablet, which I've used daily until it died, and I never regretted its purchase..

For the money, it was a very interesting proposition, with Office for free - Office for iOS & Android would come years later), 1 year of Skype communication, an outstanding screen, USB, microsSD expansion, the only good stand in the industry, a great keyboard cover (extra $).

Would have I preferred to get a full Windows? Absolutely. At the time, I was hesitating to wait for a Dell 8 inch tablet.

Still, for a mostly email-internet-Office usage, with goodies like Netflix, Audible, and other decent Windows Store apps, and the occasional game for young children, it was a great tablet.

Farts away! Plane makes unscheduled stop after man won't stop guffing


Re: Man, the social animal

All a question of habits.

When you live in cities where deodorants are the norm, you're in for quite a nasty smelly surprise in public transports of places where it isn't.

On the other hand, people living there won't remark anything out of the ordinary.

Monday: Intel defector touts Arm server chip. Wednesday: Intel shows off new server chips


Yes they do, and will need system software updates, a regrettable omission from The Register.

$14bn tax hit, Surface Pro screens keep dying – but it's not all good news at Microsoft



Your article is very misleading.

Microsoft had excellent results.

The capital charge of 13,8 bn is not negative, it's an excellent news for investors. Like most American multinationals, it has become in the interest of Microsoft to repatriate its foreign profits in the US, due to a super low one time rapatriation cost. While it has been booked in 1 time, Microsoft has 8 years to pay the tax.

Also due to the dec 2017 tax law, Microsoft will benefit from much lower corporate tax from now on. Mehanically, like all other American companies, all things being equal, it will report much higher eps from now on.

Magic Leap blows our mind with its incredible technology... that still doesn't f**king exist


Re: Or.....

What did you expect with a 7850?


There's an app you can use to check compatibility before purchasing a headset:


This week in 'Bungles in the AWS S3 Privacy Jungles', we present Alteryx – and 123 million households exposed


Re: Oh for fsck sake

Reminds me of executives of large multinationals asking their IT staff to compromise the security of their information systems to be able to access confidential data on their iPads.

Windows 10 Hello face recognition can be fooled with photos


This article is too sensationalist, its title should be "Windows 10 Hello face recognition can be fooled by photos under easily fixable conditions".

It absolutely not like the FaceID or the facelol Samsung Iris recognition which are truly jokes and pwnable under all circumstances.

Ex-Microsoft intern claimed one of her fellow temps raped her. Her bosses hired him


Shocking in more than one way.

I can only understand Microsoft's attitude if it became convinced the woman's accusations would not stand in the courtroom because there was real doubt a rape happened.

From the woman point of view, if they found sperm or pubes or other material that had very good chance of proving there was indeed penetration, and identifying the man through dna test, why did she not try save more women from rape by putting the accused behind bars. Was getting a job more important ? Also, would she really have not gotten the job, seeing the hugh amount of negative publicity on a company not hiring a temp after the had another temp convicted of rape?


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