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Foxconn beefs up iPhone output to 400k units a day

Rasmus Wikman

You Go Glen!

"Do they? No. They know that they already extract every extra dollar they can out of every iFan with money. They don't want to create new jobs NOR do they want to employ Americans. Apple wants to HARVEST MONEY.

Roll that, and smoke it."

Made my day.


Punters hate copyright, says Steelie Neelie

Rasmus Wikman
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This is the only viable solution as I see it:

"a global repertoire database"

...that's managed and owned by the public, not Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Spotify or any other corporate entity.

Simply put; public service in the Internet age.


Fanboi's lament – falling out of love with the iPad

Rasmus Wikman
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It's amusing to see that the Crusade of the Jobs is working. Though you all seem to hate it, you discuss it as frequently as an atheist discusses Jesus (yes, I am, the former).

The device might suck for what Apple intended it to function as, but just as with the App Store becoming a revolution for the indie game developer community, this little piece of design wonder I think is going to be the perfect computer for our factory floor.

With our MIS being a light weight web app and the servers doing all the heavy lifting, it's perfect. No dirty fingers on keyboards or mice or running around to workstations.



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